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  1. How do you know if your broker is trading against you?
  2. nubian queen
  3. Market Order Higher Price Than Total for Day?!
  4. International wire transfer
  5. So I have started using paper trading
  6. Question about bitfc
  7. Beginners should risk only 0.25 % per trade
  8. Xl computation sheet of candlestick
  9. Simple Trend Following Strategy Improved With ML
  10. Finding my passion and trading
  11. Need advice for my peculiar case..
  12. stuck on my trade setup
  13. Trading with a Full time job!
  14. Canadian tax question
  15. Help with an exam question
  16. One Time Trader - Broker/Bank selling OTC Stock
  17. FX trade reporting software/system
  18. Learning Day Trading
  19. Does Anyone Here Trade Cryptocurrencies... Or Is that a dirty word?
  20. Annualized return with defined risk strategies(honest opinnion)
  21. Need your Input
  22. Hi I'm new :)
  23. What are the reasons you should start day trading?
  24. Secure private placement program
  25. Determine Trend Direction
  26. Penny stock broker in the uk
  27. Hello
  28. Forum threads which provide misinformation
  29. Uk based US stock
  30. Position size strategy gives too large positions
  31. My first thread
  32. My position stalls and goes in opposite direction
  33. let me start
  34. Paid stock alerts
  35. Don't follow me...
  36. Hi guys!!!I am a pleb in trading
  37. Is it wise to "inspire" traders?
  38. dmt-ltd.co.uk scam scam scam
  39. Exxon Mobil looks like a sell
  40. Questions about wire transferring for European trading
  41. Stochastic
  42. looking for a broker :help:
  43. Avoiding the mistakes all "beginners' make!
  44. Question about stops
  45. New to trading! Quick question
  46. Good Analysts to follow
  47. Are these forums essentially just the blind leading the blind?
  48. Where to go for Level 2 - UK Stocks
  49. profit / loss at expiry if price closed below,above or at breakeven point
  50. This was a shocking video...
  51. Queries/Observations of a noob.
  52. How did you actually learn trading?
  53. Trading friends
  54. Starting off as a stock broker
  55. Trading universities
  56. Norwegian spruce
  57. Metastock 8.1 System Tester Problem
  58. Question about risk management
  59. General Election
  60. does our account go to zero -100% at the weekend
  61. Difference between amateurs and professionals
  62. Strategy?
  63. Cancellation Fee
  64. Find a great mentor
  65. gann analysis
  66. i am a new trader
  67. Investment research tools - Annual reports
  68. Hi everyone
  69. Problem in back testing in amibroker
  70. Sterling Trader Pro hotkeys
  71. Has anyone heard of Ultimate Binary Trade Technology?
  72. Initial Advice ...
  73. Question about forex promos with prizes
  74. Trader Workstation (IB) HELPPP
  75. Trading Platforms
  76. Pro Trading System Trading College
  77. Some more information - Open Offer?
  78. HELP! Why wont this work?
  79. Can someone clarify basic things for me please?
  80. I want some advice or guidance
  81. A starter strategy with rules to follow
  82. Helping me decide
  83. Beginners
  84. Confused about Initial & Maintenance margins
  85. What should i Study
  86. What to do before opening a trading account (UK)
  87. screening stocks
  88. Free paper trading and market replays?
  89. Platinum Trading Academy
  90. trading issue
  91. Feeling defeated before even starting!
  92. Do I need a sharedealing account to receive dividends?
  93. Complete beginner, point me in the right direction
  94. Military Guy New to Trading
  95. newbie
  96. fast moving momentum trade, market or limit order?
  97. Analytics tool for Forex
  98. From UK looking to day trade US stocks BUT with $25,000 starting balance
  99. Largest brokers by equity volumes on NASDAQ
  100. Backing Traders
  101. hi all
  102. robots
  103. Finding a broker for OTC stock
  104. spread betting
  105. Buying stock in the same company twice - Confused
  106. picking your first firm
  107. Advice: Energy Trading firm or prop shop
  108. Which Spread bet to open with
  109. Market Manipulate
  110. Market Maker Shares
  111. pick apart this newbie day trader strategy
  112. self employment do you have to?
