Rogue Trader

by Nick Leeson

in Books / People

Rogue Trader takes us from Nick Leeson's humble beginnings as a Watford plasterer's son to the very heart of the cut-and-thrust empire he made his own: SIMEX, the Singapore money market that witnessed both Leeson's phenomenal rise to prominence and devastating fall from grace. It is a portrait of organised chaos in on e of the most stressful jobs in the world, showing us the frenetic culture of the trading pit and revealing not only the forces that led him to use the infamous 88888 account, but also the ways in which he dealt with the losses, avoided detection, and participated in near-farcical endgame which sparked the most extraordinary news story in recent years. The world marvelled as he and his wife Lisa, who until then had known nothing of the losses, made their escape as the bank collapsed around them, only to return to acknowledge the results of Leeson's activities and face their onerous consequences.

Pressure, pace and error: Leeson reveals in breathtaking style the inside story of this amazing chain of events. Crackling with dialogue and characters, in a narrative as crisp as any thriller, Rogue Trader is the hugely compelling account of a man shaped by events that proved beyond his control.

Publisher: Time Warner

Publish date: 1997

Format: Pb

Pages: 366

Isbn: 0751517089

Ranked #157 of 172 Books



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