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  1. Loss aversion trading
  2. Article: Forging a Disciplined, Patient Mind for the Uncertainties of Trading
  3. cortisol hormone testosterone traders trading risk
  4. Maintaining Focus and Discipline is like a muscle
  5. biased trade information processing
  6. subconcious emotional trade executions
  7. Meditation :mastering the monkey brain
  8. Best psychology videos
  9. rewire the brain for trading perfection
  10. mind traps affecting traders
  11. The High-Flyer's Porsche Strategy
  12. What is a sensible level of risk???
  13. Post Your Rules
  14. What is the maximum portfolio heat you take on?
  15. Trader Psychometrics
  16. Calculating volatility of MT4 trading account
  17. Repeat entry signals
  18. Capital Employment
  19. Sharpe Ratio Calculations - Using Daily Returns
  20. Typical Mindset After Trading Well
  21. 30% - 70%
  22. Connor McGregor UFC 196 - does Overperformance beget future Underperformance
  23. Do not get the superman/wonder woman complex
  24. WARNING: 90% Of Retail Traders Lose, What Are You Made Of? Are You A Shark?
  25. Fun Quiz
  26. Trading Sports Stars
  27. Ever been all in?
  28. Why Is The Obvious Not So Obvious?
  29. Mark Douglas on Emotionless Trading
  30. The Probabilty of a Black Swan Event
  31. I have a serious problem please guide
  32. Ed Seykota in Dallas, Tx!
  33. Loneliness in Trading
  34. ultimate trading system - key interview questions
  35. best motivational videos and talks
  36. How do you calculate best optimal MM risk % per trade?
  37. Safe Gaurds - For when discipline breaks down.
  38. emotion vs. prediction
  39. over cautious or over leveraged?.
  40. Swing trading and maximum trade position ?
  41. Becoming better - you deserve it!
  42. To research or not research
  43. Endurance Sport and Trading
  44. Want to be a trader? Learn to be a loser...
  45. أسس ضبط النفس في تداول الفوركس
  46. is the risk control is so important ??
  47. when should i get out of the market ??
  48. What is trading discipline ?
  49. Are u actually trading?
  50. yet another coin flipping experiment
  51. No Plan, No Trade
  52. The Difference between Risk & Uncertainty - Poll #1
  53. Calculating Standard Deviation for Options Traders
  54. Mental Fatigue?
  55. Applications of Trading Psychology
  56. Video Gaming and Day Trading
  57. Bet or Stake Size
  58. Reverse.......
  59. TOTW: Is it possible to feel no emotion when you win or lose a trade?
  60. Focus or Money Management?
  61. Mental Training: What about Chess?
  62. Looking for a book for solving finance related problems
  63. Being a Successful Trader
  64. Mental Mindset - What's yours like?
  65. Guaranteed stop-loss vs regular stoploss
  66. Whats your total max risk?
  67. Investing Guide at Deep Blue Group Publications LLC Tokyo
  68. Martingale - How it can work
  69. The Myth of the Significance of Performance
  70. Sigma-D:The Sum of All Devils
  71. Long term savings strategy and rebalancing
  72. Excel Trade log/journal with Pyramiding, Partial exits, Scaling out and Trailing stop
  73. NLP Therapist/Coach in London
  74. Dealing with losing periods
  75. Neuroeconomics
  76. Having a problem
  77. All that isnt method, especially TiTZ.
  78. Trailing Stop - Best Strategy?
  79. Single in Scale out Method
  80. Asia Global - Energy Dept. Is Told to Stop Collecting Fee for Nuclear Waste Disposal
  81. The Midas Formula - Stock Market Documentary
  82. Forex Accounting on Balance Sheet
  83. How do you manage trading more than £50,000?
  84. 7 Ways to Bring the Fight to the Markets
  85. Risk management in banks
  86. Risk:Reward question
  87. Risk per Trade compared with Profit per Day
  88. Firewalling psychology through selected ignorance
  89. Psychological and Emotional burnout.
  90. Do you take breaks?
  91. reputation management
  92. Do you self-identify as a non-criminal psychopath (or sociopath)?
  93. Oscar progression
  94. What’s the most challenging part of trading for you?
  95. Risk Ration Chart....
  96. What is your % of risk per trade?
  97. Daily loss limit in relation to profit target
  98. account size re ftse, stops
  99. behavioral finance careers
  100. The Holy Grail. Fact, or Fiction.
  101. Intraday forex trades/daily percentage targets.
  102. How many failed trades before you call it a day.
  103. Psyhcological help NEEDED.
  104. Market Manipulation and analysis
  105. Millionaire Traders
  106. risk reward and targets
  107. You have to give up some opportunities
  108. Trading Psychology book
  109. Automatic SL/TP calculation based on probability
  110. Why choose Fixed Fractional Money Management?
  111. Learn to Stop your Losses
  112. PhD Research on Trader Pyschology
  113. Lessons I ignored to my cost last week
  114. Insight into my trading
  115. Good book/e-book/course/program on Money/risk management?
  116. Good book/e-book/course/program on trading psychology?
  117. Thread for sharing ***I S T J*** commun biases/mistakes & ways found to improve
  118. How good are you at trading - just be honest
  119. When is it Time to Quit?
  120. Clueless money & risk management
  121. The 3 'M's of trading Mind, Method & Money Management
  122. Psychology problem
  123. What makes a good trader?
  124. Mark Douglas Interview
  125. Investments: How much did you earn?
  126. Trade Management
  127. Please Have a Seat...
  128. Can you ask your spread betting firm to set your stop to trail a Moving Average line?
  129. Trailing Stops vs. Targets
  130. does downgrading to lower timeframes leads to much more profits ?
