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  1. 1500 hedge funds closed ,insider trading ,ponzi schemes,redemption failures
  2. Somebody enormous in the Stoxx...
  3. Trade lesson: Learn the relative strength of a stock
  4. Are you doing God's Work?
  5. Fantasy Trading League
  6. trading componys
  7. Economic Calendar : RBA Interest Rate Decision
  8. crude oil !!
  9. google wave your opinion?
  10. Inside GOLDMAN SACHS
  11. One Liner
  12. The Inland Revenue?
  13. Is this likely to be any good, what do you think?
  14. Is the 'friday effect' in play today?
  15. amazon
  16. Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way........
  17. Insider Dealer Fined
  18. Index Pairs Trading
  19. Using moving averages on multiple time frames
  20. Shorting Lloyds
  21. Stock Broking TV Documetary...Help
  22. Rebates on CFD, FX and Spread-Betting
  23. currency options- anywhere to learn?
  24. Natwest Index - 100 bonus
  25. This trading lark is for pussies, let's all be like Al Gore and 'trade' carbons
  26. Back Testing
  27. Trade lesson: Knowing the trading environment to profit intra-day
  28. Earnings Calender?
  29. What is the day of an options trader like?
  30. The easy way to find a runner
  31. Forex 'nitty gritty'.com, does he realise the meaning of the words "nitty gritty"?
  32. Frontline Video How the regulations were blocked
  33. Us brokerages
  34. FX rebates in the UK.
  35. High frequency trading discussion on R4 this evening at 8:00
  36. Trade lesson: Never fall in love with a stock
  37. Auto trade
  38. UK's public debt is approaching 100 percent of GDP
  39. Traders like us
  40. What drives stock index ?
  41. funding
  42. Any success stories from retail traders?
  43. Is Naked trading the last chance saloon?
  44. Need advice from fellow traders
  45. Trading on a Friday (FOREX)
  46. What Are Bollinger Bands?
  47. The illlusion of candlestick patterns
  48. Trade lesson: Watch the past to understand the future
  49. Risk 5% per trade and you have a 99% chance of 50% drawdown in next 5 years
  50. What price to Buy?
  51. where is CNBC streaming?
  52. Article: Market Top ?
  53. Brokerage Interview
  54. Biggest Trading Mistakes.
  55. algorythmic trading (algos) - messing up the markets!
  56. I'm Nearly in THAT 90% Category
  57. My Recommendation
  58. Where do we go from here?
  59. Do you have an "Edge"
  60. The Breakout Trade
  61. US Markets in Red
  62. Technically Speaking!!!
  63. CME Live Broadcast. What is it?
  64. Trade lesson: Understanding the power of opposites
  65. George Soros lectures
  66. Pivot Point Trading
  67. Oil:
  68. Looking for knowledgable Java Programmer - Tom Demarks TD Sequential
  69. Intra-day trade lesson: Watch the time of day for intra-day pivotal moves
  70. Trading Redundancy Money...
  71. Economic Cycle
  72. Warren Buffet's Contentment
  73. Calculate Support and Resistance yourself
  74. The new FX facebook - Currensee?
  75. The best company...
  76. An early 'heads up' on the NFP figures?
  77. buying books
  78. A mature advise to beginners
  79. Tame Trading Risk
  80. Using chart patterns
  81. Darvas did ok
  82. The Markets Sell Off Even Though AMZN, MSFT And Housing Data Is Strong...Why? The USD
  83. Who can tell me the details of "ADFN"?
  84. Quelle surprise, UK still in recession
  85. GBP/USD, and that gentle folk, is why you should use stops
  86. Finally!
  87. Easy trading
  88. Price, Pattern, Time = Success!
  89. Treasury in US
  90. Euro Markets in Blue
  91. Interesting report on TA...
  92. Interest program
  93. Different Styles of Trading
  94. FAQ-How much trader lost in Forex before they start profiting?
  95. Trade lesson: Catch the intra-day gap fade
  96. Good day for markets
  97. Who LOVES trading?
  98. usd, xau - bernanke, lions and tigers and bears - oh my!
