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Jesse Livermore - World's Greatest Stock Trader


Jesse Livermore is considered by many of today's top Wall Street traders as the greatest trader who ever lived. For the...more

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Stock Market Wizards


Following on from the success of bestsellers Market Wizards and New Market Wizards comes a third book in the series that...more

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Stock Market Profits


In investment, the individual is king. There is no restriction on information. Making the right choice is not enough....more

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Rogue Trader


Rogue Trader takes us from Nick Leeson's humble beginnings as a Watford plasterer's son to the very heart of the...more

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F.I.A.S.C.O. is an insider's diary, a shocking education in the jungle of high finance in the 1990s, from New York to...more

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New Market Wizards


Some traders distinguish themselves from the herd. How do these spectacular winners whose success occurs across a...more

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