Tape Reading & Market Tactics

by Humphrey B. Neill

in Books / Classics, Trading

New conditions will arise. A new trading public will be born. However, the old cycle of rallies and reactions will roll on. Although originally published in 1931, this classic work remains the benchmark in tape reading and price and volume analysis in speculation. Historically one of the best selling titles on this topic, Tape Reading is a testament to the real genius of Neill and his grasp of human nature. A true pioneer in contrarian thinking, Neill is steadfast in his advice to break away from the unknowing and invariably unsuccessful public: "Beware of the crowd. When everyone thinks alike, watch out. They're probably wrong." Neill s philosophy pushes the reader to study hard and pay his or her dues. He insists that the successful trader is an educated entrepreneur one who can make reasoned decisions based on the movements of price and volume. For Neill, only proper and continuous study equals success. In today's technologically complex trading environment, Neill's simple advice still rings true: Mechanical forecasting will never take the place of intelligent judgment. Neill made a statement to his generation and to all that have followed: don t follow the crowd, learn the tape.

Publisher: Marketplace Books

Publish date: 2007-02-01

Format: Paperback

Pages: 130

Isbn: 1592802621

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