Winning in the Futures Market

by George Angell

in Books / Futures

This newest edition explores all aspects of the futures markets, from "What you need to know" to "What you must do to win." Here, learn how to build a trading plan, charting techniques, contrary opinion trading, hedging and Gann methods, and the proprietary LSS Day Trading system 3-day cycle methods.

Press and Industry Reviews

'Probably the best introductory text for futures traders. Clearly outlines basic trading tactics. Essential for every new trader.' Dr. Alexander Elder, Director Financial Trading Seminars

'For the beginner as well as the veteran trader....George covers the bases for all the players. This book will help readers become all-star players on the winning team. A book every trader should have.' Robert Miller, Chicago Commodities, Inc.

'Winning in the Futures Market is must reading for experienced and novice traders alike. George Angell brings his years of market wisdom and experience together in a well-written, concise, logical explanation of how to tilt the trading odds in your favor!' Jake Bernstein, MBH Commodities

Publisher: Irwin

Publish date: 1990

Format: Pb

Pages: 312

Isbn: 1557381461

Ranked #169 of 172 Books



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