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Mindful Trading: Mastering Your Emotions and the Inner Game of Trading


In this book you learn how to manage emotions and develop the mind for successful trading.

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Trading with Crowd Psychology


Create a successful trading plan by understanding how crowd psychology affects stock market prices.

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Safe Trading Strategies for Financial Freedom


Commonsense Rules for Financial Freedom Anyone Can Do It! Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom shows you how to know...more

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- Examines how traders really behave in financial markets: What they do and how they make decisions - Based on detailed...more

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Trading in the Zone


A trader's emotional state is vital to being a successful investor. There are many psychological factors that can affect...more

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The Psychology of Investing


The first comprehensive book to apply psychological theory to a broad range of investment topics, The Psychology of...more

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Financial Risk Taking


In Financial Risk Taking, trader and psychologist Mike Elvin explores the complex relationship between human behaviour...more

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The Trading Athlete


Traders, just like athletes, face tremendous pressure, stress, and expectations that would crush the ordinary,...more

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Mean Markets and Lizard Brains


From the New Yorker to USA Today, everyone from journalists to market pros are turning to behavioral finance to explain,...more

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Mechanical Trading Systems


A wide variety of flexible trading systems that combine sophisticated technical analysis with trading psychology...more

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