  99. Global brands
  100. 5 Golden Rules of Trading
  101. Trading methods/practices not available today?
  102. What is the best FX rebate available?
  103. Interview for an derivatives trading trainee position
  104. Trading Step Ladder to Something Else?
  106. 5 Reasons to invest now
  107. PMA? No thank you, always look on the glum slide of life...
  108. Philippine Trading
  109. The COT Report
  110. IG Market Trading Platform (Not Recommended)
  111. Biggest Trading Mistakes.
  112. Windows 7 - Any Views
  113. Carbon futures
  114. Probability Mystique
  115. Trading system statistically significant?
  116. INTC...Inventories Cannot Be At Zero
  117. Interest Rates Hikes (effect on Currencies & Gold)
  118. JPM lulz
  119. Don't be the giraffe...
  120. SUPA Signal Thread
  121. The markets - Technical Analysis
  122. Java Beans control with Price Bars
  123. Is this a really secret of Stock Market.
  124. need help identify what is this strategy
  125. TRading after calamity
  126. Whats happening with some accounts.
  127. Forgive Me I was Hacked..Sorry
  128. What Are The New Highs For Gold Telling Us?
  129. Who trades E-Mini round here
  130. Trainee Broker Interview
  131. US Treasuries down
  132. Dongle download limits
  133. TT vs CQG data feed coalescing
  134. I don't feel the need to be needy...am I in the minority?
  135. Need for Good after time orders....Anyone?
  136. trading and luck
  137. Another good tool for traders
  138. How I made my millions
  139. Tbt is on blast off and here is the reason why technically
  140. TS2Ki data feed
  141. Looking to switch Brokerage, but to which one?
  142. Gone Long Cats Ears - Spanish Style
  143. Anyone know where I can get access to RTS futures (Russia)?
  144. Thanks dante
  145. for those of you who use time and sales/tick charts on index futures- big change
  146. How did you get started in learning spread betting ?
  147. Coke in the City
  148. Do you dread sitting down to trade?
  149. Still trade if won the Lottery?
  150. 13.30 GMT action question
  151. Make millions trading the financial markets
  152. Nominate WTF post of year
  153. 'ls trader' system
  154. Great software for Multiple monitor users :) x
  155. Markets Await Key Data After Master Level Bounce Starting Last Friday...We Are Going
  156. Another trade missed... WTF
  157. I want to believe that it is not random, but this argues against me
  158. Don't say you're a trader :)
  159. Technical analysis is uesless with broker chart ?!
  160. Things that should be considered
  161. System
  162. 6th september-What s interesting?
  163. Technicals Calling For a Market Top...
  164. Market Prediction Experiment
  165. usd fond/tech.
  166. weird offer from broker
  167. Jake Bernstein, what do you think
  168. The only way to profit from roulette; write book about a foolproof system and sell it
  169. Beware Of The Analyst, Economist, And The Upgrades
  170. EPIC thread going...
  171. Risk:Reward Mystique
  172. Make More money Trading or Casino?
  173. Why most systems fail:
  174. Where to now?
  175. Butter production in Bangladesh
  176. proprietary firm for real?
  177. Vol for Index SBers.
  178. Setting up a forum
  179. Six Steps to Better Trading
  180. very sad..
  181. Question was raised.
  182. Europe/euro
  183. Nonfarm Payrolls announcement with voice and text
  184. US Stock Swing/Day Trading Thread
  185. Virtuoso, a question, the mad as a bag of badgers spike on EUR/CHF...
  186. Cramer CIT
  187. Possible Bear Flag Pattern In Formation On The 10 Minute SPY
  188. CFD Rebate
  189. Institutional Ownership
  190. FireFox is screwing up my trades.
  191. Aptitude Test for Trading Firm
  192. Question
  193. Consider Hypnosis For Trading?
  194. technical levels
  195. If 70% chance of winning per trade, how much risk to take?
  196. I'm trying to understand this but I need help...
  197. AFB Micro accounts
  198. Hr1207
  199. Rolloever costs and spreads -
  200. Pairs Trading strategy..available software?
  201. QuoteTracker is not free any more!
  202. T2W Store!?
  203. Interview with BP to enter their trading program - any advice?
  204. Finding your own trading method
  205. Trading the Yasser Arafat style
  206. Near all time high US stocks?
  207. Pairs trading and Beta coefficient
  208. Open an Account in the USA?
  209. What the hell is wrong with me? Anyone else go through anything similar.
  210. Scary Socialists Out To Get Us
  211. Today Is A Fascinating Day In The World Of The Markets...What Could This All Mean?
  212. Greed is good, Gettin in there, Wall Street 2 on its way,
  213. My Day Trading Rules
  214. The Best of T2W
  215. usd
  216. Most Successful Trades?
  217. traders in central london - favour
  218. Salmon Futures
  219. News Times??
  220. Will the markets have larger than a 10% correction? (with link)
  221. Picking a book ? How do you take the leap of faith ?
  222. Any correlation between the number of posts a trader makes and his profitability?
  223. People who make journals fail...
  224. Stock tiptsters
  225. Can I trust my broker?
  226. Why i lose money in stock market.
  227. Why don't hedge funds use spread betting?
  228. English Trader TV Series About 10 years ago...
  229. "How to make $2 Million by making Millions of Mistakes"
  230. Understand the underlying
  231. CQG Spreader.. Anybody used it?
  232. Canadian stocks
  233. If you could only own one stock...
  234. Are the hedgers and speculators same?
  235. Hunting secrets revealed
  236. The REAL global warming
  237. Closed overnight market
  238. Cataclysmic Event On Horizon For Markets...Either $107 Or Huge Drop Coming
  239. Can anyone give me advice on the best way to take profits?
  240. Will the dollar/yen break 08/9 lows first time and what will happen if it does...
  241. NYSE double rebate
  242. eur/usd
  243. US treasuries
  244. Tight Point Ranges or Large Point Ranges more Profitable Intra day?
  245. Did you ever notice that most traders are highly intelligent?
  246. Ideas for a PHd
  247. Property or trading - where should I invest my time and money?
  248. Trading platforms: (EG Ninja-trader etc) Any preferences ?
  249. pulling the trigger
  250. ECN vs. a spread trading