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Feb 12, 2008

Good for me

Although sometimes in extremely volitile periods the platform can freeze or slowup due to increased heavy trading. Guaranteed stops will help to prevent this or use the phone which may take a few crucial seconds to get through. The phone manner is very abrupt but efficient, quick and easy. If your not used to talking to a sharp broker and making quick decisions then these may not be for you. Your not the only person they speak with. The mobile platform on my PDA is also extremely useful for when outside or away. Active with them for 4 years.

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Jan 26, 2008

Don’t win too much!

If you make too much in a short space of time they will close your account. To start with they slowed down the time I had to wait for a Trade Ticket; it prevented me from getting out of bets fast. Since I still managed to make money using their binary markets they closed my account for good.

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Jan 09, 2008

Bit Shabby

Poor connects and unhelpful rude people on the phone.

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Jun 04, 2006

Very poor

This company is a very manipulative and if you ahve consistent returns you are bound to get ripped off.

I have got all the proof with recording evidence that this one of the most disgusting companies ever to trade with.....dont use them

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Nov 22, 2005


Find them overall very good, with a wide range of markets online and many more not quoted online. They always give me the price I see, though occasionally I have to hold them up for fills, but they are very good at re-instating incorrect fills, overall I find the platform clunky but simple and easy to use. I have been informed of future developments of their platform and am excited by what they have described. I' m sticking with them....

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Nov 22, 2005


Helpful, fast at dealing with queries and good execution. Admitedly their platform is looking a little outdated but it still works for me. I think if you look at the previous reviews they have improved greatly over the last couple of years, especially the relaunch of their Trading Academy (which they gladly give me a copy of!).

I'm sticking with them as I hear good things about the future...

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Nov 15, 2005

I regularly use Finspreads. They are still the cheapest spread bet company around at 50p a point ( it used to be 1p min ). I like to try out my latest whizzo system until it crashes in flames and not at too great a cost. They are a bit slow to log onto the account page though. Min £100 account. Cheapo and not too baddo !

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Nov 05, 2005


I have not had any problems with finspreads. They provide a good range at good spreads. For me, they provide OCO and contingent orders which is great. The one time I had a problem due to a protracted power failure, they provided excellent phone service. Full marks.

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May 21, 2004

Finspreads Review

I am writing this after reading the last 3 negative responses. I was quite surprised to read them, as FinSpreads are my SB of choice !!
I tend only to use SB as a means of experimenting with ideas, and rarely trade more than £5 a point, £1 - £3 a point is more usual. ( and mainly the DOW ).
I have been using them for just over a year, and have found them to be most effective.
I have always got the price I wanted, and you do get a chance to buy/sell at the price indicated - you get a buy/sell and a set amount of time to take the trade. So I dont understand the previous posts remarks about prices "slipping". The main reason for using FinSpreads is because of the stops, this gives me piece of mind. I have always had my stops taken at the indicated price. Maybe I am just lucky.
The trading course is quite frankly pants !!
The 8-week set of pamphlets, all show the same examples of what happens if you buy or sell, and what the effects if you are right or wrong. They effectively repeat themselves over the 8 weeks. This "course" is patronising. ( I think its just to get you to trade at the minimum of 50p a trade; as once you have finished the course, you can no longer trade at 1p a point ).

Overall, they are good. The support is overwhelmingly average.
However, overall, I rate them above average.
( this in comparison to my experience of SpreadEx and D4F. I would say CityIndex as well, but after 3 weeks, they still cant set up an account for me !! )

PS: I tend neo to give "top" marks for anything, as it implies its perfect - so for me, a 4 is as good as it gets !

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Feb 13, 2004


was unfortunate enough to use this company. Very bad customer service frankly found thir staff very rude!

Best avoid!!

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