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  1. UK Tax calculations with CFD and Forex trading.
  2. Online trading room
  3. Working in finances and trading
  4. Help please- composing CV after being a home trader
  5. Trading Desks For Rental - Manchester
  6. Trader looking for cooperation
  7. Proving you can make $200/hr with a $1000 account
  8. finding traders to chat to
  9. Any traders in Manchester / Warrington area
  10. Any Americans trading the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)?
  11. Trading System Subscriptions
  12. Taxation & National Insurance question - UK Trader/Investor
  13. How Can I Earn Money From Home?
  14. Prop firm for remote day traders
  15. EA forex robot with free trial
  16. Tax Help - UK Citizen + US Tax Resident
  17. For Managers
  18. Group trading
  19. How to get Investors for my trading ?
  20. shared office potentially available e. london
  21. Prop trader from Singapore
  22. Fancy being interviewed on a podcast?
  23. Home trading from northern ireland
  24. Advantages of trading forex via a company?
  25. Most efficient way to trade the FTSE
  26. Share ISA trading and tax?
  27. Daytrading partner
  28. Offshore Investing Inquiry
  29. Investment Management Certificate
  30. Any traders on Isle of Man here?
  31. Day trade of stocks. How much to begin?
  32. Desk Space in London??
  33. Sussex/Crawley, Trader ?
  34. I would like to ask the experienced traders
  35. Investing money in the Nadex binaries
  36. Cut losses or wait for recovery?
  37. Complete newbie - will look back at this question in embarrassment I'm sure.
  38. Does It Ever End?
  39. FX – Remote and In-house Trader Position
  40. Trading in Australia
  41. Trading for friends and family?
  42. Foreign Non Resident pay UK taxes?
  43. Deskspace for traders in Brixton/SW/SE London
  44. Can someone of experience check my Resume
  45. Home Trading From Ireland
  46. Looking to trade in a Group UK
  47. Over-trading idiot - needing help
  48. Desk Space in Trading Floor /City of London
  49. Full time home traders
  50. North London traders
  51. trading from home/on the side for how long?
  52. Tax and futures trading- UK
  53. Paper trade options without funding?
  54. Looking for Remote Traders to trade Risk-free institutional funds.
  55. professional DAY trader of 10 years looking to start a SKYPE trading discussion
  56. Merry Xmas & Happy New Yr - Here's to a Highly Profitable 2015!
  57. BABA $108.94 - New Campaign Entry
  58. Inside Looks Into The Professional Options Income Trader journey...
  59. Joint Venture
  60. Looking to share an office
  61. Trading within a limited company
  62. EWZ - $41.57 - New Campaign vs Monthly Triple Bottom Formation
  63. Transitioning to a Fulltime Trader
  64. Remote (home) Trader
  65. Investors looking for traders (managers) and vice versa, ideas, suggestions
  66. Perception vs reality
  67. Can a part time investor do well?
  68. My Trading Strategy - Please give feedback
  69. The Koyal Group Private Training Services Private Investigation Career Advice
  70. Signals on mt4
  71. Trading Euro-Style Binary Options
  72. Trading Nadex Binary Options
  73. How to Claim Health Insurance Reimbursement after a Car Accident Injury Settlement
  74. Question about Trading US Stocks with a Limited Company
  75. ---- FREE Chat Room for ES + NQ Traders
  76. looking for incorporation and tax help in Seattle
  77. Financial Blog Corliss Group Economic growth to accelerate around the world
  78. What Do You Need To Get Started?
  79. Trading Desk Office
  80. trading weekly options for a living...
  81. Office chair
  82. Home-Based Trading Career Pathway & Journey...
  83. Weekly Options & NADEX Options - Best Home Career
  84. Forex traders and fund managers wanted for management of managed accounts!
  85. The Victor Meldrew Traders Thread.
  86. Massive Dilemma - Job offer from a top investment bank
  87. Zero sum game
  88. Forex traders Desks spaces
  89. New Prop Trading Floor in London looking for Traders & Graduates
  90. Broker that allows one login multiple accounts
  91. Do I lose my CGT allowance ?
  92. Trader PnL 2014.
  93. Is day trading/home trading dead and gone?
  94. Small survey for University. Can you help me?
  95. Trading on pure share price performance
  96. CGT calculations on US Options (not CFDs)
  97. My views on currency
  98. Recommended Courses
  99. US default, USD collapse: which currency to do best?
  100. Daytrading from Ireland
  101. Is there an association or group of retail traders?
  102. Trading at Work
  103. New UK-US tax agreement - how it affects traders
  104. office space to rent CONWAY AREA what are your thoughts?
