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Aug 24, 2015

City Index bad experience

Today I had a good few trades going with City Index and was about 800% up shorting the FX markets and the Dow Jones when suddenly the trading window shut down for about an hour. By the time it came back up the markets I was trading had miraculously recovered and my short trades had been stopped out And my account wiped out. I know I can add stop losses and amend as the profits rise but I had no need as I was next to my PC all day with a visible window allowimg me to close out at will. I tried to complain by phone but there was over an hours queueing time so I tried the chat line but the assistant was not empowered to help. I have written and letter of complaint and an email and want my account reinstated as it was at 13.30 when the markets miraculously 'Closed' Incidentally friends that trade with IG said no such shut down occurred. I can understand a company having to protect itself but to prevent clients closing trades until the marlets improve and stabilise surely must be illegal.

I await their heir response and will write to the papers and the Financial Ombudsman if I need to but traders beware this is not the first time it's happened to me but it's the biggest profit I was about to enjoy and it seems awfully suspicious to me there may be a scam going on!

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Jun 08, 2015

good and reliable broker regulated by FCA

Good customer service and prompt withdrawals. Happy to continue using if traders are entered and output of errors not fault broker.
stop loss function well and spreads raissonable.First brokers in the world withdraws money is very quick

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Jan 13, 2015


I just closed my account with City Index after it became very obvious that they were scamimng me. As many people have said, their platform freezes or becomes sticky the moment you try to close a winning trade. The platform may freeze or continously process the instruction while you watch the price change in the background & by the time it finally allows your instruction to go ahead, you get less than you should have.
They blamed my computer & flash player when I inquired about this. In fact, they claimed not to have a slight clue that such a problem ever occured, but it is obvious from other comments here that this is not a new problem with thier platform.
In my case, I use my computer for other big software based applications which require a high speed & fast machine - and which i have & keep updated regualry. There was no way my computer could be freezing with such a small prgram.
After I did some simple tests, it turned out it was indeed only their Platform which was freezing & sticking. This is deliberate so traders dont get too much profit. Remember that City Index is not ECN/STP. They are Market Makers & traders actually trade directly with City Index computers & staff. It is almost impossible for some traders to make ANY profit.
There are some here who are saying they have not had any problem with City Index but it simply because they have to let some traders win so that they look legit otherwise the majority of their clienst are being scammed. Some poor traders think they are trading on the open market & yet they will just be giving City Index their money.
A City Index Accout is nothing but a Demo account with money invloved. Your trades never leave their computers. When you lose, they make a profit & when you win, they make a loss. How can you expect them to make you rich at their own expense? Might as well spend the day in a betting shop because there is no diffecence.

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Nov 17, 2014

Probably the best spread-betting firm anywhere.

*** UPDATE Nov 2015: Signs of deterioration. Support forum deserted, tech support sparse, software improvements patchy ( the best improvement I've seen in ages is showing p&l in pips on the Android app ), parts of website content 5 months out of date; important improvements not being even promised. No-one seems to care or know what is going on. ****

I don't understand why some of these reviews are so bad. To me this is by far the best spreadbetting firm anywhere. I've been using them for a couple years now for day-trading ( many trades per day ), on a 5min chart. I trade only the S&P 500 DAILY and the the trade prices are perfect. I have a separate data feed for my other software and (bearing in mind the .15 extra spead) I have never seen a discrepancy between the CityIndex price and the global price, except that for some bizarre reason CityIndex ( and I assume many other SB firms) use a different rollover-date from the one agreed by the global market.
Anyway, the spead on the global e-mini S&P 500 is normally .25 and CityIndex add .15 to that, resulting in a spread of .4, which I think is fixed. So, the spread is probably the tightest in the industry and it seems to be fixed. I generally avoid trading around important news ( I don't think I can compete with speed of the computers designed to win with news trading), but I really doubt that splipage with CityIndex would be much worse than even with a DMA broker around the same location relative to the exchange. And there is a setting to limit the allowed slipage (but you may miss the trade if you don't allow any slippage in a fast moving market). During and after the news the price-candles are correct relative to the global prices from my other feed, so I really think the data is sound.
Their trading platforms are not bad, but thirteen clicks to place a bracketed order is way too many for me, so I very much prefer NinjaTrader for actual trading and finding set-ups.
They also publish an API, which I'm planning to use soon.
So, in short I would say that at least for the US SP 500 Daily Future, they are the best spread betting service by far.

PS. If someone at CI reads this, PLEASE get the damn rollover-dates for the front-month right.

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Nov 02, 2014


I'd avoid these as well. I was trialing there SB and CFD platform and found issues with closing trades. Out of 31 trades in a 9 day period I had issues closing 12 where the option to close went blank as if the market had closed but had not. 8 trades resulted in slippage in profits and 3 resulted in a loss.

I sent screenshot of the highlighting my concerns. No support. I closed my account.

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Oct 16, 2014

AVOID CITY INDEX Absolutely appalling

this customer service is extremely poor, during periods of high volalitiy the system will just lag when you try to close your order, so any profit just disappears, then when you trade is worthless suddenly the lag disappears, complained to the city index staff about this and there was no apology just the following
"this point from our terms and condistions clearly state that we are not liable to you for any loss or profit oportunity"

in other words, we can scam you for every penny now f*** off, AVOID CITY INDEX

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Sep 17, 2014

Keep away

Those are the real pirates crook in operation.The worst on the market to use , keep away, on 100 trade tickets on long position 97% went down in price. it obvious they run against people like me and you.

on avarage 100 position going short 96 % of them went up in price, you can never win with those crooks !
I had an open position for almost 3 month, I then closed, as soon I closed, the price went up, I then bought again after a few minutes, and then the price when right down again. So I sold, when I sold again it went right up.
Those are the professional scammer and crooks in operation . Keep away, they will rob you .

everytime I close a position with the speed of light the price went down , and back again . Crooks at work keep away

with all my harth I wish that those pople with all the money they rob is to buy medicines for their families anf themselves !

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Aug 07, 2012

Good and bad

I have been using the platform for US Crude daily bets for the last 18months as they offer a low minimum stake and reasonable spread as I try out my strategies.

On the good side I have not experienced much slippage.

On the negative side the instrument is often not available online, it rolls to the new monthly contract later than most other platforms which can be confusing when using different charting software. Day Trades are not rolled as on some other platforms.

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Apr 24, 2011

Great Dow spread!

I have used them as my main broker for over a year mainly because of their low Dow spread of 1 point in market hours.

Great platform most of the time (see below) fast and easy to use.

Poor/basic charts (I get charts elsewhere) and when the market move fast platform strugles to cope.

Update 14/5/2012 Due to continued platform problems have currently stopped trading with them

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Dec 13, 2010

City Index - Modern day pirates.

They are pirates - steer well clear!

On many occasions their system freezes until the trade goes in their favour.

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