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  1. Scalping.
  2. Day Trading US Margin Account
  3. Who to follow on Twitter?
  4. TEDx: Risk Schmisk
  5. Short Sterling & Euribor
  6. chat room for traders of stocks
  7. Trading, Forex vs Equity?
  8. Pros and cons to the 6 markets listed on this forum?
  9. How to calculate %K and %D on stoch rsi
  10. Can anyone recommend a good Order flow educator.
  11. Spotting Trend line , patterns books?
  12. Any one know about working for a Prop firm
  13. What to use for entering VERY LONG 1099B form into Form 8949 automatically?
  14. Is this a scam
  15. New financial project. Help with naming
  16. My cousin trading was half my money
  17. Pre And Post Market Trading: Why?
  18. Trading from Penny Pick FREE News Letter
  19. Sell and buy the close
  20. So if you get to be consistently profitable, what next?
  21. Stocks gone wrong at the end :(
  22. Urban fx candlestick patterns
  23. can i still buy and sell call option if the volume and op interest are 0
  24. Unpredictable Price Drop or just lack of Experience ?
  25. platform
  26. Looking For A Specific Book
  27. Help me with Bulls vs Bears
  28. Screen recorder
  29. Calling all traders who "get it"
  30. ichimoku recommended DVD's
  31. news feeds on cheaper stocks
  32. Leaving too much on the table, or losses
  33. A Stock Trading News Trap?
  34. Why to invest?
  35. Margin
  36. Watsapp trading group for south africa.
  37. Did you make a profit in 2017?
  38. Trading enrivonment - Mid-Size business
  39. Dont Ya Just Hate That
  40. Timothy sykes
  41. Why Wendy Kirkland's Family Financial Freedom system left me unimpressed
  42. How worth is a diversity of investment ?
  43. Indices and CFD's list that go long for years
  44. How Damaging Is My Sleep/Wake Cycle To My Trading?
  45. Deadly company info (legal) - how to sell it?
  46. EURUSD Only
  47. Mirror trades to broker
  48. Are talkbots any good ?
  49. High frequency trading is losing its appeal
  50. piphoe's corner...of the bar
  51. Deepmind
  52. Leverage and Bitcoin just got married in the cathedral of PC
  53. Trading Psychology of Highly profitable traders
  54. Social / Mirror / Copy Trading: what are your experiences and views?
  55. Easiest/Hardest Instruments for Beginners
  56. Any Jobs?
  57. Cent Account BROKERs
  58. Internet connection backup for day trading
  59. Swinging the pears..
  60. Does the "Options Time and Sales" Layout Provide any Useful Information
  61. How many markets do you trade?
  62. I have some stock algorithms annual return>40%. Hope I can find someone that can shar
  63. Technical Analysis v Fundamentals, OR ratio
  64. Dollar Index
  65. Can you get alerts for constant price changes?
  66. PROOF That Forex is RANDOM video
  67. Where to find group averages for stocks traded on the nasdaq?
  68. London Meet up - EC3
  69. Heiken Ashi Trading on a 2hour time-frame
  70. Different Types of Trading
  71. Capital Gains Tax for British Citizen living offshore
  72. Ray Dalio's Principles - Any Good?
  73. Trading Contests?
  74. Today's ECB Rate Release Time
  75. Where is E. Joe?
  76. 250 Paid Market Research - Financial Trading
  77. Classic Level 2 Montage
  78. Dow , sp500
  79. Aswnering Questions about my trading setup
  80. Question regarding day trade call
  81. Rob Booker - Knoxville Indicator
  82. day trading "discouraged" by a day trading service
  83. How to handle big swings - New traders Info
  84. Selling SMLLC incorporated for trading/ HF
  85. Gold Traders (Skype Group)
  86. Two moving averages and the macd
  87. Any recommended sites for stock tips?
  88. Where are my posts?
  89. Does it make sense to combine technical and fundamental analysis?
  90. Thumbnails of fx charts
  91. Still learning, am i on the right track?
  92. (London) Traders Network Drinks
  93. I'm Winning
  94. 24/7
  95. guaranteed stop loss
  96. VXX Weeklies Premium and VIX/VIXMO Relation
  97. Support/resistance role reversal in non-trending market
  98. Software with multiple real-time graphs
  99. Why you shouldn't demo trade
  100. How do you know when you *shouldn't* be trading?
  101. Trading for a living
  102. Anyone else having a terrible month ??
  103. VPN for trading...
  104. My thread
  105. IPO and company size
  106. If you want to start a Hedge Fund
  107. Correct Platform to Trade With
  108. Hedging in Trading
  109. Anyone trade US options and lives in London
  110. Forex Trading
  111. Info on Sectors
  112. Level 2 Recommendations
  113. Incorrect volume
  114. Swing Charts
  115. New York schoolboy 'made $72million trading stocks on his lunch breaks' -
  116. Validity of Track Record?
  117. Newbie ALERT
  118. Question to every day trader
  119. Traders, i'm writing a thesis and book, can you help me out here, please?
  120. How many ticks/pips do professionals make per week?
  121. Bloomberg / Rueters Terminal
  122. 'Trading buddy' good or bad idea
  123. Technical analysis or fundamental analysis?
  124. Has anybody used dealCancellation?
