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  1. Looking for scalpers to do scalping in Index and Commodities ETF in US Equity Market
  2. Why i didnt read this book before, i could save 10k
  3. SKYPE trading room - India
  4. The S&P Chronicles - An Amalagnation of Wyckoff, VSA and Price Action
  5. Latency Arb: Profitable settings?
  6. Interesting article about discretionary trading setups vs. systematic
  7. 15:49 GMT Long EURGBP
  8. 07:51 GMT Long GBPJPY
  9. Long AUDUSD at 03:29 GMT
  10. Short AUDUSD
  11. Multiple Envelope Trade Strategy
  12. Lúidín's Levels <> SPY & QQQ
  13. Dollar interest over the rest of the year
  14. TradeScanner
  15. TA + DOM Trading
  16. Fundamental analysis (only 4 basic factors)
  17. any good ways to trade?
  18. Last night i got some research done on PSNP $ESI $VSLR $JAKK
  19. Trading Strategy based on round numbers
  20. Indian trading whatsapp group
  21. New Trades Thread
  22. Post Statements (not live trades)
  23. TwC...Trading without Charts
  24. Who Gives a
  25. Vendor Live Trades
  26. Collaboration for DOM reading Eurex
  27. FX Support & Resistance level
  28. Weinstein rules for traders and 10 wma
  29. Live Trades
  30. FX Trading through a SIPP Account
  31. London Trading Group
  32. MONEY Management UK resident
  33. Futures spreads guide
  34. Calling all scalpers!!!
  35. DAX trading
  36. RSI-2 Method
  37. Learning from a spanking
  38. Riley's One Liners for Ultimate Success in Trading and with a few other things too...
  39. Managing targets and stop loss
  40. Mirach
  41. Institutional Market commentary
  42. Who knows about Gail Mercer?
  43. Traders: Millions by the Minute
  44. Do fibs 'work' ?
  45. Milestones, Catalysts, the Bigger Picture and Slowing Things Down
  46. 100 winning trades in a row. Possible?
  47. Who knows Jeff Greenblatt?
  48. Trading Ranges
  49. Time Frame for Trades
  50. Post a chart!
  51. Top 3 News-Based Trades Of March 2014 (+Videos)
  52. Time & Price, Volume Confirms
  53. Are you a regular loser at intraday trading? Watch this
  54. wot u think o these then?
  55. Finspreads
  56. Learning to Trade
  57. The Great Post Thread
  58. Can you learn to be discplined with your trading - Discuss
  59. Confidence Based Betting
  60. Hammer Style Trading
  61. Time Specific Momentum Day Trading
  62. Questioning common beliefs
  63. How to trade any market on any time frame
  64. How I made £1m from the £4trn FX market 30 mins a day from the comfort of my bedroom
  65. Real Time Wot to Do
  66. Everything I learnt about trading I learnt on the golf course.
  67. Wot To Do
  68. Time and Sales Window - Why does print throughs happen?
  69. Intraday Live short term trading calls from an Expert Retail Forex Trader
  70. Futures Trading Group
  71. Keeping things simple.
  72. Stay Away from Mike Larson - Interest Rate Speculator
  73. Whatsapp Group for Trading
  74. The Future of Discretionary Trading?
  75. Price Action Video's
  76. Buffett Criteria Turned Upside Down?
  77. DOM/time and sales trading - does it work?
  78. Sufficient and necessary conditon of Success
  79. The Leopard and Hakuna Matata
  80. trading sttrategy based on premarket data
  81. Weak buyers and weak sellers, how do we identify them and why.
  82. The "pros" and the "cons"
  83. Anticipating a large move , direction unsure
  84. Can you be long and short at same time?
  85. Newbie with question - Thanks in advance
  86. 60 seconds trading. Is this delusional for massive profits
  87. London Marathon.
  88. Trading the tape
  89. Trade what you see, not what you think....
  90. Best entry turns into worst entry when market flips
  91. Reading the Ticker -- Level II
  92. Reading the Ticker -- Level II
  93. Your prefered future? DOM traders only
  94. www.stocksentry.com - opinions?
  95. Elder's Triple Screen Exits
  96. Order Type STOP or LIMIT
  97. Hikkake trades, FTSE100 stocks
  98. Discussion on a compounding trade idea
  99. follow the leader extreme scalping
  100. Alessio Rastani Discusses Trading on London Talk-Show
  101. Best number of contracts for scalping
  102. S&P 500 Rolling Daily
  103. I think I am very close and still far away...
  104. Free Daily technical analysis videos and trading plans
  105. Best Indicators For Scalping
  106. Opposite Signals
  107. johns ftse system
  108. Curve Fitting Knowledge
  109. Support and Resistance
  110. Day trading the DAX
  111. Who can explain to me what happens with the UVXY
  112. Transferring money from my SIPP to my cash a/c
  113. Trading platform and strategy review
  114. My methodology please read I am looking for feedback
  115. Day traders
  116. Anybody Earning in Day trading regularly??
  117. 7 importent points that i remember
  118. charting software
  119. trending question
  120. Volume and price action trading
  121. open trading
  122. Level II vs Inside Marlet
  123. best scalping platform?
