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Everything from Time-Honored Options Concepts to Strategies for Individual and Institutional Investors and Traders

Written by today's leading options practitioners - and edited by The Options Institute, the globally renowned Educational Division of the Chicago Board Options Exchange - Options: Essential Concepts and Trading Strategies, Third Edition, leaves no stone unturned in delivering the most complete, authoritative and easy-to-understand blueprint available for navigating the profitable twists and turns of today's options marketplace.

No-nonsense, packed with useful information, and valuable as either an introductory textbook or a comprehensive fingertip reference resource, this thoroughly revised and updated edition details:

- What options are, how they are priced and how they are traded

- Basic option trading strategies such as covered writing and protective puts

- Advanced strategies involving LEAPS and the stock repair strategy

- Options from three points of view: private investor, institutional investor and market maker

- How to use the power of the Internet for trading and detailed information gathering

Options can be used to reduce the risk of trading stocks and Options, Third Edition, reduces the risk of trading options. So get your questions together and use this step-by-step guidebook to develop option strategies that meet your investment objectives: hedging your stock market risk, increasing your portfolio income or improving your trading results.

Publisher: Irwin

Publish date: 1999

Edition: 3rd

Format: Hb

Pages: 441

Isbn: 0071341692

Ranked #153 of 172 Books



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