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  1. CRS Self-certification
  2. Looking for a Platform that allows you to hedge + Order close to current Price
  3. Leverage and "Notional volume"
  4. Losses can exceed deposits vs. Guaranteed Stop Loss Order
  5. Gap Scanner Code
  6. LCG anything to worry about?
  7. Finspreads and AT Pro platform ???
  8. CFD UK Taxation
  9. Bitcoin futures...does anyone offer them?
  10. P/L Logging and Analysis
  11. CFD Contract During Company Takeover
  12. Spread Betting - Register as a Professional Client or a Retail Client??
  13. IG ProRealTime
  14. Good UK brokers with Level 2
  15. IG Markets - Pound flash crash
  16. Take Profit Not Triggered
  17. Queries re Stops and Intertrader
  18. Spreadbetting Options
  19. Point differences between brokers
  20. London Stock Exchange Short Positions Ticker/Symbols?
  21. Spread Question
  22. Looking for some advice on fraudulent broker
  23. EURUSD Expert advisor
  24. Computer generated markets
  25. Scammed by gkfx after fulfilling bonus they confiscated it back
  26. Reliability of End Of Day Prices?
  27. What's the spread on a quarterly GBP/USD bet on IG?
  28. Using Spreadbetting for potentially long term FX investment
  29. What if?
  30. Minefield choosing a broker
  31. Percentage of Winning Traders - The real numbers
  32. Urgent - Spread Betting & FX Government Intervention - Last Chance
  33. differing capital gains 15/16 to 16/17 gaining the 8%
  34. Finspreads charts
  35. Spread Betting to Change for Ever - Have your say
  36. Is this a bad spread bet?
  37. Question for spread betteors
  38. Tax and Spread Betting (YAWN)
  39. An interview with highbury fx
  40. FCA concerns on Spreadbetting
  41. Who offers Time executed orders?
  42. ETX Capital Volume Indicator
  43. What is CFD Trading?
  44. CFD's or Spread Bet
  45. Long Term investment Equity investment
  46. Spread bet 24hr fixed spread fx
  47. NinjaTrader
  48. Interactive brokers US Equity CFD
  49. USDJPY nice downward trending channel
  50. SpreadBet or CFD Brokers: Margins on hedged positions
  51. Best broker for Equities
  52. LCG - What a terrible company
  53. intertrader or intertraderdirect
  54. How to trade profitably spending 15 minutes a day?
  55. Tax software for cfd's
  56. Bogus data from CityIndex
  57. plus500
  58. We are interviewing Vince Stanzione later this month - any questions you want to ask?
  59. Move to Break-even.
  60. >1year SB on US Stock?
  61. CFDs and Corporate Actions
  62. What would have happened if this were a real trade?
  63. A quick question
  64. betting a share with period of Dec-16
  65. What am i missing guys
  66. Best features found in LCG SB platform?
  67. Does anyone trade options via spread betting firms?
  68. Impossible to profit on spread betting small moves
  69. routing fees??
  70. Does the 30 day rule (bed & breakfast) apply to CFDs in UK?
  71. Open positions and bankruptcy of a spread betting broker
  72. UK Budget 2016, Shift capital gains tax to next year
  73. Markets closed-left positions....your views
  74. Advice on setting stop losses?
  75. Spreadbetting company in the UK with very low spreads?
  76. Hello to all!some help if anyone can?
  77. Any other broker than ETX Capital to have thousands of CFDs?
  78. How do you define scalping
  79. Spread Betting firm No Trading desk best
  80. CFD's and company takeovers , help !!
  81. SB Brokers' honesty
  82. IG Markets and personal information
  83. interactive brokers index cfd pricing question
  84. No losing week since 2012
  85. Turned 1k into 16k in 5 months
  86. So ETX Want To Punish Anyone Who Doesn't Use His A/C At Least Once in 4 Months!
  87. Is swap interest tax free?
  88. Spread Stop Loss - your advise needed - thank you.
  89. Need advice for trading crude oil - ETF versus Spread Betting
  90. CFD Pricing - Any help?
  91. CMC IPO 10% free shares offer
  92. IG Index ProRealTime Problems
  93. Previous Trades on Charts - CMC
  94. Betting with or against?
  95. Difference between spread betting and CFDs?
  96. How much is 0.10 worth?
  97. Which SB platforms offer volume for share charts?
  98. Hard time..
  99. Does anyone use City Index Auto trader?
  100. Time open and "brakes" CFD market ?
  101. FX with spreadbetting??
  102. Things have moved on in SB
  103. spread-betting futures
  104. Calculation of Capital gain in CFD for UK
  105. Low trade minimums on stocks (Spread betting broker)
  106. Real life spread trading/calculating profit
  107. Withrawing from Plus500?
  108. Brokers that offer low spreads on USA shares
  109. How do I know when Spread Bet dividends will be paid for US and Japan?
  110. can you go long and short at same time?
