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  1. icelandic bank deposits/loand and haircuts.
  2. charting...
  3. What are the top 3 things you do that improve your trading?
  4. Performance Level Of An Exceptional Trader
  5. 60 Minute Trader
  6. Forex questions
  7. Can I?
  8. 1929 Stock Market Crash Documentary Video
  9. Skype interview
  10. chart analysis?
  11. Poker quotes that apply to trading..
  12. Less than 3% successful
  13. warrants of canadian miners
  14. Rip off tip off
  15. Isle of Man based trading house - interested?
  16. Average Daily Range Nowadays?
  17. Alpari Top Trader
  18. A Case for a EUR/GBP implosion
  19. Insider Trading UK v US law
  20. Trading Units of an Energy Company
  21. Futuresource website stopped providing ICE quotes?
  22. Buying a profitable system
  23. Dax 30 Historical Charts
  24. Do CNBC/Bloomberg & other financial media help or hinder?
  25. little dots
  26. A case for an AUD/USD implosion and what it means for risky asset classes
  27. Mechanical trading systems
  28. Leveraged ETF's held overnight depleate buy power next day.
  29. forex trading strategies
  30. Hi Everyone and why USDCAD Tanked
  31. GOLD elliott wave analysis( you're gonna wanna see this)
  32. First half 2011 - hows it been for you?
  33. CMC Markets
  34. Learn Trading... Real or Fake?
  35. Have they made money?
  36. How to start investing in forex trading?
  37. Thinking of Switching over to Currencies
  38. Why do you trade?
  39. Execution only, no frills international equities broker UK
  40. Trading Other Peoples Money - What is allowed?
  41. Positioning for the greek vote ?
  42. What major stocks/etfs are good to trade based on the 12/26 MACD w/the 9 day signal?
  43. prop trade
  44. Feeling Daring?
  45. EUR/USD Monthly chart elliott wave analysis VIDEO
  46. Hi buddies
  47. Which broker would YOU choose from this list to trade with?
  48. Dow Industials Elliott wave video from 1695-Present VIDEO
  49. Heads Up - Black Pepper
  50. Need help/advice
  51. Margin Lending Question
  52. a question on trading "sell short"
  53. Can someone briefly explain how to calculate spread betting margin please?
  54. What causes massive moves in FTSE like 3rd June
  55. Day Trading - Pick a volume
  56. Looking for trading partner - UK based
  57. Don't read report or news or research.
  58. Exiting trades
  59. 'Genuine Article' trading educators
  60. crude oil August2011 futures
  61. Help - Please
  62. Indicators for staying in an uptrend (daily)
  63. Futures Trading Questions
  64. EUR/USD 5 minute chart Elliott wave analysis VIDEO
  65. AUD/USD, EUR/CHF & EUR/USD Elliott wave VIDEO
  66. The World of High Frequency Trading - the six primary strategies
  67. Greece & Euro Troubles
  68. Interactive Brokers
  69. Trading Psychology - Following The Herd
  70. Online source for new share issues at LSE???
  71. Dow 30 stocks down today, but on low volume, after being up 4 days, what you think?
  72. USD/CHF Elliott wave update mothly and daily chart
  73. Open trade...
  74. Institute of Trading - Anton Kreil
  75. The use of DMA within the London Stock Exchange (LSE)
  76. Hello everyone!
  77. how do companies hedge multi year?
  78. Traders in Cambridge?
  79. Saxo Bank MA's
  80. Help a n00bie.
  81. 24h markets open / close times list?
  82. D-D-Diversification Junior
  83. any good?
  84. Fly Away
  85. Optimization and Curve Fitting
  86. Anyone here who day trades stocks and pays tax.
  87. Trading with an edge
  88. WWYD: So my system is at the worst drawdown...
  89. AUD/USD & USD/CHF Elliott wave from a top down prespective
  90. Trading Strategy
  91. Strategies..Looking for 4 other traders...
  92. Terrible is about to begin a large mutation Gold fell to 850 from 1540 U.S. dollars
  93. Starting FT at a market maker, recommended reading?
  94. Old School Trading vs Modern Trading
  95. What do yall think of Dividend funds? Like John Hancock Tax-Advantage Dvd Incom Fd.
  96. Black Swans stock trading
  97. Account Size & how to get there?
  98. Number Of Financial Markets/Instruments
  99. Market Patterns Evolving
  100. Spreads Formula
  101. SVL Asset Management
  102. Is it good to buy after a break below the 200 day SMA?
  103. FX Instructor.com
  104. FSA Fines Home Based Retail Trader For Market Abuse
  105. BBC Radio Scotland 6.10am This Morning
  106. Pandora IPO CFD/Spread betting
  107. Interactive Brokers
  108. Pitfalls of multi timeframe analysis
  109. Vince Stanzione (Home Study Course)?
  110. Show Your Charts Boys
  111. What the pros and cons of A prop Firm
  112. Yancheng foreign trade corp.ltd.
  113. Erroneous executions from IB software, what should I expect to happen now?
  114. Insider Trading Question
  115. is Richard Swannell and Elliottican reputable?