  113. TrendSignal
  114. UK Trading account least brokerage firm
  115. Govt gets their cut
  116. GSE / LOO Broker in the UK
  117. Samuel and Co trading
  118. Anyone used DecisiveTrading courses?
  119. Locking in profits with stocks on binary.com
  120. Confusion!
  121. New To Trading
  122. Day Trader doubt
  123. i am having a little problem with the MACD indicator settings
  124. Newbie & my first question
  125. First Job In Trading Advice
  126. ninja trader trading
  127. Still trying with FTS Charting
  128. How much money do I NEED to start?
  129. Opening times of LSE
  130. Question on margin calls
  131. Entering the market
  132. Charts in real time
  133. Amazing Silver Market Trend
  134. Beginner: PC setup
  135. Fastest place to check Earnings News ?
  136. Trading Platforms with Demo Accounts
  137. Trading Courses
  138. Am i capable of being a good trader?
  139. Using IB. What happens if balance goes below 25000?
  140. Doing well in paper trading. Bad in actual trading...
  141. Tips on my trading strategy
  142. Charts in IB
  143. Invest .com
  144. I Love trading but is this true
  145. How to open account in forex
  146. Buying shares (complete newbie)
  147. Newbie Trader Confused About Setups
  148. My Trading Introduction/Journey So Far
  149. Trading on US markets from the UK
  150. Boiler room scam 2008
  151. Newbie questions on binary options
  152. Trading Connection
  153. Refer me please IG Index or another good share dealing provider
  154. Pls recommend the best options simulator
  155. Bootstrap the yield curve
  156. Alarms
  157. Stock Trading Mentor
  158. In Sweden...Trading Small Size on FTSE Stocks
  159. Why does my candlechart look like this?
  160. i have no money
  161. Best Thread: ASK ME ANYTHING: Hoping to Help!
  162. Price trading
  163. ProFxOptions - info needed
  164. New to forum pro trader
  165. Market data and analysis
  166. broker (demo | Live)
  167. difference between Binary & forex trading
  168. some help needed
  169. Multi Chart Platform Reader for Mac
  170. 1st Time Trader
  171. Getting use to with real money?
  172. Newbie and my 1st query :)
  173. Risk free trading 100%
  174. Let's start Trading!
  175. Targets in Multiple Time Frames
  176. Finding a stock broker..
  177. Best recommendation for a UK Broker for intra day and options trading
  178. Do you need a trading platform?
  179. Looking for UK Broker Reccomendations
  180. Forex & Futures Trading - Free Beginner Guide PDF's
  181. charlie2
  182. What platform to use, special request
  183. Best Forex VPS Hosting
  184. Forex VPS Server VS Forex Deticated Server
  185. Penny Shares
  186. 15 pip spread
  187. Set and forget trading course
  188. new to trading and new to the forum
  189. HacktheMarkets.net
  190. Historical data analysis
  191. OMG please help
  192. Am I being thick ???
  193. RegularLow/ShortHigh risk investment
  194. Trading Info’ - Who to Listen to & Who to Ignore
  195. Want a Loan for forex Trading
  196. Order Flow Trading Education
  197. News trading - ideas how to trade news as markets move too fast at news tine to get ?
  198. Day Trading
  199. Value investing
  200. Newbie !
  201. Looking for broker - UK stocks CFD on MT4
  202. Is this a silly plan or not?
  203. I have so many questions...
  204. Carlton Church scam
  205. Sounds grim, but making forex trades rarely, after major/disastrous events?
  206. Options Levels
  207. Guaranteed Stops
  208. how to become a good trader
  209. Brand new novice trader - any advice?
  210. hello everyone i am kelly anderson
  211. Did you notice Heritage Insurance Holdings Inc? Its a perfect buy in my book.
  212. Using Spread Betting to Hedge EUR Exposure
  213. Indices, places to obtain info for FTSE 100?
  214. Big noob question
  215. Be careful with stock ranking by some companies including very popular ones
  216. Hi Guys - 25 year Old Brit fed up of losing money here...
  217. Brexit keeps killing the US market, should I be worried?
  218. Trading System
  219. Brexit could seriously hurt automobile and tourism industries
  220. Market making
  221. Do leveraged ETFs, ETFs in general, affect the underlying indexes?
  222. Rent a desking in a trading office
  223. I'm trading $KBH today
  224. Question about exit strategy?
  225. Trading US equities from the UK
  226. Calculating cost of spread in a trade
  227. What is the great ways to learn stock trading as a New Investor?
  228. introducing myself
  229. Profesional forex trader masterclass
  230. Can the Market Maker see my trades?
  231. Help I think I have been scammed
  232. Spreadbetting and Tax (2016)
  233. Are Spreadbetting firms bookies ?
  234. Let's talk silver
  235. is it possible to earn daily interest on stock
  236. Stock Trading
  237. Best Advisory Stockbroker?
  238. New here, is this true?
  239. My Story
  240. Help for a newbie looking to buy Crude Oil put options!
  241. I might just be maturing as a trader..
  242. Please Help a Dummy Understand Margin & Maybe A Few Other Things...
  243. Huge Volume spike, with no price movement
  244. New - questions on news and first trade
  245. New member with trading questions!
  246. UK fund screener including TA criteria?
  247. staying up to date?
  248. Can tech analysis be applied to funds?
  249. which is the best online trading platform in India
  250. I may be a newbie, but how does this make any sense?