  111. Spreadbetting gtd stop losses.
  112. SL/TP ratios
  113. Plus500 lost 6000 -
  114. LF cheap CFD US equity broker
  115. Capital Spreads (LGC) Increasing spreads on indacies.
  116. Job Category of a Full Time Spreadbetter?
  117. Spread Betting - Brokers that do OCO / Contingent Orders
  118. spread betting - looking for broker with highest leverage
  119. Tightest SB spreads for a Nasdaq Company
  120. Please help 5 figures at stake - funny, stupid and dangerous - please look inside!
  121. Power Contracts
  122. Did anyone trade NASDAQ 100 today?
  123. IG CFD vs CMC CFD -
  124. Anyone using IG's MT4 ?
  125. Small Spread Betting account and Strategy - advice for a new trader?
  126. SB / CFD providers
  127. What is it exactly about a Spreadbet that makes it into a Spreadbet
  128. Money managers
  129. ighow to get live prices at ig index
  130. Is scalping allowed?
  131. 2 spread bet or not 2 spread bet
  132. Which are the most efficient spread-betting platforms
  133. Trading the entire Nasdaq composite
  134. Trend the Trend
  135. Automating Trend Following - ProRealTime/IGIndex
  136. Do any of you do this?
  137. Risking how much Capital?
  138. SBetting Italian & Spanish stocks
  139. Anyone using Plus500?
  140. Normal fx v speeadbetting
  141. Effect of CFD/Spreadbetting on market
  142. Lots Of Rookies Here
  143. AUDUSD fills on Bank rate decision
  144. Are all my spread bet profits tax free?
  145. Small caps with IG spread bets
  146. cTrader platform - Scalping allowed
  147. ADS Securities UK
  148. Real time Fantasy Spread Betting Exist?
  149. SB/CFD Platform to auto-calculate position size?
  150. Spread betting without leverage
  151. scalping with IG
  152. Why does spread betting include slippage?
  153. Cmc markets vs df markets
  154. Forex SB/Brokers with rebates
  155. Have I got the maths/theory right?
  156. Platform Irregularity: no trade rejection message
  157. Looking for a SB broker that offers Indices futures on MT4
  158. Doubt on FX-spreadbetting: double profit depending on chart used for same idea?
  159. newbie question - medium term trading strategy
  160. Best broker to short US stocks??
  161. A GOOD spread betting demo account
  162. Automated spread betting on shares
  163. Guaranteed Stop loss using CMC SB Platform
  164. Broker recommendations??
  165. IG spread betting automated through metatrader
  166. Does anyone trade oil cfd with IG's DMA?
  167. Is IG Markets for me?
  168. Complaints to IG
  169. Anonymous Declare War on Spread Co
  170. Problem logging into Finspreads Advantage platform
  171. Urgent Warning about Spread Co
  172. plus 500 deposit fraud
  173. Full List Of Spreadbetting Companies -- please help increase the list
  174. Trading my SIPP with Saxobank CFD US Indices
  175. Your opinion on City Index and CMC
  176. Anyone using InvestYourWay on IG?
  177. Recommend a broker please
  178. Index Options on IG
  179. CFD Trading with XTB UK
  180. Spread betting stocks. What about gaps?
  181. Can A CFD Broker Scam You If You Only Trade Stocks
  182. Average life of a Spread Bet?
  183. Sign In Suckers If Your A Spead Bettor
  184. Guaranteed Stop Loss: what is guaranteed?
  185. Spread betting v CFDs
  186. Core Spreads
  187. An Interview with Simon Denham
  188. CFDs over Spreadbetting
  189. Good Home for a Forex Scalper?
  190. IG quietly closed all my positions...
  191. Switching to CFD's
  192. A reliable spreadbetting broker - is just a dream?
  193. IG's latest mobile app upgrade - great improvements on charts
  194. Where to get the best leverage/credit? Currently with IG.
  195. only in City index ??
  196. Spreadbetting US Stocks
  197. my account(pic) ! what do you suggest ??
  198. Advice Required: Medium-Term AIM
  199. Gold trading
  200. IG Index doubled their spreads on me mid-trade
  201. Long term trades and brokers
  202. IG Markets ProRealTime
  203. Intertrader vs. Intertrader direct
  204. Cheeky question.
  205. Newbie question.
  206. Calculating equity in CFD account
  207. Please help with regards to futures and cash indecie
  208. IG Index 'All Sessions'
  209. At this rate I'll be rich in no time...
  210. New IG API
  211. daily rolling trades VS Quarterly
  212. IG Index "dealing desk" delays...
  213. SpreadBet MT4 Recommendations
  214. Spreadbetting/CFD Platform for Canada?
  215. Looking for Active Traders to Interview
  216. Profit & Loss in account
  217. CityIndex vs ...
  218. How does IG Index (or any spread betting firm) make a profit?
  219. Spreadbetting Companies Want YOU to Lose? Any Thoughts - You Tube Video Link
  220. Very Litte Reviews On Spread Betting Companies
  221. Ig- ftse 100
  222. Alpari Mainly In Direct Market Quotes Now
  223. Starting to get 'Please Wait for a Quote' after making 150% return
  224. Tradedirect65..Lowest Spreads I Have Ever Seen
  225. Really Not A Ton Of Difference Between Spread Betting And DMA Brokers
  226. Leverage is it tax free or ...???
  227. Does anyone actually use PLUS500?
  228. Tightest spreads offered?
  229. Spread betting - one year in
  230. Does anyone trend trade?
  231. Spreads at Spreadbetting firms vs DMA brokers
  232. Few questions and comments
  233. Does CFD allow freedom from liquidity problems?
  234. UK TEAM for spread betters?
  235. What Third part software or website do you use when spread betting stock and Indices?
  236. What Chart Technical Indicators do you use?
  237. Index CFDs at Interactive Brokers
  238. Lowest CFD Share commission brokers?
  239. 10p a point Indices...
  240. Shelbourne Markets Horrific Wide Spreads
  241. Oanda CFDs
  242. Activtrades review (CFDs)
  243. CFD/Spread Betting A Poor Mans Futures Trader
  244. Best SB Provider for Automated Strategies
  245. Anyone Use IFC Markets??
  246. Spreadbet options
  247. xCFD
  248. DF Markets Lacking Customer Support
  249. spreadbetting outside uk
  250. TD Waterhouse (TD ameritrade UK) spreadbetting