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  1. United States Steel Corporation & Steel Dynamics Signal Possible Top
  2. What happens without discipline!
  3. remember trading this? and shorting naked?
  4. What is the meaning of % Returns
  5. updated question, index arb
  6. Rock and hard place
  7. Calculating the monthly 'returns' value from the 'close' values of the FTSE 100 index
  8. Breaking Through Gap Window...The Ultimate Challenge For Research In Motion Limited (
  9. BBDA - NEWS $$$$ Mooresville, NC (February 22, 201
  10. Market Technical Strategies And A Look Ahead.
  11. Breaking down the mental illness taboo
  12. Middle Office at Barclays/merrill
  13. Did our Wasp pull a fast one ?
  14. Do I belong in trading?
  15. Index Arb?
  16. Opening GAPS,Stocks, & ' If I were an MM'
  17. The Money Play Is Palm. (NASDAQ:PALM)
  18. Good Grief
  19. Can anyone beat these Losses ?
  20. Deja vu from February 2007 (NYSE:SPY), (NYSE:DIA)
  21. 20 Trading Rules For Making Money in the Markets
  22. Top 3 Setups For Legendary Swings. (NYSE:XOM), (NYSE:VZ), (NASDAQ:CNLG), (NYSE:T)
  23. Whats my Return?
  24. FxPro
  25. Economic News Shocks But Gives Forth Opportunity.
  26. USD Durable Goods ? Whats everyone thinking?
  27. Has high-frequency trading affected your strategies?
  28. The Big Bad Double Dip Is Coming. JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM), Lennar Corporation
  29. Sector Analysis
  30. Subtle changes in trading behaviour during a winning streak.
  31. consumer confidence out in 3min!
  32. First Solar, Inc. Looks Cloudy As Canadian Solar Inc.Wins No Gold
  33. What spreads are you looing at?
  34. Caution On Retailers. Perry Ellis Intl. Inc. (NASDAQ:PERY), Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (N
  35. Looking for Beta Testers for Stock Price Alert iPhone App
  36. Home Depot, Inc. (NYSE:HD) Stumbles Into Possible Top
  37. Market Profile query.
  38. A little something for all the traders.
  39. Do You Use Twitter?
  40. How to set up a hedge fund
  41. GDP Release Data - Volatility
  42. United States Steel Corporation Into Major Resistance And Could Be Near Term Top
  43. Markets Rebound From Steep Early Losses
  44. Money Is An Illusion...
  45. schooloftrade.com & James Wave
  46. Brain damage
  47. Margin debt
  48. Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ) Earnings Jump But Stock Gets Stuck
