The Investor's Toolbox

by Peter Temple

in Books / Options, Trading, Futures, Spread Betting & CFDs

After a turbulent three years, equity markets are returning to their historical norm of single digit percentage annual returns.

Investors want to continue investing, but are concerned about the risk of doing so. The events of the past two years have heightened this risk aversion. But at the same time new techniques are now available to private investors that allow them to tailor their risk much more precisely, and at the same time to enhance their returns. Options are one way they can do this, but there are other instruments too, including individual stock futures, covered warrants, CFDs, exchange traded funds, and spread betting.

This is the first book to set out all the choices open to investors. It explains how each of the derivative instruments works, the costs of dealing, the relationship to underlying share prices, and the risks involved. It shows how these instruments can be used alongside ordinary equity ownership, and provides examples of strategies designed to achieve specific ends.

In short, Peter Temple's guide is what ordinary equity investors have been waiting for. It will give them confidence to step up from simple share ownership to the wider opportunities now available.

Publisher: Harriman House

Publish date: 2003-08-05

Format: Pb

Pages: 272

Isbn: 1897597258

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Nov 28, 2006

Excellent book for info on spreadbetting and cfds

Good book for learning about financial spreadbetting and cfds. One of the few books that explains cfds.

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