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  1. Is IG snookered for EAs?
  2. New Big Data Trading Software
  3. Trading On the NADEX Platform
  4. ZMAPI - open source vendor agnostic financial API
  5. Do you paper trade from the platform or from the broker or both? (brokerage help)
  6. 1st platform choice - fees Vs price margin ?
  7. DOM platform with paper trading?/brokerage?
  8. Automated Trading
  9. Software to track trades from multiple sources entered manually
  10. Charting challege !
  11. Autochartist
  12. Thinkorswim: Good choice for a first time paper account ?
  13. DAS vs ThinkorSwim platform...
  14. Fast Brute-Force Optimization Software
  15. Some questions about getting started with a practice accounts.
  16. Looking for free trading software with historical data
  17. Help needed to understand Clients Section
  18. ThinkOrSwim outside US (Willing to pay)
  19. Looking for a New Broker and a New Charting
  20. Best Thread: Seasonal Analysis Software
  21. Help needed for automated order entry
  22. Interactive Technical Analysis Education
  23. Metastock- How to get tabular data of indicators
  24. Site like myfxbook for compiling stats
  25. Why did TD Ameritrade eliminate Investools?
  26. True Scalping Strategy based Robot EA
  27. How to organize research?
  28. ML Downloader
  29. Apps For Trading News
  30. Metatrader 5
  31. My trading results
  32. Custom indicator for Interactive Brokers TWS
  33. Easylanguage code problem
  34. Tradestation for Indian stocks
  35. Quick Question - UK Traders what broker/charting software you use?
  36. UK equivalent of TradeIdeas / StocksToTrade
  37. Trading Directly From Chart?
  38. Trading screener similar to TC2000 (with PCF) for UK stocks?
  39. Anything like Esignal? (with better customer service)
  40. Reverse Martingale type Robot EA
  41. SmartVSA
  42. 10 Currencies powerful EA
  43. Momentum Strategy - but no software around?
  44. Anti-CAD Setups with EUR/CAD and CAD/JPY
  45. NZDUSD shifts to neutral after pausing uptrend at 5-month high
  46. Has anyone used the automated trading platform Billion Operating System? I'm looking
  47. Add US$ Index to MT4
  48. Convert indicator code to file
  49. Anti-arbitrage plugin
  50. Best platform to trade Currency
  51. MLDownloader now won't download quotes
  52. Any Problem with Esignal company ?
  53. Need help to find new provider
  54. Multi strategy powerful automated EA USD/JPY M15 (7% Drawdawn)
  55. Can someone share his opinion on divergence?
  56. Powerful EURUSD Fully Automated Robot (5% DD)
  57. Multi strategy USD/JPY H1 (video+free download)
  58. forex telegram group
  59. What is the best forex trading software?
  60. Technical Analysis Software
  61. MT4 - uploading information to draw trendlines
  62. New Reverse Martingale type Robot EA
  63. Indicators for TOS
  64. Free Forex Robots MyfxPlay
  65. Arbitrage strategy Group Assembly
  66. Do you recognized the screenshots of this software?
  67. mt4 swing
  68. Stock Trading Software, With Brokers
  69. Alternatives to VPS Hosting
  70. One robot for different API and Platforms
  71. How yo import the excel data to amibroker?
  72. Dynamite Indicators aka the indicator guys
  73. Assistance with MT4
  74. Proposal - Open Source Trading SW - Open AI Desk
  75. IB TWS IMI indicator?
  76. Free Trading Software
  77. My New Scalping Strategy based Robot
  78. Indicators for mt4
  79. Hft
  80. Be Wary of Right Line Trading Owned by Mark Sachs
  81. Multichannel Elder Impluse paintbar
  82. New Version of Pip-Hunter Robot EA
  83. New to trading - Easy to use DEMO?
  84. Need Help with Alpari MT4 ordering
  85. Consistent EA?
  86. EA PIP BOXER - EA Collection
  87. Fx Trading Software
  88. Tro2017 tro dashboard
  89. FREE ShareHolder Finder Software for Indian Companies
  90. Hello, would like to ask you a question
  91. Automated Trading Set Daily
  92. help with Bullís-Eye Broker Software Version 5
  93. TWS hotkey to sell half or quarter of shares?
  94. MT4 EA opening ticket
  95. Did anybody try to use Deep Learning algos/SDK for algo trading?
  96. Free trading strategy design tool
  97. NinjaTrader 8 Finally Launched
  98. Historical Data for Forex and Indices
  99. My New Trading Software for 2017
  100. Buying data for mt5?
  101. How do I backtest my EA on 10 min timeframe on mt4?
  102. going to buy level 2 ea