  49. The Stock Weather Man
  50. Is this possible ... ?
  51. Algorithm trading: Ghosts in the machine
  52. Market Update: In Motion
  53. De Putron Fund Management (DPFM)...
  54. lets vote
  55. Warning - Shrek just lost me over 880 pips in a couple of hours
  56. Commitment of traders report
  57. Financial Stocks May Start To Lead The Market This Week
  58. The Only Chart That Matters
  59. A123 - Heads up
  60. My Experience
  61. Inside: Market Mental Asylum
  62. Like Trading Overseas Idea?
  63. Do you play the lottery ? Is this any reflection on your trading ?
  64. Ladies,Gentlemen, i bid you farewell
  65. msg from arabianightsssss brother
  66. The more you know, the less you know
  67. The Markets From The Eye Of A Trader
  68. Is Hamzei Analytics Any Good?
  69. News Announcements
  70. QUALCOMM, Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOM) Has Made A Bottom
  71. Tomorrow Is A Huge Day!
  72. Ira margin accts
  73. Is it easy to gain 1% profit every day for professional trader?
  74. Accountant - London
  75. Nigeria is better than..?
  76. Has Toyota (NYSE:TM) Found A Real Low?
  77. cftc cuttiting our leverge
  78. Big Reversal Days Must Be Watched
  79. Learning profitable automated trading
  80. For the Bikers - Ghost Rider and The Black Prince
  81. Trading a focused sector
  82. Coming to terms with full time trading-could you actually do it?
  83. Missing a Move
  84. Best Thread: Why do you think you can make money trading?
  85. Why do you think you can make money trading?
  86. Does Panic Equal Buying Opportunity On United States Oil Fund LP (NYSE:USO)
  87. middle office interview
  88. Anyone know about any sites have asian stock profile in english?
  89. The Dollar Soars, Commodity Stocks Drop, I Begin To Lick My Lips!
  90. A fish in the atlantic...
  91. Traders & "Luck"
  92. Dave saved!
  93. Having your account closed
  94. Are hourly charts accurate ?
  95. Did you expect anything different?
  96. Historic Data
  97. Pressure
  98. Euro Bear;
  99. W*nker Banker
  100. Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE:TM) Gets Slammed Again...Is It A Buy?
  101. [General Chat] Trade2Win Poker Tournament
  102. PGI's Beginners Platform - The Auto Trader
  103. How does a person pre-market trade?
  104. Does anybody use TradeMax to track trade performance?
  105. Ground Hog Day
  106. China v US of A, who'd win the trade war? My money is on the Chinese...
  107. Prosperity Group International (PGI) Index Trading
  108. Markets Move Higher On The Back Of Exxon Mobil And A Weaker Dollar
  109. Anyone actually got anything trading related to post?
  110. Market maker platforms. . CMC, IG Markets, GCI etc
  111. Minus Sum Game Mk II - Derivatives
  112. Why profitable traders sell their systems via seminars etc?
  113. SB v CFD v Forex v Futures
  114. Is it illegal for a prop firm organized at an LLC k-1 to not pay minimum wage?
  115. Handling Fear
  116. Markets are down in January. What does this mean? The SPDR Trust (NYSE:SPY)
  117. Apple shares disappointment
  118. As The Dollar Inches Into Resistance, Expect A Commodity And Market Bounce
  119. Top 100 Growing Companies
  120. Virtual Trading Games
  121. Algo trading strategies
  122. What mental condition is options suffering from?
  123. $100,000 account
  124. Seeking senior traders
  125. Any1 tried out the Ftse100Club signals?
  126. Obama Does Not Bash Wall Street, Markets May Bounce. (SPY), (QQQQ), (USO)
  127. Three Ring Circus
  128. Whatever happened to "Jobless Recovery" ?
  129. Liquid Capital or Liquid Trading?
  130. What's the difference between trading and investing?
  131. What is that Book????
  132. Reccomend a thread...
  133. Doubt?
  134. Is it possible to make 10 to 20 euro a day on forex trading with low capital ($100)
  135. liquidity ... Have you also noticed it dryer than usual without failed institutions
  136. Chart Ahead Of Apple Inc. (AAPL) Earnings Looks Fishy. Did They Have A Blow
  137. which kind of internet access for trading.
