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Dec 17, 2010

average, worth a look

I can't really say anything good about them except that when they screw up (which happens more often than it should) they occasionaly are prepared to acknowledge it and credit in your favour.

I mostly trade major FX pairs with them, I see a lot of bad spike data on minor FX and on stocks

maybe they are the best of a bad bunch? Who knows

They are worth a look for their unique software platform and wide range of markets.

Note- I have been using them for 2+ years, and made hundreds of trades and I haven't lost the money in my account with them, so this is not a sour-grapes review, it's just honest.

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Dec 02, 2010

Was better in the old "deal 4 free" days

Used to be great a few years back. Now with all the updates it has got a little complicated and suggish. However, it still has it good looks. I guess it will take some time getting used to it compared to IGIndex.

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Oct 16, 2010

Mystry Trade

On my account there were 2 separate trades executed (Forex) same time for the same currency pair. These are 2 separate trades and it is not possible to execute 2 sames trades at the same time in MM. Any way CMC is not helpfull as usuall and couldnt give any explanation. I ended up loosing money and closed the account long time ago.

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Oct 02, 2010

Fantastic trading platform - intuitive and easy to use.

Have been using their new spreadbet platform, both for web and iPhone and its been a very good experience so far. The spreads are narrow and pretty consistent. I love the iPhone app - its the best mobile trading app i have ever used. i'd like them to add trailing stops and better charting. Perhaps a news ticker as well. But very pleased so far.

Very spooky - I just logged in today and they have added trailing stops and the charts have additional functionality.

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Jan 08, 2010

CMC Markets

Agreed. Their front-end is totally ridiculous.

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Nov 14, 2009


you will often see wide random spikes for some instruments within CMC, even when the underlying market is relatively quite. Could it be to hit stop clusters? who knows. But its unfair to say they are the only firm to do this. As an investor it is your duty to scrutinse the firms you use to trade and if you are unhappy be prepared to leave at the drop of a hat. Do not get comfortable with any firm even if they havent given you any cause for concern stay on your toes! everyone is here to make money even the market makers.

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Oct 20, 2009

CMC- Transparent pricing???

My brief experience with CMC ended when a long position in EUR$ I had open with them was stopped out. It was last thing on a Friday night and I just happened to have my systems running. CMC's spread opened (from memory)out to about 12 points, instead of there usual 3 or 4, in addition to moving about 15 points wide of the market. This only lasted maybe thirty seconds max and the market was obviously liquid... A cynical man would observe this allowed CMC to close anything within nearly thirty points of the market price instead of the usual 3 or 4. After numerous requests to explain were ignored or rebuffed I closed my account.

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Sep 29, 2009

Satisfied with CMC

Have traded with them for several years, and perfectly satisfied with their service. Lots of moaners about them here, but no problems in my experience.

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Sep 23, 2009

CMC Very good.

Never had a problem with CMC. Customer service is good and always ghet decent fills.

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Sep 22, 2009

CMC are not that bad

I think most people have problems with their brokers because they don't understand what they are doing sometimes. I have used CMC for many years and yes at times when it comes to shares they are a bit tricky but when it come to trading Indices. They fill and execute fairly well.

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