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  1. Looking for broker - UK stocks CFD on MT4
  2. Is this a silly plan or not?
  3. I have so many questions...
  4. Carlton Church scam
  5. Sounds grim, but making forex trades rarely, after major/disastrous events?
  6. Options Levels
  7. Guaranteed Stops
  8. how to become a good trader
  9. Brand new novice trader - any advice?
  10. hello everyone i am kelly anderson
  11. Did you notice Heritage Insurance Holdings Inc? Its a perfect buy in my book.
  12. Using Spread Betting to Hedge EUR Exposure
  13. Indices, places to obtain info for FTSE 100?
  14. Big noob question
  15. Be careful with stock ranking by some companies including very popular ones
  16. Hi Guys - 25 year Old Brit fed up of losing money here...
  17. Brexit keeps killing the US market, should I be worried?
  18. Trading System
  19. Brexit could seriously hurt automobile and tourism industries
  20. Market making
  21. Do leveraged ETFs, ETFs in general, affect the underlying indexes?
  22. Rent a desking in a trading office
  23. I'm trading $KBH today
  24. Question about exit strategy?
  25. Trading US equities from the UK
  26. Calculating cost of spread in a trade
  27. What is the great ways to learn stock trading as a New Investor?
  28. introducing myself
  29. Profesional forex trader masterclass
  30. Can the Market Maker see my trades?
  31. Help I think I have been scammed
  32. Spreadbetting and Tax (2016)
  33. Are Spreadbetting firms bookies ?
  34. Let's talk silver
  35. is it possible to earn daily interest on stock
  36. Stock Trading
  37. Best Advisory Stockbroker?
  38. New here, is this true?
  39. My Story
  40. Help for a newbie looking to buy Crude Oil put options!
  41. I might just be maturing as a trader..
  42. Please Help a Dummy Understand Margin & Maybe A Few Other Things...
  43. Huge Volume spike, with no price movement
  44. New - questions on news and first trade
  45. New member with trading questions!
  46. UK fund screener including TA criteria?
  47. staying up to date?
  48. Can tech analysis be applied to funds?
  49. which is the best online trading platform in India
  50. I may be a newbie, but how does this make any sense?
  51. First step: what do think about some Brokers
  52. beginning of fx trading...
  53. Is it possible to do this?
  54. international trading platform for bigginers
  55. Broker
  56. Trading brokers you use?
  57. Newbi Ques - UK stock trading platform?
  58. Where can I find OBV data?
  59. How do I get an Avatar?
  60. Upcoming banking exams and bank exams notification 2016
  61. Is swing trading optimal for my semi-hectic schedule?
  62. i now trade for clients who want a consistant income
  63. Anyone want to come to a live chatroom??
  64. Any German options & futures traders ?
  65. Fine Tuning A Method.
  66. help me out someone!
  67. How Much I make Trading Forex
  68. Gainall International Limited (HK)
  69. Point & Figure Addicts
  70. Finding a broker
  71. What actually controls stock prices?
  72. Liquidity
  73. Hello from a professional trader to T2W and all its users
  74. Hello! Very early queries..
  75. How much per trade
  76. Need help with my supply and demand trading
  77. New To Shares - Small Investment - Which Company?
  78. Best UK Spread betting platform for AIM & Nasdaq stocks?
  79. Sw med solutions com
  80. Very basic newbie questions
  81. Website with information for the upcoming day
  82. Graphic interpretation
  83. UK Broker for trading US NASDAQ and OTC stocks
  84. Technical Analysis - Futures / Commodities
  85. Stockcharts.com
  86. Closing option contract
  87. new to trading need help please
  88. Anyone ever use Colmex Pro???
  89. Stock Screener?
  90. Bed and Breakfast Rule
  91. Newbie here
  92. Am I mad
  93. A few questions for nadex traders
  94. Any websites with 10 years of financial data?
  95. TFSA or Regular Account?
  96. Reliability of technical indicators?
  97. Good futures day trading rooms
  98. Hello, I'm new to this forum. Question about rules
  99. FCA Regulation Requirements - Foreign Investors
  100. What is your set-up?
  101. Basic Info About Trading In An ISA
  102. Crossroad in life, please help
  103. Preparing to Begin Trading
  104. Stock news software
  105. heat map objective function?
