Intraday trades and scalping with momentum

This is a discussion on Intraday trades and scalping with momentum within the Trading Delta Cycles forums, part of the Specialists' Corner category; This thread is to explain and further develop this approach to intrady trading including scalping. It is one of my ...

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Intraday trades and scalping with momentum

This thread is to explain and further develop this approach to intrady trading including scalping.
It is one of my "trading approaches" developed over a long time and has got many of the elements explained in the thread on Principles on JUJU, so please read that thread if you can.
It is an eclectic entity with many elements tried by me personally and further reading/studying of these subjects will improve the overall understanding, needless to say contribution/s are welcome but please do not indulge with basics.
I would point these basic requirements:
-genuine interest in the market
-time availability to study and to trade
-discipline and a good plan of action/s
-robust risk management
-few monitors
-few data feeds including indexes and commodities just for intra market orientation
-IN10TION news reader and Megatrend probability meter (please google to find the supplier)

I use many TFs but for this approach I am using Daily TF just to have a look at the bigger picture, (still using Delta), H4 with basic DiNapoli settings, H1 with Sniper settings, M30 with Market profile settings and M5 with Tom DeMark count and alligator and so on.
I have all these TFs displayed so with one glance I am able to see what the market is like. That is the reason for several monitors, and I also do not mix trade execution monitors with the ones I use for analysis.
This approach is good for providing criteria for good and precise entries, trade maintenance based upon well discernible criteria eliminating doubt and feelings of how it is going, well indicated possible exits, be it a profitable trade or a loosing one.

Intra day trading can be very risky, as well as very rewording, so please work hard on being disciplined. I have to say that I do not guarantee anything, do not promise anything, just share some insights of this approach I have been using for sometime.
Below is the example of basic set-up of 3 monitors, displayed side by side on one level just in front of my nose, for trading G/U and E/U. It can be set to trade other pairs, that is just an example of fast overview of the market allowing for very precise trading(IMHO).
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Re: Intraday trades and scalping with momentum

2be started this thread For some time now I have been using TDI and PAC (Price Action Channel) as arranged by Compass FX
I have watched some of theirs videos and read their materials.
Please check it for yourself.
I would like to make this "obvious" observation.
For low risk intra day trades one has to have an idea of the trend direction on a higher TF.
It is so simple yet so profound, the trend on a higher TF is much more likely to continue than to reverse, since always use SL.
The triggers to enter and exit the trades are to optimise the trades taken in the direction of a trend on a higher TF. If that is not seriously taken into account many approaches taking only one TF into account are much more difficult to utilise as the "depth" of the perspective is missing. I am not saying that it is impossible to use just one TF, but it is much easier to go in the trend direction of a higher TF. If so SL and Trailing Stops are to be used correlated to the higher TF. It is no good to use too small SL on a shorter TF being aware that the higher TF demands more space for the trade to breath.
In my opinion Daily TF is a must, I also use H4 and H1. Trigger TF for me is M30, H1 and H4 ( M15 and M5 for scalping).
I have arrived to that conclusion after many years of practice and studies.
For me it is important to know if I am taking trade in the direction of a trend , or if it is a counter trend trade on Daily TF, especially if it is a swing trade using Delta.
Please let me know what you think of TDI.
Good trading to all,
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Re: Intraday trades and scalping with momentum

2be started this thread this is my current view on G/U
on H4 TF I am trading with the ABC corrective move also in agreement with my current Delta count.
I am targeting 1.5774 as App 1.00 (Alternative Price Projection Ratio)
1.5864 is also a strong signal to load shorts as the +/-20 us close approach indicates.
There is still quite a lot of time to get to the C of the possible ABC corrective move, and this being counter trend trade, is likely to drag on with a lot of spikes to shake these short positions.
I am short from 1.5925 and holding a multi entry short position, but shall load up id the M30 candle closes below 1.5864.
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2be started this thread Update on trading with momentum, but preferably in the direction of ITD count on Delta.