  131. Question about Money management on MetaTrader platform
  132. should the stop be greater than the limit ?
  133. Cash vs Margin Account
  134. Is is useful to "trade emotions"?
  135. Am I on the right track - Money Management Question
  136. 9 inches makes successful traders
  137. Sitting and trading damages health
  138. Portfolio Management - Correlation
  139. trading psychology is similiar to hunting girls
  140. emotions make traders deviate from their trading plans
  141. Discipline training
  142. Exiting a trade is as important as entering it
  143. Trillium Risk Parameters?
  144. Essentials Of Trading Psychology
  145. "Forced Discipline"
  146. Second guessing your trades :help:
  147. Beating impulse trading / overtrading
  148. Self fullfilling prophecy of set ups
  149. Kelly betting
  150. Placing limit orders
  151. Money Management Help
  152. Who Are You?
  153. Why We Are Happy To Be In "SOH Mode" (Sitting On Hands) Right Now
  154. Essentials Of 'Risk & Money Management'
  155. Dash Riprock stops trading.
  156. Ryan Jones Book The Trading Game
  157. RORO - The New Market Paradigm?
  158. What information your trading off
  159. Managing Several Investments on my Personal Account
  160. Seykota; Risk, Optimal size, Uncle Point
  161. shorting usd as 1:1 hedge against inflation
  162. Technical Analysis Quotes
  163. Delay
  164. Multiple Trades and 2% rule
  165. Most Profitable Pairs in Forex ?
  166. FT71 video - pretty brutal
  167. Anyone's Stops get hit
  168. ATTN: any teenagers into trading....
  169. Dangers of "jumping the gun" in trading (market psychology)
  170. Decision Fatigue
  171. Coin flips psychologically better??
  172. 'slaves predict, kings react'
  173. Dollar Cost Averaging buy in and fixed percentage sell
  174. Trade management in the interests of the long haul
  175. Brain Power
  176. Pulling the Trigger ....perhaps not yet ?
  177. Risk
  178. Fear of Trades
  179. Excel formula for money management, help needed!
  180. Trading on gut-feel: Blink
  181. Time for Fishing
  182. Learn to Love your Losses
  183. Winners Win - discuss
  184. Biggest mistake?
  185. Position risk -long v short
  186. Tax Avoidance
  187. fear of real money trading
  188. Xdelia
  189. What's your tolerance for price drop?
  190. How much are you prepared to lose?
  191. Your personality type
  192. A video I made to help you stay focused
  193. Hard Stop Placement – The Great Contradiction?
  194. How do you set stops for pairs trades?
  195. Master Trading Psychology in DIY & cheap ways
  196. Probability in Trading
  197. Fear
  198. VisualRMM Interactive-A new concept?
  199. deja vu moment
  200. Expectancy and Prob Ruin
  201. Execution - Adding to a position
  202. Having a hard time letting go!!
  203. Trading Psychology Books
  204. Predicting the future maximum drawdown...
  205. The inside story of a 17 years old trader
  206. Financial Trading
  207. Leveraging MBTI traits for trading...
  208. Insurance premiums.
  209. Account percentages
  210. Trading Psychology
  211. I'm a masochist & it's hurting my trading :(
  212. How to profit from GREED in falling Market
  213. Trading In The Zone EFT Tapping Technique
  214. Calculating risk.
  215. Loss Trader wanted
  216. MM and increasing size
  217. Money Management (Obviously!)
  218. Psychology books can change your life
  219. Trading Psychology, Can you put a price tag on it?
  220. How to practice on demo?
  221. Money Management Success
  222. Tips for trading psychology
  223. Beliefs That Sabotage Traders
  224. Ten Common Reasons Traders Lose Discipline And How To Avoid Them
  225. The Invisable Hand That LImits Your Trading
  226. Adding to Winners
  227. Should you think about money while trading? Trading, but not money. Why?
  228. How Much Pain Before Change?
  229. RISK Control and MONEY Management (free book)
  230. What is Traing for you?
  231. Separating Fear from Uncertainty
  232. Somebody Rep Me....
  233. Trading Psychology: Lack of confidence going short :(
  234. 1% risk per trade
  235. Risk Reward Myth
  236. Beyond Fear: Developing Your Inner Trader
  237. Forex Money Management
  238. Free trading psychology Ebooks
  239. CGT On Foreign Share Holding
  240. Statistics and psycology
  241. Money Management
  242. Account size ?
  243. Past performance indicative of future results?
  244. position sizing and determining leverage with kelly formula
  245. So where do you make YOUR money?
  246. Article: Managing Emotions While Trading
  247. Professionals vs Amateurs
  248. 100% and all that.............
  249. Fixed ratio
  250. How to be good to trade both side of the forex? i mean ups and downs?