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  1. Anyone remember me from when Trade2win wasnt even started?
  2. Is the dow likely to head toward 10k?
  3. 10k to 20k in 1 month.
  4. best fx pair to trade in evening?
  5. Looking for experienced traders
  6. Binary Options Trading in Turbulent Times
  7. 7 chart types compared to 1 min chart
  8. What are the changes of an uptick? Is the market oversold?
  9. fed up and angry
  10. IG Index Trading Platform
  11. IG Index, lots of angry twittering that folk can't close out positions
  12. Looking for a Spread Betting Writer
  13. PSM Holdings recent acquisitions and aggressive growth strategy
  14. Swing Trading SP 500
  15. How many of you trade full time?
  16. Trading Sales Job?
  17. Warren Buffet Strategy.
  18. "The main difference between the Pros and the amateurs is expectations"
  19. Straddle Trader Pro
  20. The return of Spanish!(just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water)
  21. The squeeze is on
  22. Sources to check M&A case
  23. Looking for On Line Broker in Hong Kong
  24. is it just me or is anyone else getting completely raped at the moment?
  25. Futures and forex in the same account
  26. Who actually makes a decent living out of trading...!?
  27. Indices
  28. How much risk is too much?
  29. How the Pro's do it!
  30. IBs Stock Yield Enhancement Program
  31. thezen's 'Investment Fund'
  32. city index software manipulation on slippage
  33. argh! Really frustrated! (trading related)
  34. Why it is so Difficult to follow the Trading Rules?
  35. who is liable for a loss due to a software problem ?
  36. USA Debt Crisis
  37. Archleaf, Nouvallie, International Trading Solutions.
  38. This really doesn't deserve a whole thread, but anyway...
  39. Taking a Peek at the Risk:Reward Spectrum a little further over to the Risky side
  40. Your Eureka Trading Moments
  41. How much?
  42. Do they accept Asian clients? GO Markets
  43. GO Markets and the MT5
  44. I'm calling it the sombrero.
  45. Manual or automated trading?
  46. "High Probability Setups"
  47. US Crisis. What would be hit the most - EUR or GBP ?
  48. FXCM SSI Logic
  49. Wavespeak Update July 27 2011
  50. What I have learned from trading: Year one
  51. Confluence
  52. Novel way of displaying the USA debt...
  53. All I Know About Trading Options, I Learned in Flight School
  54. www.masterthegap.com
  55. Best technology index?
  56. Are currency pairs related in some way?
  57. Which Platform and Why?
  58. Wavespeak Update
  59. Phone only trading on Fins
  60. Best Times To Trade
  61. The importance of keeping records
  62. Thinking about taking major risks on Gold and USD/CHF
  63. Hi everyone...
  64. Losing 300k in one trade....
  65. "Real Brokers"
  66. Profits Going Short
  67. Capital Mint Ltd
  68. Risk psychology research
  69. anyone read investors chronicle
  70. FormFactor, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORM ) - Breakout
  71. How forex brokers cheat you!
  72. Mental trading
  73. Can't believe it! BWOW soared over 100% yesterday!
  74. Best Indicator to use with Stocastics.
  75. does anyone have experience with Eminipicks.com
  76. List of recent trades made by members of Congress?
  77. Which proprietary trading firm allows you to day-trade equity options?
  78. McDonald's stock, upside is limited
  79. Coding an Automated System
  80. Has anyone paid 7000 to Futex trading academy?
  81. Electric vehicle manufacturers/developers in the UK
  82. The Absurdity of Modern Portfolio Theory
  83. Wholesale fx
  84. Need to hire out a dealing room in london
  85. Some starting ideas? Help Please
  86. The Market Maker 'Myth'
  87. Who to follow on twitter?
  88. Please Review My Bid/Ask Strategy
  89. FTSE 250 (ex IT)
  90. Double your money
  91. The futures game who wins who loses and why?
  92. Do you considered yourself a success?
  93. Open account with IB's reference number?
  94. Compounding For Success
  95. Market Manipulation to be Suspended!
  96. Starting to Bounce
  97. S&P500 daily futures strategies
  98. Capital Spreads new charts..WTF !!!
  99. COT Reports
  100. Intraday Swing Trading FTSE 100
  101. Enterprising Value Investor Rules To Live By
  102. How do you start your own Hedge Fund in the UK
  103. Best way to BACK TEST a system refinement??
  104. Volatility
  105. Trading's Effect On Emotions
  106. StraddleTrader
  107. Bank withdrawals
  108. Usdchf
  109. Are You Just Trading to Make a Living?
  110. Quarantine Policy for New Members?
  111. The euro's death rattle
  112. Anyone used city financial traders
  113. Trading big news
  114. Averaging Up Question
  115. Pressure
  116. Help picking the best Industry
  117. Refer a Friend to a broker scheme
  118. china wages increase by 30%
  119. Advice please
  120. Live data to practice
  121. This may eventually affect your trading
  122. 15 iTunes voucher for XBL trial?
  123. Floored
  124. Next Generation Trading
  125. Recommend me a mentor
  126. Thinking to start a hedge fund - will I be labeled the new Madoff?
  127. "Big Playa" Performance Metrics
  128. anyone confident enough to post live 10 winning trades in a row?