  106. Fades
  107. New to investing - algo vs no algo
  108. Elder Impulse System - any experience?
  109. Starting off as an Prop Trader
  110. Advice
  111. there's any "newbies", or anyone who has a strategy
  112. Profit Calculation & Leverage Explanation
  113. New to the world of Forex
  114. My day trading ignorance in 3... 2... 1...
  115. Profit and Loss statement
  116. Been made personally bankrupt - can I still trade?
  117. New to the forum
  118. New to Trading , few questions!
  119. How does leverage work?
  120. Free-riding question/First post
  121. Hello people :)
  122. Alternatives to retirement accounts?
  123. Questions
  124. Setting up your first trading account(s)
  125. Shares listed on BSE and NSE buying advice
  126. Oil spike in 2017? Brand new to trading need advice
  127. tradefair spike
  128. Some Basic ETF Questions Please
  129. Bonds to Bonds
  130. Any advice, tips, etc!
  131. New To Trading
  132. Beginners, what are you including in your journal?
  133. Looking for next steps and software recommendations
  134. Which type of broker/account should I begin with?
  135. You’ve got to learn before you can earn in Forex
  136. Educational Advice
  137. Learning My Trade
  138. New to trading, looking for some advice!
  139. Trading Software Tools
  140. ROI 200% for newbies?!
  141. How do you cope with the information overload?
  142. Best Session to Trade the 4H and 8H?
  143. A Beginner's Guide to Trading by Price
  144. prince
  145. Spread Betting Abroad.
  146. Looking for a good spread to trade overnight
  147. Degree Help
  148. New to trading and tried with IG spreadbetting but need help before I trade with cash
  149. Help me make ££££££'s
  150. mabkhut
  151. Just a quick hello :)
  152. Another newbie
  153. I want to become an apprentice stockbroker.
  154. Charting Software
  155. dilemma on which vehicles to trade
  156. Forex Trading
  157. what is the best blog for have trading ideas with a swing/trend following approach?
  158. high leverage on hang seng index
  159. axia consultants, tokyo
  160. Good time to invest in Gold ?
  161. Hello
  162. Question about day trading. securities that apply
  163. Hello
  164. IMC and forex
  165. Introduce Yourself
  166. Good software/program for charting and trading?
  167. Cool Trade Software
  168. Wanted: 10% average return over next 18 years
  169. how to sell short
  170. aud/usd
  171. Are they worth it?
  172. Free real-time intraday volumes for stock indices?
  173. Hi there
  174. Where trade best All Ordinaries ASX Mini 100
  175. Fundamental or technical analysis?
  176. Trading style - name?
  177. uk tax
  178. Looking for guidance
  179. minimum quantity for l2 dealing?
  180. share tips
  181. Greeting
  182. Hi everone
  183. Portfolio protection
  184. Need advice on choosing a broker
  185. Just realised IG.Com is no longer worth touching with a barge pole
  186. "A student in need of charity!"
  187. Introduction to Currency Trading - Basics
  188. Trading in Luton
  189. Group trading?
  190. Understanding the risks related to leverage
  191. TradeStation
  192. Confused about the day trading rule
  193. Looking for online broker
  194. help needed from newbie wannabe trader
  195. Blog and Advice for New Traders
  196. Conditional Drawdown
  197. Trade2win saved my A$$ets!... now I need help with buying
  198. What happened today ?!
  199. Hi
  200. Ignore the dissers
  201. Financial Market News
  202. RTDS service
  203. New to Forex Investing
  204. Newbie Looking for Advice on Brokers
  205. what system to use?
  206. Day trading the stock market with a full time job? ...or Swing trade? Please help!
  207. IG Index signal centre
  208. Learn new trading technique
  209. Hello!
  210. Is Trading a mugs game for noobs
  211. Beginner Forex Trader opinions wanted!
  212. Iron FX - worst brokers? Check this...
  213. Hi
  214. New to trading
  215. Using US broker from UK, what about tax?
  216. Please help
  217. Looking forwad to connecting
  218. A career in the stock market industry
  219. International Stock Screener?
  220. Paper trading 2 months - f/time or just evenings?
  221. how should i trade this?
  222. How much time do you spend trading on forex
  223. Basic ETX charges/leverages question
  224. Basic swap questions
  225. Where to buy Level 2 data?
  226. FinViz type site for FTSE?
  227. Looking for price information of Trading system and DMA server
  228. Fees for day trading?
  229. I am keen to learn Forex Trading, Please Advice Me
  230. Live chart of markets?
  231. The 10am EST and 11am EST Bars
  232. Is sports trading a good way to start?
  233. New kid on the block :)
  234. Micro/Mini Lots Account
  235. To old for a trade?
  236. Starting out trading the Emini with emini-watch.com
  237. How do you guys decide your stops/limits?
  238. Excel Spreadsheet Caramilla
  239. Next Steps
  240. Should I seel a stock after 50% gain?
  241. Few months as a Day Trader
  242. Deep desire to learn
  243. Should i try day trading?
  244. I've signed up for 2 day Forex trading course, read negative stories on here.
  245. I'm not a trader...
  246. Using MT4 indicators with automatic alerts
  247. UK Novice Investor / Trader
  248. Is there a 'Market Scanner' software
  249. Alchemy Harmonic Pattern Analyser
  250. Looking for a simple rules based system.....