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  1. Alchemy Harmonic Pattern Analyser
  2. Looking for a simple rules based system.....
  3. Words of Wisdom for Newbies..........
  4. Want to learn algo trading, please any advice.
  5. First day trading - stressful!
  6. Inactivity fees
  7. Spread Bet vs. Actual FX
  8. Need help! Do you know something similar to EMGX F.S. ?
  9. Poker player trying to convert
  10. Veteran Trader looking to Add Value & create Relationships
  11. Long term investment question
  12. Charting & screening
  13. How You are Enjoying Your Trading Life ?
  14. Martingale Formula helps On Certain Period Mostly
  15. Every hourly chart looks different - how come?
  16. Level 5 diploma
  17. ACI Dealing certificate test - questions
  18. On balance volume!
  19. Reading charts
  20. charting software
  21. OHLC question from a newbie
  22. Looking for Volunteer Traders
  23. volume as an indicator in day trading
  24. Everything you should know to become a trader
  25. Overnight costs at Sure Trader
  26. Support and resistance levels
  27. PDT Rule UK
  28. I'm confused, can anyone help?
  29. Double Top and Double Bottom
  30. Just joined :-)
  31. aussie traders
  32. signals
  33. i am new help
  34. Api
  35. Hi from BigDataScience
  36. Best Technical indicator tools in trading
  37. My first big question
  38. Market Replay - Simulated Trading - emini Dow Jones 1 minute Chart
  39. Question about options
  40. UK Broker Selftrade market depth
  41. What is the plus point of having account manager?
  42. Latency, location and connection
  43. hello
  44. What got you into trading? Reason/Why
  45. google fiance criteria what to choose
  46. Hi
  47. Asian time confusion
  48. FCA Appropriate Qualification table
  49. Forex based games
  50. How you deal with news releases being an intraday trader?
  51. Few questions from beginner.
  52. Is There a Real-Time (not 15 minute delayed) Standalone Scanner?
  53. Any TSX Day Traders?
  54. Hi Friends
  55. Wanted an opinion
  56. Point and Figure charts
  57. new to forex and don't know anything
  58. Compliance Question
  59. Forex Skype group
  60. Stops
  61. Time and money for your first year or two.
  62. Which is the best scalping book?
  63. Risk on Trade Value and Margin Used
  64. Webinar on Order Books this Tuesday at 18h30
  65. Which Trading Software
  66. Capital One Forex
  67. Online broker for a small account?
  68. Which Broker for Forex Beginner?
  69. How could I become a city trader?
  70. Using multi contract targets ( explanation please)
  71. Quit my job to trade - inspiration
  72. How to do market research
  73. Alpari discussion and help thread
  74. Short Sell Stock
  75. New to Trading, read this.
  76. Forex or Penny Stocks?
  77. Same broker for paper/light trading as for live/full time?
  78. trading diary
  79. Need advice
  80. Broker recommendations for newbie
  81. Does this count as divergence?
  82. MB Capital Stockbrokers, London
  83. How did you go about becoming a trader and what is the best option for a self employe
  84. Silver Market Update
  85. Plus500
  86. Best Prop Firms
  87. How DO I Practice?
  88. Indicator editing
  89. My US Stocks Portfolio
  90. optimum size buy/sell blocks of stock?
  91. whut
  92. Hello Dear Members
  93. Hi all!
  94. Value investment criteria
  95. Pip Cost
  96. Average losing streak of day trader? Day trading as career?
  97. Spread Trading stocks with IB
  98. Day Trading Call Question
  99. Great success with MT4 simulation/demo account
  100. Road To Success Starts With Only You
  101. Hi,Laxmikant
  102. What is the influence of the ES to the actual index in terms of order flow influence
  103. Is a year in Technology at a big firm worth it for a career in IB/trading ?
  104. Rise of Social Trading
  105. Would you trade in a group?
  106. I'm new and need to choose a LAPTOP!
  107. SELL DUMPS t1 and t12 USA (Eu)
  108. Which chat app you recommend?
  109. Renko
  110. Courses/Books for a Newbie Wannabe Trader...
  111. Considering career change, need advice.
  112. One strategy until it fails?
  113. The best chat application to use?
  114. BarclaysBroker.com and AGFmarkets.com
  115. Pro Real Time Questions
  116. 5.8% Unemployment Rate; A Sign of Better Economic Times, Or A “Greater Fools Paradise