  125. top trader interviews
  126. The Convoluted World of Binary Options Scammer Shill Groups, on Facebook.
  127. Anyone need any help?
  128. Behavioral economics and Financial Markets
  129. The rules of Money in Trading
  130. My first track here
  131. Why do people start with small accounts?
  132. What is your edge?
  133. Advice needed - Interviews for masters dissertation
  134. Why good traders get banned ?
  135. No deposit bonuses in spread betting , ways to cash out ?
  136. How do you choose what pond to play in?
  137. Watch me make money
  138. Live Twitch/Youtube Trading channel
  139. Help a with a PhD survey and participate to a 100 Amazon voucher giveaway
  140. One Love - 9 Sluggers
  141. forex trading is so hard...
  142. Maximum profit?
  143. Epiphany.
  144. If someone can advise the trading system with monitoring of the real account for 2-3
  145. locking in profits with big share size
  146. Sim VS. Real Trading
  147. Please help me back test.
  148. Virus EA'S takes over your account until it is completely empty.
  149. Alternatives to spread betting/IG?
  150. How do we follow big sellers/buyers
  151. FTSE historiacal data
  152. Weekly Currency Insights
  153. Will volatility return?
  154. Does someone tried to copy scalping strategies from forex social networks?
  155. bloomberg vs. reuter for stock quotes
  156. How did the Brexit trade go for you?
  157. get the price earning ratio from bloomberg terminal
  158. Paper to real money
  159. winning ratio
  160. Quotes and Pics for Traders
  161. Free Forex Audio News Feed
  162. Which trade to follow to learn about Forex?
  163. Taxes: required HMRC forms? and do we need to enter every single trade over the year?
  164. Options trading jobs in Sweden
  165. Points target
  166. MT4 virus made me lose all the money in my account.
  167. Warren Buffet suceeded , 95 % of traders fail
  168. World record attempt?
  169. An alternative to Thinkorswim for the UK?
  170. Getting back into options trading.....
  171. Broker not withdrawing money
  172. End of forex scammers
  173. Please help me write a good trading article!
  174. Anybody using Spreadco?
  175. What is the professional's edge ?
  176. Buying foreign government bonds
  177. sentiment / order data
  178. UK day trading stocks
  179. Anyone use finviz? How do I change the timeframe from daily to weekly ?
  180. Sods Law
  181. What's your top reasons
  182. Wide Stops
  183. What others think
  184. I'm doing forex again....
  185. Help with day trading
  186. Wild swings
  187. International WhatsApp group
  188. Hello
  189. More than 1 trade at a time
  190. Trading Room: Trading Mission
  191. Blown Up
  192. Complaints, Warnings and Problems
  193. Which betting website do you use?
  194. FutexLive are a bit keen
  195. Are you 10% or 90%
  196. DUMB penny stock question. (sorry)
  197. best day trading simulator?
  198. Trading times
  199. Risk management
  200. CFD Trading - Help please
  201. Made a living
  202. American women traders meet up here!
  203. Hot Air
  204. Darren Winters?
  205. Martingale Opinion
  206. Trading experiences
  207. Who trades for a living? It is possible?
  208. After you're thoughts
  209. piphoe re-invents the wheel
  210. Correlation Between Stock and Bond Prices
  211. New breakouts in Forex market
  212. World leaders react to President Trump's Muslim travel ban and voice their opinions
  213. do trader have their own trading cycle
  214. Has anyone tried Easy Markets ?
  215. How does a company raise capital from an IPO?
  216. Does eToro use negative balance protection?
  217. FCA to Cap FX and CFD leverage to at least 25-1
  218. Trading Penny Stocks in UK Best Broker?
  219. How to Trade US $ penny stocks in UK
  220. other news today...
  221. The best value anti virus software.
  222. I made a tool to show how historical events impact stock prices - thoughts?
  223. Margin and Leverage question
  224. Backtesting issues
  225. Why in the world should TA work ?!
  226. UK taxation on trading
  227. Results of an incomplete prediction method
  228. Parents just won't get it
  229. Formula for theoretical options returns
  230. Lombardi Gold Stock
  231. FTSE closed for Christmas
  232. easylanguage stop-limit order
  233. LAT London Academy of Trading
  234. Is stop loss hunting avoidance worth it?
  235. Help with mt4 indicator
  236. Thank you Trade2Win!!
  237. What Happened to Jennyrebecaa
  238. How Can I learn Option Trade?
  239. What to do with the stock that's delisting
  240. Does this trailing stop exist ??????
  241. Changes to CFD leverage
  242. 99 ways to blow up your account
  243. How much money and time have you spent on education?
  244. Looking for EA or indicator that will open positions near to current price
  245. Apple Stock: Why the Next iPhone Could Change the Game
  246. OPEC meeting = oil crazy
  247. Stopped out by widened spread
  248. Another UK tax question
  249. Market Psychology and Targets
  250. Imac platform??