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  1. Trading the VIX
  2. Are there stock futures in US exchange?
  3. Trading the DOM/Tape
  4. Night Time Trading
  5. calculation of an option chain
  6. IV at next strike calculation
  7. Options selling on futures markets
  8. Determining implied future interest rate
  9. Futures Kuala Lumpur Index (FKLI)
  10. Trailing Stop % when in profit
  11. Options Broker Recommendation for International Clients
  12. Best option strategy for week closing higher than open?
  13. Review: Forecast ES
  14. Looking to get into Futures Trading
  15. The BOSE method
  16. Equifax
  17. quick options question re: selling puts
  18. FAQ: Futures rollover
  19. VXX Weeklies Premium and VIX/VIXMO Relation
  20. omega options
  21. Creation of more Futures
  22. Iron condor - Credit received vs. profit received when option expires
  23. Options group meeting West London 23rd Aug
  24. Option Margin - Bull Put or Call
  25. Profitable scalping DAX.
  26. paper trading natural gas options?
  27. Weekly Option Premium and Earnings
  28. TED Spread
  29. Question about VIX options and futures
  30. D t profitable weekly straddle strategy
  31. sell to close or let it expire?
  32. Trading firms Barcelona
  33. How to find Implied Volatility percentile / historical data?
  34. Online prices for FTSE-100 or DJIA index options?
  35. How to exit a Vertical Option Spread without any loss?
  36. FX option trading VS Spot FX (New strategy)
  37. Recomendations for practice account needed
  38. Does anybody use Wolfe waves for trading?
  39. Portfolio Margin in case of Option a/c
  40. short selling dax with options
  41. Can this be real??
  42. FINALLY! a day with some range
  43. 775% profit option trade set and forget
  44. Posting Trades
  45. NASDAQ ENERGIES vs NYmex and ICE
  46. Goldman's profitable options strategies
  47. Forex Scanners
  48. Can this be possible?
  49. need tester
  50. Merck & Co opportunity
  51. Deep in The Money Options
  52. Am in UK, Need Data Provider for Dax Futures (Eurex)
  53. GC and ES Spread!
  54. Options Training
  55. Option Time Value Calculation
  56. Best trading platform for fills
  57. Platform to scan for unusual options activity?
  58. Premium difference between SPX and S&P Mini (ES) option premiums
  59. SPY/SPX option premium and VIX levels
  60. What trading platform( depth of market-DOM ) for scalpers.
  61. MINIMUM Deposit stock options
  62. STIRS - 3m Euribor & Sterling Fixes
  63. In need of some Insights
  64. Options broker ,, PLEASE
  65. Pivot trading
  66. MacD
  67. How to trade options for UK Stocks
  68. Futures question
  69. Trend following futures with Ģ10k
  70. Is anybody interested in HFT in the Moscow Stock Exchange (futures & option) trading?
  71. FTSE 100 index futures contracts
  72. European Futures
  73. Emini tf
  74. How is options implied volatility for a stock determined?
  75. Daytrading the ES
  76. Comms free futures trading
  77. Selling bull credit spread (breakeven game?)
  78. Bull Credit Spread maximum risk question
  79. Cannot Decide best for breakouts
  80. Weekly Option ( on Futures)
  81. Futures live streaming
  82. Delta neutral futures + options
  83. Forex and Option expiry
  84. Pie trading
  85. Nausea from HFT price action
  86. Checking if Covered Warrants are good value
  87. Black and Scholes
  88. Hedge physical options with futures on the same physicals
  89. US Options Trades Discussion
  90. Most popular time to have a MACD indicator BEGIN calculating 30 second ES bars?
  91. Best online trading platform for LSE options
  92. Alternatives to CQG for spread charts?
  93. Complete list of shares which you can trade options on
  94. Risk reversal rate.
  95. Margin calculation
  96. A question on some abbreviations in Thinkorswim
  97. What is a power options?
  98. Exact levels which clear for anyone
  99. Russian gang suspected of scam in ICE market
  100. Trying to Understand Option Strategy Straddle
  101. A Simple Options Question
  102. Zero Cost Collar
  103. Manual backtesting
  104. How do you journal your trades?
  105. Expiration of Options and Futures
  106. Crude going to 90$
  107. DAX futures
  108. Hedged option selling systems
  109. How much should I think about commission and liquidity costs?
  110. Binary Options - 24option and 10markets - CAUTION
  111. Trading options in the UK?
  112. What is your process of transferring an options trading idea into trading system/plan
  113. Option Historical data
  114. Binary Options
  115. Backtesting Software
  116. Automated Options Trading
  117. If you trade ES
  118. UK options questions
  119. A risk/reward ratio of 1:10!! Analyzed 6yrs of data - thoughts?
  120. Risk Management
  121. Can someone tell me where i can find something like this
  122. Brief questions about Option volatility, betas and contract volumes
  123. End of TF (Mini Russell, ICE)! ?
  124. Options demo account
  125. Rookie Question
  126. fees fees fees... surely not
  127. What do I do with this lousy warrant
  128. A good living of binary options?
  129. Closing an option position vs selling an option