  105. Respectable jobs for Traders?
  106. Signal service and EA
  107. How does my prop firm compare?
  108. Looking for Traders to trade Managed Accounts
  109. Desk for rent in Mayfair for an FX Trader
  110. How many instruments do you trade?
  111. Looking for someone to help me run a news feed
  112. Desk Space in London
  113. Fee Summary Help
  114. Recommend a book
  115. Guidance required
  116. Menayfx on Zulutrade follow menayfxbroker
  117. Futex live calls and daily webinars
  118. Found something special..share?
  119. Thailand Non Working Visa
  120. Getting a mortgage with trading profits ?
  121. The funniest posts of all time on T2W
  122. Do we have to pay the stamp duty by trading with nteractive broker?
  123. Which is the country in Europe with lowest capital gains taxes?
  124. ask all you wanna know about trading for a living
  125. Typical day trading
  126. Making more money from mid term trades
  127. Has anybody ever set up a relative to trade? If so using what structure?
  128. Financial Transaction Tax: what will happen?
  129. new to forum
  130. Making loadsamoney trading
  131. multiple monitor pc setup
  132. MyFxBook Copytrader
  133. EA investors
  134. Seeking Mentor in London
  135. How I improve my alertness for a trading session
  136. FSA Regulations
  137. Ftse,dow,gold,aim....
  138. ok i am profitable what next
  139. Seeking a Mentor in Chicago
  140. Spread betting - £30k - £60k in 2.75 months
  141. Seeking a Mentor in Toronto
  142. Written a book - need advice!
  143. Traders audio new crude squawk
  144. Cass MS Finance (Chances of admission)
  145. "Non-dom" doubts
  146. Spread betting - £30k - £60k in 12 months
  147. Would you lease an automated trading system
  148. 5k USD financial support needed
  149. If you went back in time 15yrs How would your Trading strategy Change?
  150. What percentage of the market are retail traders?
  151. Living from Spreadbetting
  152. From once a professional Gambler to A full time trader.
  153. New Scammers on the block
  154. Profitable traders with proven records wanted
  155. Commodity Trading Schedule
  156. Have I entered the elite 5 percent?
  157. How long does it take? CISI, IMC, CFA
  158. Trading taxes, which do you use?
  159. What do you tell people you "do"?
  160. Most Tax-Efficient Set Up?
  161. How often
  162. Home Trading Desk
  163. The safety and security of your trading funds
  164. onetwotrade and their fake testimonial(s)
  165. music venues
  166. Accounting carrer advice needed
  167. Will IMC + CFA1 will help me land a job in IM or IB in junior roles
  168. Interview
  169. 3 interviews for stockbroking roles
  170. Hi from a Newbie
  171. Reality of Trading for a Living...is this for me?
  172. Trading Performance
  173. Trading for a Living
  174. My Trading results
  175. Yet another spread betting tax question....
  176. Providio's Daily Grains Commentary for July 18,2012
  177. Investment Management
  178. Register a TradeMark in USA by UK company.
  179. Going into 3rd year as a Law student - want to be a trainee stockbroker.
  180. Transaction overheads
  181. Providio's Daily Futures Market Commentary for 07/10/12
  182. Waiting for a trade
  183. Your first account and market
  184. Money issue.
  185. Taxes. IR.
  186. going full time - what structure?
  187. Fully trained Trader with 206win streak needs advice
  188. Trained Trader in limbo
  189. Please HELP me decipher the Non-disclosure agreement.
  190. 20yo kid in need of some advice..
  191. Advice for IT job?
  192. Advice needed (EU)
  193. Registering a Company in London Online
  194. Spread beting family and friends fund
  195. The Holy Grail
  196. Anyone taken IMC Unit 2 lately?
  197. Advice for trainee trader interview?
  198. 77SIgmaTrading
  199. Automated vs Discretionary
  200. Tower Hill Trading
  201. Looking for shared office at New York
  202. What is best way to use stop loss ?
  203. Control your emotions in Forex
  204. My career route....
  205. eWallets and Forex Trading
  206. What is the biggest advantage a retail trader has over an institional trader?
  207. Career Advice for an ACA
  208. Good books on Trading
  209. Recent Graduate looking for Prop Trading Opportunities in NYC area
  210. Career opportunities for a BSc Bioscience undergrad at a top 20?
  211. General Advice needed...
  212. Trading in South Africa
  213. Does your attire affect your productivity at work?
  214. Numerical and Financial Exam for a job
  215. What motivates you?
  216. ESL Financial results stronger than expected
  217. Advice!
  218. FSA Exams (Unit 1 & 4) - mock questions / online training / anything??
  219. Seeking junior, Assistant/ Support Role- LONDON
  220. Which is the best foods for good health ?
  221. Which is the best exercise ?
  222. Certificate advice for an MSc Graduate
  223. Essential Examinations for Trader/Fund Management.
  224. Running a fund using holding company structure
  225. FSA unit 1 studying
  226. Market Wizard Paul Tudor Jones Trend Following Wisdom
  227. Honest Advice for a Graduate
  228. Massive Dilemma – Two great job offers
  229. stock market crash on the way spring/summer 2012?
  230. High School Senior Would love to hear some advice
  231. Is Forex taxed in Germany?
  232. Weekly percentage return on capital?
  233. Gold Robot and start discussion.
  234. Emotions involved in trading own capital, where to now?
  235. Poker Player Looking To Get Into Trading
  236. How to become a stockbroker
  237. I want to be a Sales-trader - 20yo
  238. What’s Your Favorite Trading Strategy?
  239. Sharing an office space in Tower Hill London
  240. Career change - Army to Finance?
  241. Mr Spread Betting is back, be careful everyone
  242. CGT of a non-resident company in uk
  243. Jailed Cityboy Stock Broker guide to sales
  244. IBD --> Trading Advice
  245. ACI Dealing Certificate
  246. Starting up as a pro....
  247. Trading in Japan
  248. UK LLP versus LTD versus Hybrid Structure
  249. Career in trading
  250. Career Advice Please