by Alfred Steinherr

in Books / Fundamental Analysis

Derived from the award-winning essay The Wild Beast of Derivatives (Gold Medal at The Amex Bank Review Awards 1994), this book is a fascinating examination of the role derivatives have played in developing the world economy today and the part they will play in shaping the financial markets of tomorrow.

The author has focused on a number of fundamental questions:

- From where do derivatives originate?

- What are the advantages of the US financial system that have made the model for the rest of the world?

- What degree of responsibility fro recent financial crises must be placed at the door of derivatives?

- What social and economic benefits do derivatives deliver? Does effective risk management allow increased entrepreneurial skills and investment?

- Do the financial markets require regulation? If so, from where should the regulation be derived and how should it be managed?

- What role will derivatives play in the future of world banking and the world's economies?

Throughout the book the author combines technical illustrations with an accessible narrative incorporation many case studies and fictional 'stories', transforming the book into an insightful, forthright and entertaining explanation of derivatives.

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Publish date: 2000

Edition: 3rd

Format: Pb

Pages: 370

Isbn: 047182240X

Ranked #150 of 172 Books



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