  130. Website for futures curves?
  131. ICE Data Charges
  132. Starting help for option trading
  133. Long Index Put - The Risk
  134. Is the price of a Future supposed to be cheaper than the underlying?
  135. Questions from beginner about Binary Options
  136. Options trading - WARNING !!
  137. IB Index Options
  138. profiting off options question
  139. Completely new to Options trading. Will you help me?
  140. Married PUT -r Long CALL/ Straddle etc
  141. With IB or Berkeley what choice of options do you get?
  142. es-mini pre-xmas forecast + EUR/USD
  143. Auction Market Theory Daily Analysis Emini & Crude Oil
  144. Good brokers for beginners?
  145. Looking possibility start latency arb project
  146. funding a us trading account from the uk
  147. Debit spreads killing my gains
  148. understanding SPīs
  149. Options Analyzation Tools
  150. Level 2 Data Feed
  151. Trading Knee Jerk Reaction To News
  152. Setting up with CME and Eurex
  153. Forwards
  154. Trading T-Note Futures
  155. Options broker for all FTSE markets
  156. Free Real time data for TY futures contract?
  157. Writing Put Options to cover CFDs
  158. Newbie Understanding Options
  159. Trading Algorithm Performance 16 Months
  160. Same Futures contract but different Order Book values?!
  161. future price historical data and live data
  162. US Index and Dow Jones Wall street Options
  163. Deep ITM Futures options closing/expiration
  164. Order book trading
  165. Options trading beginner question
  166. Beginner options trader questions
  167. Hedge Fund looking for a Junior Options Trader to join them in an Execution role
  168. Adjustments To A "Long-Term" Diagonal
  169. Surrey/West London area
  170. selling an option
  171. Market Profile - Daily updates
  172. Rent a desk on a trading floor
  173. Open $2000 Futures Account?
  174. Time value lost overnight and during trading day - more in either?
  175. Speakers and sponsors for London meetup
  176. BMF ID Futures Trading
  177. Signals for binary options...
  178. Quant savvy?
  179. Moving averages different on thinkorswim platform
  180. what platform is the best to use
  181. Broker trading against me?
  182. Futures vs forex scalping costs
  183. Futures rolling
  184. When is the most liquid time in Futures?
  185. Trading Buddies
  186. VIX put options - a bit confused
  187. ICE Futures Europe Data Fee's
  188. Help needed on option trade, please take a second
  189. How can bid-ask-scalping algos be profitable?
  190. Binary options
  191. Any futures markets, have action after hours
  192. Leverage on options on futures and equities
  193. Margin Requirements for Naked Puts
  194. Looking for CTA trading Futures Spreads
  195. Which broker for trading Odax ?
  196. Can you analyse futures market?
  197. IG Index for Trading Index Options
  198. Charting Futures Help
  199. Bond question - Big difference between March and June contracts.
  200. Bloomberg mixes open interest rollovers with actual trades on the charts of futures!!
  201. who is the best broker to trade in ftse100 cfd's. thnx
  202. Nadex ( CFTC regulated "Exchange"
  203. Studying for Series 3 Exam. Question about Order Types
  204. CTA offering Futures Spread trading
  205. How is money made trading futures ?
  206. Bull patern on eminisp500 future
  207. Protective puts: ATM, ITM or OTM?
  208. What option products for 10 year note
  209. Lower Risk Levels Forex versus Futures
  210. Option Prices
  211. e-micro futures
  212. Challenge and scrutinize this options strategy!
  213. trading spreads vs. directionals with stop
  214. How Big Can You Go?
  215. Number of futures contracts traded per minute/hour/day etc
  216. Tradinghours on euronext?
  217. How Much More Can a Consistent Day Trader Average a Month, Than a Swing Trader?
  218. SPY/ES -Trading signals
  219. broker for trading fx options
  220. SPY/ES -Trading signals: 24/11/2014
  221. Best price available to buy a PUT on the INDU
  222. Still Trying to Figure Out What Futures Are, Exactly
  223. Close out losing strangle on TSLA?
  224. Sensex once again new high record, 05 Nov stock market tips today, Axis bank high
  225. Crude Oil WTI December 2014 (CLZ14)
  226. Emini Event
  227. WTI crude oil Calender spread
  228. WTI crude oil Trading ideas
  229. Calculating Expected Move of a Binary Event
  230. option trading game online?
  231. Trading Corner
  232. Trade Architect Platform - Interpret Spreads
  233. Energy Futures and Energy Trading
  234. S&P future vs index
  235. Single Stock Futures and EFP
  236. Eurostoxx div.index. (fexd)
  237. WD Gann & Astrology Finance Trading
  238. Back Testing Help
  239. Bull Call Spread vs Bull Put Spread
  240. where is optionquotes for index?
  241. Took delivery of DX (dollar Index) futures - mistake!
  242. 3 Month & 6 Month Put option prices for Dow Jones
  243. trading ES
  244. Black Swan - Account blow up - Margin Call (Options Trading)
  245. Trading custom positions - Do you?
  246. Stock Option Question
  247. Legging Into Spreads
  248. Darlene From BetterTrades "Chicken Bull Put Spread"
  249. What comes up...
  250. Gold is key