  116. Tlading advice, onry two darra
  117. STIRS and Fixed Income Chatroom
  118. Chart patterns on random data
  119. USDx, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY & the S&P 500 elliott wave VIDEO
  120. Is creating professional investment software a good business idea?
  121. Problems With Spreadbetting Company
  122. Scalping FTSE 100 Cash,
  123. Forex Arbitrage Trading
  124. Is a reverse cup and handle pattern typically bearish?
  125. Market Correlation
  126. BBC The Apprentice Stock Market Traders Show
  127. Stocks in Recession
  128. 95% Of Traders Dont Make It Saying
  129. How much do you factor volume when making a trade?
  130. What's your feel for the S&P 500 going into next week?
  131. Your thoughts please
  132. Stock Market Sniper
  133. Where does the "95% lose" adage come from?
  134. Skype Trading Rooms
  135. Bush n Bin Laddin Trading Pals?
  136. NASDAQ BookViewer help
  137. Forex Arbitrage/Correlation?
  138. 3 Duck's system confusion (yeah, I know...)
  139. If I set up a company to trade through a spread better, will I have to pay tax?
  140. WHy do losses appear quicker?
  141. Anyone else still long on Visa/Mastercard?
  142. New to forex
  143. Anyone else get screwed in Nat Gas tonight?
  144. Question about Market Makers
  145. Why have Spread Betting and CFDs become the backbone of the UK's Financial System?
  146. Regarding the Richard Farleigh Seminar In London on 6th June
  147. Timeframe Question
  148. Is the probability of my losing money 60%
  149. Trading books not about trading
  150. Contract Specification List
  151. Tu peut m'aider s'il vous plait?
  152. Gold's Inevitable Declines (Elliott wave analysis dating back to 1932)
  153. Market Outlook
  154. Another probability question
  155. News and limit buy
  156. What is your computer setup like? Monitor & Software/Websites
  157. PENNY STOCK help
  158. Day Trading Crude Oil
  159. Why only 66% approximately?
  160. Probability - or, when is it better to stay in bed?
  161. Where can I find a free chart that shows average daily volume per up/down trend?
  162. Multiple Take Profit Levels
  163. Wavespeak Update 6/5/2011
  164. Loz Lawn ForexSignalMentor
  165. LOGARITHMIC or LINEAR for SP500?
  166. Start your own trading business ideas
  167. Adding new positions when daytrading
  168. Something wrong...
  169. The dax
  170. Momentum Stocks and Long term picks
  171. Open forex account with minimum capital required is doomed to failure
  172. EA Testing at Harbour FX
  173. Your Biggest Winning & Losing Trade
  174. Will this downtrend likely continue or reverse?
  175. What is your take on having long and short positions in your portfolio?
  176. New born
  177. "Pro" account status and its affect on day trading?
  178. Volumen or Float?
  179. FTSE 100 Technical analysis
  180. Euro slips
  181. Interesting Trading Videos
  182. OANDA attains FSA registration
  183. Stock Tips for Tomorrow (Stocks to Sell - 1st June '11)
  184. Pay off mortgage trading ?
  185. Trading books for the Amazon Kindle
  186. Question for GammaJammer please.
  187. Test of product
  188. Do you have the following?
  189. Nifty Tips and Forecast for Tomorrow (31st May '11)
  190. You will wanna hire me.
  191. uk v international shares
  192. Traders In The UK
  193. beginner trader's record statement, any suggestion?
  194. Pivot Points
  195. 18 month old baby girl places a trade
  196. Christ All Mighty...
  197. joke question: what transaction would imply negative valuation? (market cap)
  198. DTs small money thread
  199. Indices Charts
  200. freelance Wealthlab programmer?
  201. Female traders and investors. Hot or Not?
  202. Free Ebooks
  203. Is Silver still in play in the commodity market?
  204. Live Accounts mt4
  205. Are Women Better at Investing than the Average Trader?
  206. Goldman says Brent crude will hit $130
  207. Why is the dollar regaining back its value in the Forex Market?
  208. Investing Advice AGAINST Future Earnings and Trend Lines
  209. Order Flow & The Balance of Trade - Then & Now
  210. How is your trading edge derived?
  211. Mike Baghdady in the Mail News Paper
  212. What happens when Greece defaults
  213. How much cash money are in the world?
  214. How do big players trade?
  215. proper trading for forex'
  216. The Best place to Exit an outright directional trade
  217. change one word of any well known trading quote ...
  218. This is just way too ****ing clean... S&P Tech Analysis
  219. How To Describe Trading To Someone
  220. Ultimate setup?
  221. Trailing Stop Loss
  222. The Best place to enter an outright directional trade
  223. Difference between a mug and a pro
  224. When regret motivates
  225. i need help
  226. Trading weather anyone?
  227. Intraday Stocks to Buy Tomorrow (19th May '11)
  228. Trading Jibberish.
  229. One Word...
  230. Great Scott
  231. MT4 Intertrader
  232. Indercators for getting in a right time.
  233. Time to forcast for DJI on MAY 17-20
  234. Lightspeed PAPERWORK
  235. The 1990's Stock Market Boom & Now
  236. What do you do when you're in a trade?
  237. New idea for money management (position sizing).
  238. Lads, maths help needed on account wipeout
  239. Wavespeak Update
  240. Can anybody REALLY win trading S&P long term?
  241. Cannot choosd SB Company - Please Help
  242. IG Strange commision
  243. Looking to start a comic book strip for traders
  244. Intuition
  245. Should i take a step back?
  246. ROI with Leverage
  247. Dow Jones indicator?
  248. Market Capitalization or Weigthing
  249. Has IG rejection rate picked up?
  250. The dumbed down state of financial reporting on TV