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  1. 23rd October 2018 - The risk aversion could be extended to the Asian session
  2. 11th October 2018 - Waiting for US Equities indexes following spike to the upside...
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  4. 3rd October 2018 - EURUSD has been just shy to overtake 1.16 from the first try
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  6. EURUSD is still vulnerable to the downside below its daily SMA100
  7. lower than expected exchanged levies between US and China raised the risk appetite
  8. 12th September 2018 - The oil price raised the risk appetite and sent CAD higher
  9. 31st August 2018 - USD rose again by the trade tension and the interest rate outlook
  10. USD is still boosted by the interest rate outlook and the trade tension
  11. 17th August 2018 -The risk appetite returned, after overreacting to US-Turkey tension
  12. 10th August 2018 - Breaking 1.15 psychological level raised EURUSD downside momentum
  13. Two camps of Trump administration
  14. 26th July 2018 - Draghi's cautiousness undermines the common currency again
  15. 18th July 2018 - The cable is struggling to keep existence above 1.30
  16. 12th July 2018 - The Greenback is still able to hold its gains
  17. 5th July 2018 - The trade tension and the oil prices
  18. Audusd 5 m
  19. BOE's confidence paves the way for sooner than later rate hike
  20. 14th June 2018 - The turn is on ECB to send its hawkish message
  21. 23rd May 2018 - The interest outlook is still driving USD up weighing down on equitie
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  23. Day Trading forecast for the US market from Oscar Carboni
  24. 9th May 2018 - America First or America Alone!
  25. Despite The Fed's cautiousness, The interest rate outlook is still by USD side
  26. 23rd April 2018 - USD became well-buoyed by higher UST yields
  27. The volatility is still on, While Trump is still re-inventing the bicycle!
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  29. The markets between raiding on Syrian air base and raiding on Cohen's office
  30. 29th March 2018 - More worries about the US equities ability to rebound again
  31. 19th March 2018- The Brexit transition negotiations progress could send GBPUSD higher
  32. 15th March 2018 - The dovish US retail brought back the risk-off sentiment
  33. 8th March 2018 - Trump's protectionism contains the market sentiment
  34. UST rising yields send USD higher weighing down on the risk appetite
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  39. USD interest rate outlook can be unfazed of US equities correction
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  41. The interest rate outlook differential could boost demand for USDJPY
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  43. Oil market - ongoing story
  44. 19th January 2018 - The Fear of new US governmental shutdown put more pressure on USD
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  46. EURUSD Triangle Breakout
  47. 12th January 2018 - EURUSD added to its gains, as Germany became closer to forming go
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  49. 14th December 2017 - USD slide following the Fed's decision
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  52. 7th December 2017 - The risk appetite could find its way back to the markets
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  54. 29th November 2017 - The North Korean tests could temper the risk-on sentiment again
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  56. 24th November 2017 - The optimism could easily return
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  58. 14th November 2017 - Oct UK inflation data put more pressure on GBP
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  62. 31st October 2017 - What Trump's selection can bring to the Fed
  63. 27th October 2017 - EURUSD extended its slide ahead of US Q3 GDP preliminary release
  64. 10th October 2017 - Catalonia preferred to buy time
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  66. 28th September 2017 - The Fear of Tension Escalating in Iraq sends WTI higher
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