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  1. The Media Effect
  2. Metal Stocks Poised For 10% Or More Correction In Early 2010 After Massive Runup
  3. Spend to the end
  4. success stories
  5. Pure Lack Of Respect As Gov't Lifts Cap On Freddie Mac (NYSE: FRE) and Fannie Mae
  6. Joe Bloggs blows fortune spread betting
  7. 100 % per annum from trading.
  8. Boxing Day Viewing (Trader: Paul Tudor Jones)
  9. Trading through a broker or spread betting?
  10. "Rookie Trader" TV show on CNN today (Xmas day)
  11. iPhone FX Appa
  12. Business Plan - Help
  13. Book Sharing - Joe Ross Trading is a Business
  14. New Home Sales Data Could Spell Trouble For TOLL BROTHERS INC (NYSE: TOL), KB HOME (N
  15. buy sell strength indicator
  16. Does anyone know of Prop Trading Firms that offer a base salary?
  17. How to calculate weighted average returns?
  18. For the wise, the ignorant, the brave or the bold...
  19. Holiday Party May Be Starting As Alcoa Inc (NYSE: AA), Amazon.com, Inc. (NasdaqGS: AM
  20. Time To Set Some Goals
  21. broker delay?
  22. I've been shut down!
  23. ATMs: The Hidden Cost of Convenience
  24. LUCK in Trading. Does it exist?!
  25. hypnotism
  26. Bull market
  27. Market Update: Options X Friday Caps Off Wild Week With Great Swing/ Day Trading Move
  28. Backtestable?
  29. TRADE LESSON: Beware Of The Higher Open
  30. No He Can’t! Why Obama Won’t Tax Bank Bonuses
  31. Can Someone Find me a Market?
  32. Financial Astrology (Pt II)
  33. Dollar Down, Oh It's Fed Day.
  34. Are most traders Libertarian leaning?
  35. The Producer Price Index Pops...Will The Federal Reserve Play Ball Or Drop The Ball?
  36. Yields On The Rise
  37. Inflation, is it the elephant in the room?
  38. Trade lesson: All tops are not created equal
  39. carry trade fee
  40. Why Do Shares and Pairs Decline On Positive Data?
  41. Week in the life of a FX dealer and others
  42. What are your most pressing trading questions?
  43. For Traders in NW England
  44. Why KLCI and STI range bounded recently
  45. Book Preview: Trading the Sinewave
  46. CEP in c#?
  47. Retail Sales Strong. But Apple Inc.(NasdaqGS: AAPL), Goldman Sachs Grp (NYSE: GS)
  48. got to do with a hanging man and a pinbar
  49. Quality of Life and Limiting Your Time Trading
  50. Geithner Defends Using TARP While Citigroup 20 Billion Offering May Signal Top Like B
  51. CITIGROUP Expected To Pay Back Tarp. Watch These Levels
  52. t2w software
  53. The Coming Wave Of Debt Defaults
  54. Raconteur on trading the markets
  55. Was contacted by these clowns yesterday
  56. Events Calander?
  57. differint timezones summer time
  58. Career change to options trading
  59. Exit Strategies
  60. Trade Lesson: Downward Channels Will Eventually Breakout To The Upside...Great Exampl
  61. Maximum adverse excursion
  62. Bonus Tax
  63. Thinking In Twenties
  64. Setting up an incubator fund in the UK?
  65. Saxo Minitrader platform no longer available?
  66. What do market makers really like/hate about their job?
  67. Focus Practice
  68. how long did it take?
  69. Limit Your Trading Hours
  70. Advice from Livermore
  71. All Eyes Watch With Anticipation As The Markets Begin To Set The Table For The Year E
  72. Interview with RBS
  73. US Treasury Secretary Says No Bank Would Have Survived 2008 Crisis
  74. Historical Exchange Holidays
  75. Broker for CFDs and / or Spread Betting on Russell 2000 and LSE stocks?
  76. Trading from your mobile phone?
  77. Boiler Room Scams - Now for the next one!
  78. Huge reversal today so far. Is the "friday effect" holding it steady?
  79. Unemployment Report Stuns Wall Street As Chief Market Strategists Analyze
  80. Make Pocket Money From the Markets?
  81. 4 Hour charts
  82. £850bn: official cost of the bank bailout
  83. World Top Investor - Look at these returns !!!
  84. Bank of America Out of TARP
  85. Greedy p*gs
  86. Analyst in Investment Bank...
  87. The Keys To The Market Are Right In Front Of You...
  88. Worth a read..
  89. Who wants to be a millionaire… for under $200?
  90. On retail trading
  91. Looking for a Proven Profitable System
  92. Remember Dubai? You were dreaming
  93. Dollar Utilized As Market Tool To Control Ups And Downs...Smart....But For How Long W
  94. Mitschka Alternative Advisory
  95. Dollar falls at 3:00 pm getting the indexes green
  96. According to HMRC, was I self employed?
  97. Best Threads In The 'General Trading Chat' Forum
  98. Taxing the Speculators - NYT
  99. Sports Direct
  100. LSE shuts down for a few hours yesterday...like it's 1928
  101. The End of Las Vegas?
  102. Adam Burgoyne
  103. dear delzako - other trader
  104. Help with backtesting!!
  105. Trader´s Organizer (TOFU)
  106. invest name
  107. Article: Irrational Exuberance or Cautious Optimism
  108. do you understand rollover properly?
