The Futures Game

by Richard Teweles and Ben Warwick

in Books / Futures

This is the second edition of the previously called, The Commodity Futures Game. It gives you - all in one volume - a completely updated reference to the entire field of futures and option trading. Written in a honest, no nonsense style, it remains the only work to cover every aspect of the fascinating futures game - from fundamental market theory to creative, real-life applications.

The practical features of the original remain intact - but with so much more! New to this edition is information on the latest proven techniques for trading in the exciting area of financial futures - including comprehensive coverage of the most lively and important of these newly active markets: foreign currencies, financial instruments such as bonds and T-bills, and stock and index futures. A new chapter on futures options, explains their history, mechanics and use.

Whether you are a trader (seasoned or beginner), a broker or an interested student you are sure to find that this book will meet your needs better than any comparable work in print.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional

Publish date: 1999

Edition: 3rd

Format: Hb

Pages: 750

Isbn: 0070647577

Ranked #154 of 172 Books



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