  117. Learning Twitter jargon
  118. New to the forum- general question
  119. Options Experiment...
  120. Beginner in USA interested in Micro/Futures
  121. New employer asking for CF30
  122. Candian Pattern Day Trader?
  123. Would you trade someone else's money?
  124. Solving the Mystery - How Long it Really Takes
  125. Put Options?
  126. Step One
  127. Newbie alert! I need a free charting package + Dow data please.
  128. Seeking Help Targeting a Market Specialty
  129. Price Movements?
  130. CFD broker for US Penny stocks
  131. Day Trading Stocks not CFDS/Spreadbetting
  132. Short Float %
  133. Mac Software
  134. Advice on a Trading course?
  135. Easily Earn for Forex Platform
  136. Market Behaviour and Order Type Questions
  137. Anyone has used AL Brooks Video course
  138. If you use TD Ameritrade reduce your comissions first.
  139. I am looking for Coach/Mentor in Birmingham or West Midlands area
  140. When an EA creates many messages while is running
  141. Question about Options Trading?
  142. Earnings Reports
  143. Any info about OpenTrader and/or Zaid Masri?
  144. Fresh man
  145. I’m new on your forum and I want to introduce my self.
  146. T+3?
  147. Education for Traders
  148. Investopedia Simulator Billionaires?
  149. Keep missing equities rise after Ransquawk announcement
  150. Engineering graduate looking for advice!
  151. VB Axispro
  152. Opening a TFSA Margin account?
  153. Cant decide whether to trade indices or not
  154. Teenage Trader with slight experience
  155. Please help me start trading
  156. Day Trading - Recommendations Please
  157. Position Size forex confusing me
  158. Brokers who offer VWMA & VWAP indicators
  159. How big is too big?
  160. My primitive simple approach to intra day trading the FTSE
  161. Why are prop firms allowed to offer so much leverage vs. retail?
  162. First steps ... Finding a broker
  163. Newbie to Trading
  164. Is there a guide on how to build a simple spreadsheet to trade in excel??
  165. Best broker for stocks (plus500 sucks!)
  166. Low risk long term trading strategy
  167. New to this! PLEASE Read!
  168. Sports Betting Brokers
  169. New career in the financial markets
  170. H20Markets
  171. Developing a mechanical system - Seeking resources
  172. London academy of trading
  173. The best and low cost data vendor cover commodities & forex?
  174. New Trader. What is up with Tradenet and Meir Barak?
  175. Plus500 vs. others?
  176. Using ProRealTime to build a pair trading indicator
  177. taxes, buying with credit card?
  178. An introduction / advice please.
  179. Young and have a lot of time to invest, but where do I start?
  180. help with hedging currency risk example
  181. Black diamond forex system
  182. Margin Question
  183. 100% bonus from FXVAN. Advice needed.
  184. Change of the stock price when the market is closed
  185. Proback test - opening and closing a day too late!
  186. hello looking for free level2 stock quotes including penny stocks
  187. Ways to be a successful Trader
  188. Help me learn level 2. Please.
  189. Hello, New to Trading
  190. Options, Futures or Forex - Which One?
  191. Forex trading signals
  192. Want to be a Long Term Trader
  193. Strategic Trading Systems
  194. Free Excel, VBA and Investment Banking Tutorials for your students
  195. How to predict the stocks charts for the coming days to weeks?
  196. Looking to break into stockbroking
  197. What is the essence of trading?
  198. Archimedes system
  199. What is the perfect time frame for short term trading
  200. Is this the correct process/strategy to short trade stocks?
  201. Poker vs Trading
  202. Interaction | Sharing | Trading
  203. Backtesting vs Forward Testing
  204. Anyone knows this firm?
  205. New Trader - Any Advice Welcome :O)
  206. Complete Newbie
  207. New Trader has arrived
  208. New and interested to T2W
  209. need advice on getting backtest data
  210. Why Saturday and Sunday is Holiday?
  211. Automated Trading System (Again!)
  212. Limited on Bet365 - Alternatives?
  213. Scalping stocks using L2 data
  214. How to get stable profits with low risks
  215. Building a trading system - What to look out for? Tips/Suggestions?
  216. Looking to break into trading
  217. Hello Guys Complete Newb to trading
  218. New to the site and trading. ^^
  219. What to look for?
  220. New Trader with some experience & New to T2W
  221. Any tips for FTSE100 day trading
  222. Request for advice from someone who has never trader
  223. Dividends
  224. Another new trader. A few questions. :)
  225. Advice
  226. New to the world of trading
  227. How accurate is CNN/MSN Money?
  228. Is Negative Time Value Possible?
  229. Live Forex Trading Sessions
  230. portfolio management software (free)
  231. Forex Broker Scam Forex Signal Scam Forex Software Scam Forex Robot Scam
  232. Trading Site, does it matter?
  233. UK resident NASDAQ query
  234. Gftuk binary
  235. What is the Best Martingale EA ? anybody provide me
  236. Understanding currencies and quotes
  237. smart comment on stock market
  238. ftse 100 info.
  239. Hi from Iraq
  240. A teen interested in trading
  241. Thank you T2W, postman, Dinos & all contributors
  242. New to forum, new to dealing
  243. New Equity Trading Platform
  244. Takion?
  245. New to the game
  246. In what country shall i pay taxes?
  247. Tips/Advice, Using +500
  248. Anton Kreil + Tom Williams
  249. Please Help - Eclipse Interview
  250. Beginner Looking for some Opinions