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  1. Anyone Familiar with this Analyst?
  2. The Bottom Line: Stock Market Looks Lost
  3. Dutch accounting standards rules/principles
  4. Notable insider trade found
  5. Is capatalism failing?
  6. Can someone please explain the difference between Spread betting, CFD's & futures etc
  7. Moore Capital Q1 2010 new letter
  8. Risk/Reward
  9. Technical Analysis and FSA?
  10. My internet broker/sb conspiracy(ish) theory.
  11. Market-on-open orders: got stung by price spike/what most likely happened?
  12. EUR/CHF - market of last resort after a v poor week.
  13. for goodness sake, where can a fellow just get historical stock charts?
  14. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Continue to Bleed The System
  15. $25 Million A Day
  16. Markets Surge As Global Printing Of Money Continues
  17. Has anyone read any of Malcolm Pryor's books or watched his DVD?
  18. opening a bank account
  19. Down 3000 Pounds
  20. Shorting the markets on Mon 10/5/10?
  21. Oanda login
  22. Which instrument do you trade and why?
  23. Custom Indicator - which one?
  24. Newbie needs help!
  25. The Strongest Stocks In An Ugly Market
  26. IG markets CFD Jul10 US Light
  27. Advice - May 6 Market Spike
  28. Rogue trader moved DOW & S&P lower...
  29. Throwing in the towel
  30. Penny stocks????
  31. How to Profit during a Bear Market if you can’t short sell?
  32. Exit poll = hung
  33. Hammer forming on the Dow
  34. Markets Slam Into Master Level, Short Term Bounce Possible As These Plays Look Promis
  35. Gaining more Dow Wins now?
  36. feck the election
  37. Anyone know where I can find a list of yields on any available FTSE corporate bonds?
  38. Anyone know why ILNS.OB didn't trade today (May 5th)???
  39. Virtual Trading Floor
  40. Apple Inc. Hits Gap Fill Support For Easy Short Term Long Swing
  41. Election Predictions
  42. How long has IG index been down guys???
  43. What is the best website for breaking financial news?
  44. IB Credit Check?
  45. Monthly profit target and drawdown
  46. Which mobile device?
  47. Markets Slammed As Writing Was On The Wall From The Metal And Agriculture Stocks
  48. Learning from own mistakes - Win an Apple Ipod Touch 32GB
  49. Financial Stocks Give Short Term Signals, While Metal Stocks Give Long Term View
  50. Working abroad (HK/Singapore/US/other)
  51. Man U or Chelsea
  52. ETFs and brokers
  53. ODT's ban...and cyber bullying
  54. Indices
  55. 50 - 80 pips a day...candle trading ? no indicator whatsoever?
  56. Sunday Euro open. gap or not to gap
  57. Credit Card Players Have Risks If Unemployment Does Not Fall
  58. Futex Educational Email
  59. Stupid !!!
  60. Blackmore Stanley
  61. Betting sequence for intra day trading
  62. So who's trading on election night?
  63. Ooeerr a little bit of politics there
  64. Baidu, Inc. Kick-Starts Small Cap China Buying Frenzy
  65. middle office risk pnl
  66. Owing money to a broker
  67. It was Sue's fault!
  68. Gordon Brown's face palm yesterday was priceless...trading during the election run up
  69. Brief Overview of Lally’s Undergraduate Program
  70. Dawn Rises After The Blood Bath Yesterday Ahead Of Federal Reserve
  71. The Final Holy Grail Journal Discussion Thread
  72. Please read this it's important
  73. blimey, nice to see a bit of uumph in the ES for a change
  74. Which currency for broker account
  75. Admission - like many of you, I can't trade...
  76. How to exit a profitable trade
  77. The banks are profitable..rejoice my fellow serfs and knaves...
  78. Code Converter Needed!
  79. I feel like im guessing.....
  80. Metal Stocks Having A Rare Bounce Day
  81. aptitude test questions
  82. Are IG charts down?
  83. Market Cycles, Where are we?
  84. Euro to Gap Up or Down tonight?
  85. Agriculture Stocks Consume Food For Thought
  86. Roulette Wheel of Forex
  87. All Is Well In Stock Land. Or Is It?
  88. SEC employees watching porn- rockerfeller
  89. Might come in handy
  90. Watch out!
  91. brent / wti on interactive brokers?