  124. ATR Stops for in trade management
  125. Do you follow the news?
  126. Am i doing it right? Which stockbroker is right for me?
  127. trading the trend. What timeframe ???
  128. Bid/ask spread killing my profits
  129. Keeping it simple
  130. Starting out on the FSTE + DJI
  131. number predictions
  132. Trading earnings
  133. Stat Arb - Indices Futures Trading
  134. When to know if the stock moves with the s&p500?
  135. best moving average to scalp????
  136. FESX and 6E scalping mjose.com
  137. Price Action Scalping
  138. Price Action Trading
  139. Best Thread: The Order Book - Why Bother?
  140. Best US and UK stocks to watch
  141. Trading morning breakouts
  142. Chicago bund traders?
  143. scalpers chatroom and mql4 peope
  144. hi does anyone know where the thread called 'trading naked' is located i'm trying to
  145. Nite trading KOSPI (& HSI?)
  146. Orderbook Observations
  147. Trading daily brent crude on ig index
  148. should i ignore the news
  149. Industry Group symbols
  150. Maximum lot size that is feasible to daytrade
  151. trades missed due to work
  152. Guide to Backtesting?
  153. New Trader
  154. scalping the bund & eurostoxx
  155. Seeking partner....
  156. Scalping book for Xmas!
  157. Your favourite market/ indicies/ anything to scalp?
  158. Spread betting VS share trading
  159. Questions for some more experienced Scalpers
  160. Scalping: length of each candle?
  161. Best Thread: Live Trading and General Chat Lounge
  162. Cheapest Cost of trade
  163. Live news feed...
  164. Advice on Scalping Dax
  165. Scalping & HFT does add liquidity
  166. New to scalping
  167. €£ Short-Term Traders Skype Room
  168. Great Depression 2 - Short trade of a Lifetime - preps start now
  169. Seeking Returns.com Tips
  170. Best Stocks for Scalping
  171. How to scalp this...
  172. simple strategy
  173. Is Scalping Evil?
  174. What a complete and utter pillock
  175. TWO strong methods if you can first study 4 weeks each
  176. https://www.tradethenews.com/
  177. Scalp on 1 Minute?
  178. Longer term trades and analysis
  179. $500 to $5,000 per day DayTrading
  180. Order Book Trick ?
  181. Difference between 'intraday' / 'overnight': just 24hrs? or in-outside RTH?
  182. Full time trading- how much is ££ required?
  183. pristine watchlist 9-13-11
  184. Tape Read (Time & Sales) Strategies
  185. Please Comment On My New Strategy
  186. Anticipated platfrom - scared of "lagging"
  187. Is it true that scalping doesn't work???
  188. where can i watch Fair Value sp500?
  189. have two broker accounts and have 6 trade days a week
  190. intraday Put/Call Ratio S&P 100 (OEX)
  191. My first three days of day-trading
  192. Beginner Trading Strategy
  193. Pristine.com Stock Watchlist
  194. Tuesday Stock Watchlist
  195. I have zero day trades left, what if i buy?
  196. Pristine Trading Longs and Shorts
  197. Going with the flow
  198. iii.co.uk (Interactive Investor) for scalping the FTSE?
  199. Why is day trading so difficult?
  200. Best book on daytrading eminis and crude?
  201. Stop losses
  202. Need help with Raschke's Momentum Pinball Set-Up
  203. "Adaptive" EMAs
  204. Help with setting stop loses
  205. Any profitable forex day traders here?
  206. Free Autotrading/ day trade System
  207. Prospreads DMA for scalping - yes or no?
  208. when day trading what do you look at?
  209. I've had a Jonny Wilkinson Week
  210. best for scalping FTSE100 or Dow futures - IB or PS?
  211. Gap Trading
  212. Is iii.co.uk spreadbetting or DMA?
  213. seed capital
  214. A scalper stopped...
  215. How I turned £3000 into £20,000 in 6 Weeks
  216. Trading with CTG
  217. What are your stats ? Montecarlosimulation of Trading / Moneymangement
  218. good upside potential or good breakout? which is better for a short uptrend???
  219. S&P Big 500 and Emini S&P 500
  220. New noob, looking for longer term traders help
  221. Anyone heard of or used this site swingtradingclub.com?
  222. Index futures arbitrage?
  223. Trading your personality
  224. Intra-day Scalpin Software
  225. BreakOut Pips System
  226. trading strategy
  227. Whip me in to shape scalpers :D
  228. this works with 'demo SB' - would it work with DMA?
  229. What is the reason for price difference between After-hours and Premarket?
  230. best online broker for scalping the Dow (or FTSE etc.)?
  231. Automatic chart patterns
  232. USD/CHF Divergence
  233. Lulzy set of thread titles on elite trader
  234. What is average cost basis, how does it influence our reporting?
  235. time frames
  236. opening range breakout?
  237. The path to riches
  238. Dave Landry
  239. Fading the opening gap
  240. candle indicator
  241. Best Threads in The 'Discretionary & Mechanical Trading' Forum
  242. Buy BIDU
  243. Anyone interested in daytrading GOOG?
  244. Buy BOBE
  245. Easy Trader Webinar
  246. Weekly S&P500 and EUR/USD Trading Ranges Plan
  247. Buy AFL
  248. Estc
  249. Best time to trade
  250. Buy GOOG