Commodity Options

by Larry D. Spears

in Books / Commodities, Options

Glossary of Terms
1. How Options On Futures Work
- Strategies for Every Investment Goal - The Premium On Options - Options are Wasting Assets - No Limit On Some Option Price Moves - Strike Prices and Trading Months
2. Strategies Using Options Futures
- What Happens If You Are Wrong? - Plotting The Possible Scenarios - Strive To Be A Trader - Deciding To Get Out Early - Two Other Key Points - Spreads and Straddles - Placing Orders For Combinations - The Put Picture Looks The Same - A Variety of Variations - The Diagonal Spread - Strategies Without Direction - The Modified Straddle - There Are Many More Strategies - Wrapping Up

Publisher: Marketplace Books

Publish date: 1993

Format: Pb

Pages: 85

Ranked #127 of 172 Books



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