  92. Reuters Datascope vs Reuters Data Feed
  93. SPY Alert: Gap Fill Signals Possible Resistance As Market Soars Off Of Lows. Amazon E
  94. i believe most of them are crap. if they actually believed in their system they wo
  95. Public sector net debt is 62% of gdp £820bl...OUCH
  96. Confluence ?
  97. Adjusting the frequency of your charts
  98. Metal Stocks Signal Weakness In Overall Economic Recovery And Send Up Red Flags
  99. Spam from tradingmarketsignals
  100. Full-Time Trading for Testing
  101. Baidu, Inc. Bounces Back Following Recent Drop
  102. Markets Look Close To Confirming Top As Regulation & Earnings Loom
  103. That quote; "The markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent..."
  104. What to do with £1000-£20k
  105. Desk choice help
  106. so the ftse a sell?
  107. New Drobny book
  108. fraud charge lodged against US investment bank Goldman Sachs
  109. Markets Smoked As Goldman Sachs Fraud Charge Sends Ripples
  110. Forget Earnings. The Dollar Rollover Saves the Day Re: 9:24am Post
  111. Trading Tick Charts
  112. Technical Alert: Double Top On Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Could Lead To Short Ter
  113. Party Politics...
  114. I am looking for the CMT 1, 2, and 3 Practice Exam Booklets and other related materia
  115. Truth
  116. Beware of Great News
  117. SIPP trading
  118. Frustration with trading...
  119. Natural Gas, associated equities, and ETF's setup similar to Crude in mid $30's last
  120. Market Analysis From A Traders Eye As Earnings Take Center Stage
  121. Trading with Moscow Rules
  122. General Trading into Africa
  123. Technical Alert: Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE:BBY) Runs Into Double Top
  124. How long does it take for a market order to be executed?
  125. Labour Manifesto - Corporate Governance
  126. Brokers open for Aisan open
  127. Fundamental Analysis Valuation?
  128. What do you say?
  129. One Stop Loss Question - Can Anyone Help?
  130. The Trick Of DOW 11,000: How The Game Is Played.
  131. Think or Swim / Think on Demand
  132. Markets Fight Back, Refusing To Be Down Two Straight Days
  133. Can you trade an instrument without a market depth?
  134. Account opening information
  135. Why is insider trading illegal?
  136. Alternate Internet Connection
  137. The FTSE to crash in JUNE 2010 ! according to this report.
  138. Don't Look Now The Dollar Dropped Again
  139. speculation are useless to society not true
  140. A Volume Wasteland As Markets Reach For The Sky
  141. Rare and vintage books on technical analysis
  142. zero hedge fail
  143. When Will Bad News Become A Negative?
  144. Is Delusion Common Amongst Traders?
  145. finacial info provider costs
  146. All Options- Test
  147. congratulations, eveybody made a profit from usd/jpy jump
  148. The best trader
  149. reminiscences of a stock operator annotated edition is it worthy?
