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  1. Free EOD metastock data with candlequote
  2. Is it possible to generate time&sales(tape) off of the tick data for a stock?
  3. First trade date
  4. Looking fior histopric data on spot price commodities.
  5. Live (or almost) stock prices in Excel?
  6. LMAX data feed for free
  7. yearly fee vs. monthly fee data vendor
  8. Best Stocks Historical Data Provider?
  9. Looking for historic P/E, CAPE, P/B, Div/Yield data from around 1960- any market?
  10. Lookinbg for round the clockhistorical DAX data
  11. finviz for russian market (moscow exchange)
  12. General data feed (quality) question
  13. Need(1 min/5min) historical data of all the stocks traded on Nasdaq
  14. Free Market Data APIs
  15. 5 minute price data for ES and COMEX Gold
  16. Buy real-time data sources, please recommend!
  17. Level 2 (total view) data only
  18. Data on EPS release?
  19. Quantpedia's master list of historical data sources
  20. MT4 broker prices EURCHF
  21. chinese newsfeeds
  22. S&P 500 historical constituents change data from 2008 to 2014/2015
  23. Importing 5 minute Historical Data from Stooq to Amibroker --> Help
  24. Historical Intraday Institutional Data. Rent or Buy
  25. New IB historical data bar sizes
  26. Free Real-Time Data
  27. Japan and Europe Historical Minute Bar Data
  28. Pls Suggest Historical End of Day data for Amibroker
  29. How to test FTSE100 Historical data (MT4) ?
  30. Yield intraday data
  31. Linking Google finance to Excel
  32. End of Day Prices
  33. Historical Time & Sale Level 2 Data Source?
  34. High quality commodity futures data?
  35. Displaying historical data on a chart.
  36. DTN IQFeed & IB TWS data feed to TS prosuite 2000i
  37. Datafeed for Python
  38. Holdings in companies
  39. Dividend stock adjusted data
  40. Live Data for the Dow Jones
  41. LSE EOD data feed
  42. Help please !
  43. Reuters Datalink (EOD) (FTSE100 ?)
  44. Historical UK economic data
  45. Data particulars
  46. Data from Individual Exchanges
  47. TT data feed - is it filtered?
  48. Pinnacle Data?
  49. Anyone trading from Thailand
  50. Google & Yahoo UK Intra day stock data
  51. Website with back adjusted futures charts
  52. DAX Xetra Feed for Ninja Trader ???
  53. DTN IQFeed
  54. Please Recommend a Paid Forex Charting Package
  55. LME Data Feed
  56. Rithmic API fees
  57. FTSE rolling data vendors
  58. Source of basic live data ?
  59. Vix futures ?
  60. windows 8 and live streaming charts latency
  61. Technical details on the Bid and Ask?
  62. Where To Get FREE ATR Data?
  63. Yahoo UK stocks
  64. Finding ETFs for index symbols
  65. Live stock quotes in excel via DDE or other ?
  66. Where to get historic stock data
  67. Best commodities feed
  68. dde feed
  69. $TICK, and $TICKQ
  70. Static data - tradable instruments
  71. Any reliable forex historical paid data (tick/min/hour) ?
  72. Historically series free data help
  73. Anyone use MNI news ? Seems way too slow to me.
  74. Iron ore
  75. Asian Market Feeds?
  76. BB free EOD
  77. Best Nymex & ICE Data supplier
  78. Anyone use/d newsware aka newswatch?
  79. pi trading historical data
  80. Energy commodity price feeds
  81. Data Feeds
  82. looking for historical intraday data of lme or copper
  83. Russell 1000 historical constituents?
  84. Test: Best data feed provider and uses
  85. Historical Unit Trust Prices
  86. Affordable Delayed Data Feed From Web Service
  87. Dow 5 min chart
  88. livechart esignal real time data importing
  89. MBT data feed
  90. looking for historical intraday data
  91. Yahoo data and split adjusted volume
  92. 1 minute historical futures data
  93. Canadian Intraday Stock News
  94. Datafeed & historical for Asian futures
  95. NinjaTrader not download minute data,
  96. NASDAQ TAQ opinions?
  97. Futures historial data
  98. Stock Quotes Express
  99. PI Trading Historical Data
  100. Zenfire supported data
  101. news feeds
  102. stay away from esignal
  103. LSE level 2 data feed
  104. Historical and Implied Volatility Data
  105. Realtime data vendors for NinjaTrader (UK, US, German markets)?
  106. FTSE real time data
  107. Interactive Brokers - conversation re their data feed
  108. Import intraday data into a database
  109. where are the pirates?
  110. Thomson Reuters Datastream Direct
  111. Tidying up tick data with excel; range bars
  112. HELP: Emini tick data 2011.07.22
  113. Commercial Use of Data
  114. CNY Money Supply
  115. Institutional ownership 13F form downloads from SEC and Bloomberg
  116. Historical data downloaders
  117. Satellite realtime futures feed required
  118. Data feed standardisation
  119. Security Identifier - free feed?
  120. looking for intraday eurostoxx 50 data
  121. Looking for equity EOD Feed
  122. Good historical intraday data for agriculturals
  123. Where to buy reliable FSE EOD historical data
  124. realtime feed recommendations?