  129. Commodity Stock Lists
  130. What happened to gooseman?
  131. Your Preference On Trading & The News
  132. Whats the Role of a Trader
  133. DanUK link
  134. 30% Market Trends Only?
  135. Limit in, Gaps up, Wiped out?
  136. Shrinks
  137. year long competition on forexdesk
  138. Greek Debt Crisis Simplified
  139. icelandic bank deposits/loand and haircuts.
  140. charting...
  141. What are the top 3 things you do that improve your trading?
  142. Performance Level Of An Exceptional Trader
  143. 60 Minute Trader
  144. Forex questions
  145. Can I?
  146. 1929 Stock Market Crash Documentary Video
  147. Skype interview
  148. chart analysis?
  149. Poker quotes that apply to trading..
  150. Less than 3% successful
  151. warrants of canadian miners
  152. Rip off tip off
  153. Isle of Man based trading house - interested?
  154. Average Daily Range Nowadays?
  155. Alpari Top Trader
  156. A Case for a EUR/GBP implosion
  157. Insider Trading UK v US law
  158. Trading Units of an Energy Company
  159. Futuresource website stopped providing ICE quotes?
  160. Buying a profitable system
  161. Dax 30 Historical Charts
  162. Do CNBC/Bloomberg & other financial media help or hinder?
  163. little dots
  164. A case for an AUD/USD implosion and what it means for risky asset classes
  165. Mechanical trading systems
  166. Leveraged ETF's held overnight depleate buy power next day.
  167. forex trading strategies
  168. Hi Everyone and why USDCAD Tanked
  169. GOLD elliott wave analysis( you're gonna wanna see this)
  170. First half 2011 - hows it been for you?
  171. CMC Markets
  172. Learn Trading... Real or Fake?
  173. Have they made money?
  174. How to start investing in forex trading?
  175. Thinking of Switching over to Currencies
  176. Why do you trade?
  177. Execution only, no frills international equities broker UK
  178. Trading Other Peoples Money - What is allowed?
  179. Positioning for the greek vote ?
  180. What major stocks/etfs are good to trade based on the 12/26 MACD w/the 9 day signal?
  181. prop trade
  182. Feeling Daring?
  183. EUR/USD Monthly chart elliott wave analysis VIDEO
  184. Hi buddies
  185. Which broker would YOU choose from this list to trade with?
  186. Dow Industials Elliott wave video from 1695-Present VIDEO
  187. Heads Up - Black Pepper
  188. Need help/advice
  189. Margin Lending Question
  190. a question on trading "sell short"
  191. Can someone briefly explain how to calculate spread betting margin please?
  192. What causes massive moves in FTSE like 3rd June
  193. Day Trading - Pick a volume
  194. Looking for trading partner - UK based
  195. Don't read report or news or research.
  196. Exiting trades
  197. 'Genuine Article' trading educators
  198. crude oil August2011 futures
  199. Help - Please
  200. Indicators for staying in an uptrend (daily)
  201. Futures Trading Questions
  202. EUR/USD 5 minute chart Elliott wave analysis VIDEO
  203. AUD/USD, EUR/CHF & EUR/USD Elliott wave VIDEO
  204. The World of High Frequency Trading - the six primary strategies
  205. Greece & Euro Troubles
  206. Interactive Brokers
  207. Trading Psychology - Following The Herd
  208. Online source for new share issues at LSE???
  209. Dow 30 stocks down today, but on low volume, after being up 4 days, what you think?
  210. USD/CHF Elliott wave update mothly and daily chart
  211. Open trade...
  212. Institute of Trading - Anton Kreil
  213. The use of DMA within the London Stock Exchange (LSE)
  214. Hello everyone!
  215. how do companies hedge multi year?
  216. Traders in Cambridge?
  217. Saxo Bank MA's
  218. Help a n00bie.
  219. 24h markets open / close times list?
  220. D-D-Diversification Junior
  221. any good?
  222. Fly Away
  223. Optimization and Curve Fitting
  224. Anyone here who day trades stocks and pays tax.
  225. Trading with an edge
  226. WWYD: So my system is at the worst drawdown...
  227. AUD/USD & USD/CHF Elliott wave from a top down prespective
  228. Trading Strategy
  229. Strategies..Looking for 4 other traders...
  230. Terrible is about to begin a large mutation Gold fell to 850 from 1540 U.S. dollars
  231. Starting FT at a market maker, recommended reading?
  232. Old School Trading vs Modern Trading
  233. What do yall think of Dividend funds? Like John Hancock Tax-Advantage Dvd Incom Fd.
  234. Black Swans stock trading
  235. Account Size & how to get there?
  236. Number Of Financial Markets/Instruments
  237. Market Patterns Evolving
  238. Spreads Formula
  239. SVL Asset Management
  240. Is it good to buy after a break below the 200 day SMA?
  241. FX Instructor.com
  242. FSA Fines Home Based Retail Trader For Market Abuse
  243. BBC Radio Scotland 6.10am This Morning
  244. Pandora IPO CFD/Spread betting
  245. Interactive Brokers
  246. Pitfalls of multi timeframe analysis
  247. Vince Stanzione (Home Study Course)?
  248. Show Your Charts Boys
  249. What the pros and cons of A prop Firm
  250. Yancheng foreign trade corp.ltd.