  150. Triple Strike??
  151. New Trends in Trading and Investments
  152. Non farm payrolls, a cautionary warning re. slippage etc..
  153. Trading day thing....
  154. Futures Sell Sharply After ADP Employment Number...Will It Hold?
  155. Paul Tudor Jones video
  156. new_trader
  157. Market Hardcore Analysis...Learn The Keys!
  158. Swing highs/swing lows
  159. Exchange traded fund ?
  160. Markets Higher On Weak Dollar, Optimism, Friday Jobs Report And Volume
  161. Loose vs lose
  162. Non-Farm Payrolls this Friday...
  163. How Markets May Extend The Rally Next Week?
  164. Trader's quotes
  165. When will Trader J stop it with the poll thing?
  166. Algorithmic Trading
  167. The Low Down On The Up Market Today.
  168. Greg Dalessandri
  169. Essentials Of 'General Trading Chat'
  170. Automation
  171. Job market may have hit bottom
  172. Market Drop In Late Morning Trading, Striking The 200MA. Have Your Trades Locked In.
  173. William Albert Securities
  174. Write a poem about your day's trading
  175. Automated trading versus discretionary trading
  176. For anyone who wants a go at very very very cheap scalping off order book
  177. The Easiest Instrument to Trade.
  178. Financials Under Pressure, Sights On Financial Reform.
  179. First visit
  180. USPS news
  181. TCHH news
  182. Where to get market news
  183. Donations for Greece here
  184. Another Stock Screening Question
  185. This is what real trading is
  186. Selling at The Right Time
  187. VectorVest
  188. PMDP news
  189. Markets Tank On Healthcare Uncertainty, Options Expiration.
  190. Likely effects of legislation enforcing occupational pension schemes for all...
  191. ZACKS.COM for newbie
  192. Just a bit of Fun.
  193. 80's Trading videos - cool
  194. Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Signals Possible Top With Candle Formation.
  195. Euro Collapses, Dollar Jumps, Markets Sleep. (NYSE:UUP), (NYSE:FXE), (NYSE:NKE), (NYS
  196. ButtonTrader : tick NQ?
  197. bored so ima make a thread: TA or FA?
  198. Propping Continues As Shady Activity Seems To Ensure Market Does Not Fall. (NYSE:SPY)
  199. United Airlines Is Descending This Morning As Oil Rises (NASDAQ:UAUA), (NYSE:LUV)
  200. Moving Average with ATR filter
  201. Derivatives learning. Best Web site to go to .
  202. Education 101: The Beauty Of The Markets - Former Resistance Becomes New Support
  203. Newbie Assistance/Advice
  204. Trading with no rules
  205. Anyone with a spare $250,000
  206. Trader banned for hiding $100m of losses
  207. Need help finding a book on analysing charts
  208. GBRC news
  209. When would you say this method is not Working?
  210. A slight draw down
  211. Recommended Regression Books?
  212. Market Dumps Completing Bear Flag.
  213. Deal or No Deal
  214. Cap gains
  215. Volume Saves Market On Friday. Can It Again?
  216. Predictive chart patterns and set ups
  217. Do i have to fsa regulated to....
  218. Is British Airways going down the toilet ?
  219. Did The Market Flush Out The Weak Handed Shorts? (NYSE:SPY), (NYSE:POT), (NYSE:GS), (
  220. Is it possible to add liquidity tih LOO and LOC orders?
  221. Trading The Day: A Guide To Profits. (NYSE:IBM), (NASDAQ:AMZN), (NYSE:SPY)
  222. Barclays CFD PLatform
  223. Take that 5000 lot guy!
  224. Spread Betting on Results Release?
  225. Will you Trade Film Futures?
  226. My Name is Grant Olsen: I Am A DayTrader
  227. Gold Smoked Intra Day Signals People Want More Risk, Also Means Top Is Near (NYSE:GLD
  228. Note to self - Save the 'kin workspaces
  229. Trading Psychology
  230. How do you organize you watch lists?
  231. Gold Pulls Back Into Key Support....But Danger Looms. (NYSE:GLD), (NYSE:AUY)
  232. DAX spike
  233. Is the 2 year note tradeable against eurodollar
  234. Canadian paper money to become plastic
  235. Research In Motion Limited (NASDAQ:RIMM) Breaks Through Key Gap Fill Resistance
  236. Coal Plays On Fire Triggering My Love For National Coal Corp. (NASDAQ:NCOC)
  237. difference between leverage and lot size
  238. Credit default swaps - fraud by investment banks
  239. JStock
  240. Metal stops pro and cons
  241. An amazing thing is going to happen
  242. Trailing Stop Question
  243. When to trade short?
  244. Penny Stocks
  245. Anyone have a view on the current Brent Crude Price?
  246. Who has dibs on this cash?
  247. Optiver, Futex and Spread Betting
  248. Rate my chances of making a profit today.
  249. Gann Fans
  250. 'Psychic’ US share tipster