  125. Available guide on building an algorithmic high frequency trading business
  126. intraday 1 minute data of the S&P 500 components
  127. end of day data accross exchanges and assets
  128. Historical Level 2 TSX Venture Data?
  129. basic help with google data feeds
  130. Footprint charts and Zen-Fire
  131. Kinetick launches a new website.
  132. EOD/Historical Prices downloader for International Markets
  133. Tick and Trin on ADVFN
  134. not able to fetch data from esignal to Amibrokerpl. help
  135. where historic level 1 and tick option data
  136. Looking for the right data provider
  137. UK 300 - Data Feed
  138. Daily historical data for London ETFs
  139. DDE link and excel
  140. Historical intraday NSYE $TICK data
  141. Real-time futures quotes for iPhone
  142. EOD/historical/delisted with total return adjustments?
  143. Real time news feed, JUST news
  144. How can I direct datafeed to Excel spreadsheet?
  145. NYMEX Data Feed
  146. platform / data feed questions
  147. IQFeeds... what else?
  148. displayable / non-displayable order
  149. CDS (credit default swap) historic and live data
  150. I need quote center symbols look up tool
  151. Forex Data Provider with API
  152. eSignal Volume Problem TS2K
  153. Bloomberg RMDS solutions
  154. Looking for GBL intraday data
  155. Intra Day Transaction Volume Data DJI
  156. data provider for premarket data
  157. Historical Tick-by-Tick data?
  158. Historical Tick-by-Tick database?
  159. Getting Hold Of Data
  160. can i get data via ib api?
  161. GBPUSD 30M History (in charts with indicators)
  162. ES Mini Futures -- live feed?
  163. how can i freely get the Statement of Owner's Equity via some web?
  164. Snapping Fib Indicators like BBG
  165. Need a sample of real time data for futures
  166. Anyone collecting IB tick data 24/7 for currencies?
  167. Whant to change quality forex data on Oil and Gold data
  168. IB data pacing violations too much aggro - recommend another data source for forex?
  169. Live Economic figures
  170. Pl. give names of real time data vendors for cash scrips on XETRA(germany)
  171. S&P 500 Historical Data
  172. Historical Intraday Data for Individual UK Equities
  173. Need historical intraday data, suggestions?
  174. FTSE Close Price
  175. Historical intraday FTSE 100 UKX data
  176. Why is it so hard/expensive to get historical intra-day futures data.
  177. Making an iphone appp
  178. justdata.com.au opinions?
  179. Separate data feeds....Help needed.
  180. oeddata problem
  181. need historical data for futures "premium"
  182. How to match intraday data on excel?
  183. Data for Unit trusts and IMA sector indices
  184. CapitalIQ
  185. Reuters Datascope vs Reuters Data Feed
  186. Bloomberg Terminal - What special things can I do?
  187. The issue of dividend adjustment.
  188. Market Classification History for Stocks
  189. Looking for CAD, CHF, ZC, ZS data vendor
  190. Reuters Data Feed
  191. Data from the exchange
  192. Source(s) for historical economic data
  193. disktrading.com intraday data
  194. Is everyone got the same data from CME or there are diffrent quality levels?
  195. Experiences with ActiveTick.com?
  196. Yahoo tick data
  197. When is The End of Day for data?
  198. VAL/H and POC for ES, daily 1yr+
  199. Tenfore symbology
  200. Getting historical minute data
  201. Historical intraday gold futures data
  202. Looking for Wilshire 5000 symbol list
  203. tick data for sydney futures exchange
  204. Seeking commodities/shares data including volume
  205. what is a "tick"?
  206. EOD, Intraday data request
  207. Intra-day auctions on the LSE
  208. Continuous Contracts in eSignal
  209. Yahoo EOD Data
  210. FTSE 100 / LSE Volume data?
  211. Data Feed for Israel tel aviv stock exchange
  212. European total return data
  213. is99.com historical data for ftse100
  214. How many symbols can you request with InterActive (API)?
  215. Can I deliver data feed legally if I pay the Exchange fees as a professional?
  216. How advanced is the functionality of the data feed in Esignal?
  217. Sharescope TAF new purchase
  218. index constituents please?
  219. mldownloader
  220. Free 1-minute Futures Historical Data
  221. ETF Data
  222. Real time economic data
  223. Charting package
  224. Who offers the largest historical database at the minute level?
  225. Ninja trader
  226. has anyone used the "S&P Stock Data Service" from NAIC
  227. Provider for Fundamental Data?
  228. News feed for *just* earnings announcements?
  229. Intraday Data of NSE (INDIA) (F&O) for AMIBROKER
  230. Platform Independent Realtime/Tick API Data Feed?
  231. NASDAQ Data Feed
  232. Any free feed for options
  233. Cheapest possible reliable data provider
  234. Cheap NYSE Streaming Provider
  235. Tick data: Gaps
  236. INDU Data for download
  237. Get data out of mt4?
  238. FTSE100 past structure
  239. barchart.com feed any good?
  240. wanted previous day's H L C data for forex - all traded pairs
  241. Historical Tick Data
  242. Anybody using CRB Trader EOD data?
  243. Stupid question
  244. Yet another newbie data request ;-)
  245. any software to review trading history record?
  246. Back-adjusted Spread data
  247. MetaTrader DDE
  248. Where are data feeds?
  249. Forex Calendar Feed
  250. FTSE 100 Historical tick data