  109. Orwellian data
  110. PROPboards?
  111. the holidays
  112. Where to find UK sector information
  113. Take A Look
  114. FSA (UK account protection)
  115. Trader looking for capital
  116. Trading ,gambling and the bible
  117. Dollar is not a popular currency
  118. Stocks in Europe fell
  119. 52 Week High/Low in UK shares
  120. How did you save up your trading capital?
  121. Interview OSCT
  122. Call a random trade...
  123. TradeStation vs Esignal
  124. Hate
  125. Paper Trading VS Reality
  126. The Greatest Traders
  127. Trading Makes you Lonely?
  128. Obama: Too much debt could fuel double-dip recession
  129. Stocks to close up or down today?
  130. Price action trading.
  131. Market indices forecas
  132. spooked by spikes
  133. Article: Interview with Stock Trader Alan Rich
  134. New website for investors...
  135. China vs us
  136. Averaging down..................
  137. Can someone help me understand why this stock is behaving this way?
  138. God bless America...brother can you spare a dime?
  139. 50% retrace
  140. Private coaching
  141. U.s. Dollar: How low will it go?
  142. opinion please
  143. 6000 yr. Elliott Wave Cycle
  144. Rothschilds illumanati control of the world
  145. Corporate Logos: the battle for the Bule...
  146. Ukraine flu
  147. Come on guys, find me a programmer!!
  148. Bankers Forced To Take Second Jobs To Make Ends Meet !!
  149. Market Making
  150. Trading ranges
  151. Article: Does the Bible Oppose Trading?
  152. Trader Training Houses in London
  153. Goldman Gives God a miss this year?
  154. Auto mt4
  155. Handling losses
  156. Why was WASP banned?
  157. Trade Forex with the Best Forex Broker
  158. Difference between trading and gambling
  159. Paraskevidekatriaphobia
  160. Where to get live spy(spdr)etf charting software(tick by tick)
  161. You May Wonder?
  162. Filtering out trades based on risk??
  163. Median home prices fell nationwide in 3Q
  164. High Frequency Trading
  165. Could the market be talking to us ?
  166. using 'carry trade' to make money
  167. This Guy is a Genius...!
  168. Private messaging, is it private?
  169. European Bonds:
  170. Gold
  171. Article: Gold - Technical Analysis Review
  172. The greatest trader
  173. How to trade the best double bottom patterns
  174. UK Wizards?
  175. Buying stock from abroad
  176. Quick Question for Experienced Traders
  177. Looking at Market Analyzer. (MDS News)
  178. Slow, slow trading
  179. 1500 hedge funds closed ,insider trading ,ponzi schemes,redemption failures
  180. Somebody enormous in the Stoxx...
  181. Trade lesson: Learn the relative strength of a stock
  182. Are you doing God's Work?
  183. Fantasy Trading League
  184. trading componys
  185. Economic Calendar : RBA Interest Rate Decision
  186. crude oil !!
  187. google wave your opinion?
  188. Inside GOLDMAN SACHS
  189. One Liner
  190. The Inland Revenue?
  191. Is this likely to be any good, what do you think?
  192. Is the 'friday effect' in play today?
  193. amazon
  194. Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way........
  195. Insider Dealer Fined
  196. Index Pairs Trading
  197. Using moving averages on multiple time frames
  198. Shorting Lloyds
  199. Stock Broking TV Documetary...Help
  200. Rebates on CFD, FX and Spread-Betting
  201. currency options- anywhere to learn?
  202. Natwest Index - £100 bonus
  203. This trading lark is for pussies, let's all be like Al Gore and 'trade' carbons
  204. Back Testing
  205. Trade lesson: Knowing the trading environment to profit intra-day
  206. Earnings Calender?
  207. What is the day of an options trader like?
  208. The easy way to find a runner
  209. Forex 'nitty gritty'.com, does he realise the meaning of the words "nitty gritty"?
  210. Frontline Video How the regulations were blocked
  211. Us brokerages
  212. FX rebates in the UK.
  213. High frequency trading discussion on R4 this evening at 8:00
  214. Trade lesson: Never fall in love with a stock
  215. Auto trade
  216. UK's public debt is approaching 100 percent of GDP
  217. Traders like us
  218. What drives stock index ?
  219. funding
  220. Any success stories from retail traders?
  221. Is Naked trading the last chance saloon?
  222. Need advice from fellow traders
  223. Trading on a Friday (FOREX)
  224. What Are Bollinger Bands?
  225. The illlusion of candlestick patterns
  226. Trade lesson: Watch the past to understand the future
  227. Risk 5% per trade and you have a 99% chance of 50% drawdown in next 5 years
  228. What price to Buy?
  229. where is CNBC streaming?
  230. Article: Market Top ?
  231. Brokerage Interview
  232. Biggest Trading Mistakes.
  233. algorythmic trading (algos) - messing up the markets!
  234. I'm Nearly in THAT 90% Category
  235. My Recommendation
  236. Where do we go from here?
  237. Do you have an "Edge"
  238. The Breakout Trade
  239. US Markets in Red
  240. Technically Speaking!!!
  241. CME Live Broadcast. What is it?
  242. Trade lesson: Understanding the power of opposites
  243. George Soros lectures
  244. Pivot Point Trading
  245. Oil:
  246. Looking for knowledgable Java Programmer - Tom Demarks TD Sequential
  247. Intra-day trade lesson: Watch the time of day for intra-day pivotal moves
  248. Trading Redundancy Money...
  249. Economic Cycle
  250. Warren Buffet's Contentment