I have been using for a long time Trader Dynamic Indicator (Smoothed RSI 13 with two MA and volatility band like Bollinger), together with an Awesome Oscillator (similar to the setting of MACD proposed by Philip Nel) and two sets of Stochastics with the faster Stochastic indicating the speed of change very similar to Bill Williams Accelerator Oscillator.

AO and Stochastics are in the same indicator window.

In the widow together with the TDI is a custom made indicator showing the cross between the Median MA5 with the Median MA34 and whether these crosses happened below or above the chosen MA of larger value (in my case it is usually EMA200), so for example shorter green indicates the cross of MMA5 with MMA34 to the upside, but below the EMA200, and the extended green indicates the cross of MMA5 with MMA34 to the upside above the EMA 200 - so a long signal.
It is similar with the red but in opposite direction.
I find this helpful for scalping and intra day trading.
The small yellow dots indicates time factor, I have set it as from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm (Frankfurt/London and the US session)

Also use Alligator (Bill Williams) together with the EMA 89 and EMA 200 and Median MA 34 (I call it crocodile so there is a pair of reptiles there) the cross of Median MA 5 with Median MA 34 corresponds to AO.

I use this set up for all TFs, M1/M5 for scalping and other TF for intra day for intra week trades.

Divergences (including hidden divergences) between the PA and Momentum indicators are of great value, just as the parallel continuation and agreement between them.

For some time now I mainly trade indices, DAX is my favorit one, DOW is the other one I trade and usually have both of them opened on different TFs.

I keep all these TFs opened at that same time on several monitors, both of DAX and DOW and also look at the usd, gold and crude.

There is nothing new or very special about that set up.

I though to update the way I have been using the momentum for some years now. Please google Bill Willams and watch his recording/s.

For some it is possibly too loud, but it works for me, though it is probably too loud!

Good trading to all,
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dax-h4-01-2016-03-03_130821.png   dax-m30-01-2016-03-03_130907.png   dax-m5-02-2016-03-03_130947.png  

A Trading Plan - You MUST Have One!
Outside of Trading Plan and Strategy there is chaos I am often tempted to explore but not with my trading capital!
When NOT TO TRADE is important, or even more crucial than to know when TO TRADE.
There is no trading without risk, do not think otherwise.
Without being stupidly greedy - grab what you can!
Without being too afraid - lose as little as you can!

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Make MM your Money Maker

2be started this thread Whether scalping, intraday or medium intraweek trading it is important to align expectations with what the market provides on a given TF and during well observed times of market high volatility.

Market structure (S/R, wave structure, fibs, consolidation zones, breakouts, ect) aided with VSA, Market profile, gearing, and momentum plus few Open/Close Price levels like US close, or London Open are very powerful insights.

These powerful trading insights provide great advantage in building a winning strategy which implemented with discipline will lead to profitable trading.

Control greed, excitement, fear and risk small amounts in relation to the trading capital.
If scalping be happy with 5/15 pips, intra day setup 30/50 pips, intraweek 100+ pips.

Within last several years there have been some great threads on VSA, PVSRA, Market profile and countless other threads on different forums, please check them out.

I purposefully do not post templates, (or post them very seldom) to protect new traders from self-destruction.
A season trader does not need anybody's tpls. Strategy with all important elements have to be worked out first, only after that is done one builds a template/s, IMHO, to suit that chosen strategy. Doing it in that way will assure an important sense of ownership and improve responsibility needed in trading. It is fun to build your own templates, and try various settings to align it with the chosen strategy. We all find different things useful or useful for a time, than we move on, usually limiting the amount of indicators.

Personally for myself, PA which creates market structure is most important, endlessly creating S/R and breaking or observing the old ones. After that come other insights, studies and indicators.

I think it is not helpful to adapt your strategy to other traders template/s, which usually leads to losses, lots of questions and waste of time on both sides, time which otherwise assigned to study and self-development will yield good results.

I hold in high esteem many traders trying to explain their strategies and templates, their hard work often falling on ears badly prepared to hear, or read what they are trying to communicate.

In short, one needs to commit time and resources to learn about humanity and trading, unless one is a robot!

Trade for profits, not for pleasure, positive feeling, fame or excitement.

Best wishes to all.


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