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Apr 22, 2012

good for spread betting

I opened an account about two weeks ago, and everything looks great, if I have profit, I am withdrawing that daily, I received all money so far, so everything seems allright. I did not claim for bonus, because it would be the same as borrow money for someone- just not for me. I am not proffesional trader, I am gambling in fx just because it is more fun as poker, rullete, etc.
I also installed api on my HTC Desire S, very simple and easy to use, and I liked web seminars and education videos- you can collect 200 GBP if you can pass all tests about trading- it is my next target.
Just one thing- fx market is opening later, so be careful to leave open orders in Friday.

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Apr 08, 2012

Spread Betting with InterTrader

I’m trading with InterTrader for a while now and I’m satisfied. They provide several tools to improve the trading experience. They recently incorporate advanced IT-Finance charts for free. These charts allows creating your own technical indicators, back testing your trading strategy against historical price data, also allows activating advanced charts from any market and other features.
Another thing that I enjoy is having their trading app in my iPhone and checking positions and prices anywhere.
Their trading session webinars are also really good.

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Apr 05, 2012

Be very careful with intro offer

Intertrader and some others offer a 10% 'top up' of funds on opening an account. So if you put in £1,000 they will add £100. It would be easy to assume this means that you get £100 to play with. Watch out! Complex rules and terms and conditions apply so for example if you lose the £100 without meeting some very difficult criteria you can only withdraw £900 from your account. You may be trading with your own money in effect. Although technically not a scam this kind of offer is just too misleading for comfort.
On the Plus side they do offer very good live trading session webinars.

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Mar 29, 2012

Customer Service is terrible

I opened an account with Intertrader and the platform wasn't working on 2 separate ocassions when the markets opened Sunday evening.
This wasn't the worst experience. I requested to withdraw and was told to send in screenshots of my Internet banking account as they couldn't trace where my funds had come from - which I've never experienced. I sent these in and received an email to say all is good and the transaction would take place on the same day.
2 working days later I received a call from them asking me why I was withdrawing. I stated I was busy and just wanted my money returned to my account. After a heated debate they stated "We'll close your account then", to which I replied that's fine. They then sent another email to say your account is closed and funds would be back into my account.
Another 2 working days later the funds had still not arrived. So I called them and asked to speak to a manager who stated the transfer would take 3-5 working days. I was furious as they only processed my withdrawal AFTER they tried to call me to keep me as a customer! I demanded that the funds be transferred on the same day, to which the manager Lucy Barr, then stated we don't have that facility! I was then put through to Hazel Anderson (Compliance Director), the first thing she said was "what's the problem, I'm about to go into a meeting!" I had to explain the situation again and my request for a same day transfer was "we'll look into it".
Another 2 working days and I've still not received my funds or heard from them.
Do NOT deal with these muppets. I'll report them to the FSA.

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Mar 26, 2012

Low cost broker & helpful customer support

Wide range of markets

Tight fix spreads

Several platform options including mobile apps & Metatrader

Speedy execution

A number of free helpful tools for clients

Live charts

Demo account for newis


Daily reviews

Guaranteed stops offered -at an extra charge-

Reliable…need no more.

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Mar 15, 2012

Good for mobile

I'm using Intertrader's mobile app in my iPhone. The app is very intuitive. It allows me to easily open and close positions, and view a wide variety of charts, among a range of other helpful features. It could be improved with a ‘confirm your trade’ request after tabbing the Buy/Sell button – I think this would make me feel more confident when using the app for trading.
But I do recommend it

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Dec 20, 2011

Simply Good

I've been trading in InterTrader for a year with no problems. The platform works well and is very intuitive. I started using their app in my iPhone and it is a great tool to keep track of my account easily from everywhere.

Their customer service is professional and helpful, replying to each of my questions really fast.

I'm definitely a satisfied customer.

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Sep 28, 2011

Fixed Spreads

I am trading with Intertrader. I like mostly the fixed spreads. Knowing what charge there is before hitting the market is nice. As they say: every bit counts. I am a new trader and there is still plenty to improve in my strategy. I like the helping materials and webinars provided by the broker free of charge. Its useful to have profesional traders guidance and be able to ask a question during live sessions. What I missed before are the guaranteed stops which I use for equity trading, especially when I go long. Now they offer guaranteed stops and I have moved all my shares trading with them. Guaranteed stops however come at a small extra charge. I am happy so far and I do not intend to change my broker for now. Last but not least market execution is fast and realiable and the markets I trade do not require large starting funds, which is helpful.

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Sep 23, 2011

Just like other LCG white labels but cheaper

I have tried InterTrader the execution is just like TradeFair and Capital spreads, but they offer a monthly rebate that in essence cut their spreads by 10% ,together with a £1,000 sign up offer , can't go wrong

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