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Trading by the Minute


Trading by the Minute (for futures traders) is one of the most popular books on intraday trading ever written. It has...more

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Practical Speculation


The follow-up to his critically and commercially acclaimed book The Education of a Speculator has finally...more

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The Investor's Toolbox


After a turbulent three years, equity markets are returning to their historical norm of single digit percentage annual...more

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Financial Futures


The second edition is the definitive guide to futures. The book takes apart the mechanics of trading financial futures,...more

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Options on Futures


Increased marketplace volatility and the expanding size of capital markets have led to an explosion of interest in...more

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Trading Day by Day


Once you read Trading Day by Day you will never look at trading in the same way again. Truly unique, this book has...more

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The Futures Game


This is the second edition of the previously called, The Commodity Futures Game. It gives you - all in one volume - a...more

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Futures 101


From the preface: 'I wrote Futures 101 out of frustration. I was frustrated when I first traded futures because I could...more

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Mind Over Markets


This book is an examination of MARKET PROFILE™ charting concepts. The MARKET PROFILE principle is also used by...more

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Winning in the Futures Market


This newest edition explores all aspects of the futures markets, from "What you need to know" to "What you must do to...more

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