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eSignal provides an array of data feed options from end-of-day to real-time.  Packages cover the broad spectrum of markets.


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Sep 01, 2003


Highly reliable, but I am thinking about giving (Lycos) a second chance. I am very disappointed with the poor historical data for many items, which is not a rating item. And it only has 60 days of real time data. That combined with the higher price has me thinking about switching back.

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Apr 15, 2003

Good Value, Variable Support, Rubbish for Metastock Pro

It's the first one I've tried so don't have much to compare too I'm afraid. It's good value at ~£65 a month (depending on the exchange rate), this is cheaper than many I've seen. Had a bit of trouble with standard intraday charts as they are set for US market times rather than UK. The support is very variable, I spoke to a guy who was very knowledgeable and a woman who didn't seem to know her own product at all. The Bulletin Board is a much better source of help as it is a very US oriented product and most of the gurus are in the US. I've given up on the standard charts and just use advanced charts instead now.

Don't expect Euro historical intraday data to import into Metastock. The only intraday data you will see in Metastock is the real-time ticks for an open chart. If you close and reopen the chart the data disappears. See for an explanation. Apparently Equis have to reprogram Metastock and haven't got round to it yet. Does anyone know an alternative source of historical Euro intraday data for Metastock?

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