  138. Market Gaps Higher Then Slowly Fades Forming Bullish Pattern...Volume Light As Market
  139. What wall-street really fear
  140. List of Trading firms in Ireland
  141. Visible PnL ?
  142. Will the Tobin Tax Kill Retail Forex Trading ?
  143. Under trading vs overtrading
  144. Futures and Options Execution Trader desperately required
  145. My Experience w/David Marsh and eminitradingstrategies.com
  146. Are the threads I create & my posts in them too 'wordy' ?
  147. Bank Breakups - Opportunity Knocks ?
  148. No proprietary trading for banks
  149. Anyone know a Grumpee Trader??
  150. Proposed CFTC Regulation to Further Limit Margin
  151. stoploss charges
  152. Insight Into Goldman Sachs Earnings...What Main Street Should Be Worried About
  153. Backtesting programs
  154. Would You Like to be Interviewed or Submit an Article ?
  155. The Market And Many Key Stocks Hover On Key Support
  156. reality check
  157. UPS virus - Attention
  158. Market Wizards - Survivorship Bias ?
  159. Uber Noobs Top 20 Nonsense
  160. TECHNOLOGY: What Is Left In The Tank?
  161. Place your bets: are interest rates going to rise in 2010???
  162. Good blog
  163. European markets lifted by corporate deal hopes
  164. Best indicators
  165. Home Sweet Home
  166. Privacy
  167. Dark pools to stay dark...
  168. 10:1 FX margin
  169. Global Inflation
  170. Seriously asking for broking rules for equity derivative brokers
  171. Getting your head wrapped around Time & Sales
  172. M B A degrees on t2w
  173. What FTSE100 ETF?
  174. Summarized_trader_dante_(without permission :-p)
  175. I Need Some Help and Advice Setting Up & Progressing......
  176. SPY Back Tests Break Down Trend Line From Yesterday. Major Resistance In Play
  177. Trader Performance 2006 - 2009
  178. Wall Street = Casino. Minus Sum Game.
  179. ANX - Hot on Wallstreet Tip
  180. market is? serious talk
  181. charts with broad time periods
  182. How many?
  183. i just joined - account
  184. I am one of those 99%
  185. 'free' technical stock charts
  186. Don Miller's journal, for anyone struggling to move onto the *next level*...
  187. Echelon bankruptcy
  188. only qqqq/qid
  189. 100 Years of Consumer Spending
  190. Govt /Goldman sachs vs Blogger Morgan
  191. What is the best day trading platform?
  192. Historical share price data
  193. What's the average bid/ask spread cost?
  194. Trade your plan
  195. What is the best online trading account?
  196. malcomb pryor dvd
  197. How To Not Be Fooled By The Jobs Report And Its Impact On The Recovery
  198. No Brainer Play Of The Day: China Precision Steel, Inc. (NasdaqCM: CPSL)...China Meta
  199. How does one make profit given the following situation?
  200. Slopes
  201. Spherix Incorporated (NasdaqCM: SPEX) Is Ready To Rumble With Its Diabetes Drug
  202. Monkey still beating wall street traders
  203. Seeking Contact for Business Idea
  204. What does PV stand for?
  205. best way to learn forex trading
  206. HOW TO: set more than one order
  207. Jordan Belfort
  208. Double/triple Bar low/high.
  209. Total Newbie - Making sense of this Guardian article - Caburys/Kraft
  210. Where to find historical PE data for assorted stock markets
  211. Market SHAKE, Gold RATTLE, And Dollar ROLL For 2010
  212. Anyone heard of GandR Capital Management
  213. Best place to find information and talk with other traders
  214. The dollar bubble
  215. Money as debt
  216. use 2days to set up A Trading Blog
  217. What did we all get for xmas?
  218. Any books for brokers to read?
  219. System sellers on T2W?
  220. Just looked at Optiver application form for Trader position
  221. collective2: security problem
  222. IG servers (still) down...
  223. IG index
  224. Healthy markets have corrections. (nyse: Fnm, fre, c, wfc, gs)
  225. Share scams
  226. Day trading practice
  227. Goldman Sachs denies betting against its clients
  228. charting software
  229. The Media Effect
  230. Metal Stocks Poised For 10% Or More Correction In Early 2010 After Massive Runup
  231. Spend to the end
  232. success stories
  233. Pure Lack Of Respect As Gov't Lifts Cap On Freddie Mac (NYSE: FRE) and Fannie Mae
  234. Joe Bloggs blows fortune spread betting
  235. 100 % per annum from trading.
  236. Boxing Day Viewing (Trader: Paul Tudor Jones)
  237. Trading through a broker or spread betting?
  238. "Rookie Trader" TV show on CNN today (Xmas day)
  239. iPhone FX Appa
  240. Business Plan - Help
  241. Book Sharing - Joe Ross Trading is a Business
  242. New Home Sales Data Could Spell Trouble For TOLL BROTHERS INC (NYSE: TOL), KB HOME (N
  243. buy sell strength indicator
  244. Does anyone know of Prop Trading Firms that offer a base salary?
  245. How to calculate weighted average returns?
  246. For the wise, the ignorant, the brave or the bold...
  247. Holiday Party May Be Starting As Alcoa Inc (NYSE: AA), Amazon.com, Inc. (NasdaqGS: AM
  248. Time To Set Some Goals
  249. broker delay?
  250. I've been shut down!