The ABC of Stock Speculation

by Samuel Nelson

in Books / Stockmarkets

Mr Nelson presents in thirty-five engrossing chapters the basics of stock trading that should be part of the intellectual equipment of everyone who attempts it. Included are such topics as:

- The origin of stock brokers, stock exchanges, and stock speculation

- The morality of Wall Street

- Swings within swings

- The operation of stop orders

- Advantage of out of the out of town trader

- Speculation of the decline

- The recurrence of crises

- The broker and his client

- Dealing in unissued stocks

- Wall Street points of view

Chapters 4 to 20 inclusive restore to circulation the original writings on stock market trading by Charles H. Dow, founder and first editor of The Wall Street Journal.

Publisher: Fraser Publishing Company

Publish date: 1903

Edition: 3rd

Format: Pb

Pages: 232

Isbn: 0870340549

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