Trading by the Minute

by Joe Ross

in Books / Futures, Trading

Trading by the Minute (for futures traders) is one of the most popular books on intraday trading ever written. It has become a legend in its time. This is a book that is a "must read" for online daytrading. In Trading by the Minute, Joe Ross reveals his major, minor, and intermediate intraday trading signals. He shows you exactly what they are, and explains why they are important. He emphasizes the how, why, and when of stop loss and profit protecting stop placement.

You will learn about hedging your positions, how to deal with floor traders, and your advantages over them. Joe reveals several methods for identifying a trend before anyone else sees that it is happening. He calls it "identifying a trend while it is still in the birth canal." If you are an online electronic daytrader, you will refer to this book time and time again. Daytrading the stock indices, and online trading of the E-mini S&P 500 stock index are Joe's specialties. He has taught thousands how to daytrade. Learn his tricks and inside information from this book, which contains well over 400 pages.

Publish date: 2012-02-20

Isbn: 9768108258

Ranked #91 of 172 Books



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