  103. Looking for Trading Software Alpha Testers!
  104. Three Pair Hedging/Arbitrage Strategy for Free
  105. Are you tired of all martingale and Grid system or Hedging system in Forex?
  106. Hello traders
  107. Futures and live price app
  108. Is backtesting on software strictly necessary to trade?
  109. MT4 vs Sharescope vs Webfeed
  110. New financial and market data service (survey)
  111. Need a backtesting library
  112. Trading Recipes
  113. Automated Trading System for CFD Trading
  114. Help me! Find a backtesting software similar to Forex Tester 2 BUT for commodities
  115. Have you purchased or sold EAs through the MT4 Market?
  116. Quantler?? Free cloud based algo trading
  117. Coding Basics in ProRealTime
  118. Converting Indicator from TradeStation to Sierra Charts?
  119. Made it to test different trading strategies. Some tips how to test strategies.
  120. Free Version of Scalping Robo
  121. And if we had at last a predictive stock market software? Yes, TzaraNext.
  122. Extreme fx profit
  123. Expert Advisor for VertexFX
  124. Back testing library required
  125. Delay scalp, and you need it!
  126. Ninjatrader - Is anyone using it live??
  127. Prorealtime new candle indicator
  128. ProRealTime to MT4 coding
  129. What is this charting platform ?
  130. Sierra stops free forex/cfd data!!
  131. Need Amibroker Afl: calculate total number of Black,White candles for 30min timestamp
  132. '.' - name expected
  133. The Indicator Guys / Zen Indicators
  134. My New Scalping Robot
  135. Comparison of trading simulation programs
  136. Code in Tradingview
  137. Free Forex Robot with 40 indicators & 11 candlestick patterns built in
  138. MT4 history files
  139. How to plot OHLC candles in ThinkScript (from TDA ThinkorSwim)
  140. My New Auto Trading System
  141. Which bridge between Tradestation and Interactivebrokers for automation?
  142. Pl. correct Amibroker code which distorts chart view.
  143. Chart software with IB
  144. MT4 Strategy Tester
  145. Scalping Strategy based Training Software
  146. Using percentages instead of pips
  147. Why automation is a must
  148. "Indicator of entry points in the market XLpipsM"
  149. Who can code an MT4 bot for me?
  150. Do you regularly use a stock screener? (Alpha Testers Wanted)
  151. Tick Chart For MT4 with timeframe emulation
  152. Platform help
  153. Trading Software for beginners
  154. Dragon Expert Advisor 97%++ per month
  155. What should a trading software include?
  156. New Automated Trading System
  157. NinjaTrader
  158. Any service providers with streaming TA data?
  159. Best EA For Auto Scalping
  160. Do you recognise this system?
  161. TradingView
  162. Feedback request: online tool for finding strategies
  163. Such big difference in both same charts.
  164. I'm looking for a software that scanns candlestick pattern in a chart
  165. Trading Platform Needed for European Markets
  166. Gann Software
  167. AFLs Plus More
  168. AFL Error 61
  169. New Robot for Auto Trading
  170. Triangle recognition AFLs
  171. Investing in your trading
  172. Bollinger Band Squeeze Scan/Explore
  173. Trading Platform Suggestion
  174. Plus500 WebTrader
  175. Best Forex Scalping Robot 2016
  176. Software Developer seeking US based Resident to Test New Trading Software
  177. Mobile FX Trading Simulator - Now downloadable as beta version
  178. Is it a good idea to open an Ameritrade account just for TOS?
  179. Looking for users to test a new mobile product
  180. Change MT4 chart date [Paying]
  181. Remove expiry from .ex4 indicator $100+ job paying
  182. Free MT4 EA - Close At Time
  183. MultiCharts Trading Performance Report Question
  184. Best data feed for MotiveWave
  185. Best Forex EA for Scalping
  186. Volume analysis
  187. Stock charting with programable indicators
  188. want old version of this ea
  189. Anyone tried Rita Laskar's stuff ?
  190. BuySide Globalís proprietary software
  191. R programming for testing
  192. HitmanV2.2 EA - Free EA
  193. Automated trading really works.
  194. Can NINJA TRADER connect to Sterling, Laser, Fusion or Takion ???
  195. Conditional Order on IB TWS
  196. Have you recently participated in the evaluation of back testing software?
  197. Marketmaking simulator test.
  198. CTDL ECN Route
  199. Automatic Trading
  200. Real Time Data Delivery in XML format
  201. What platform is genuinely good?
  202. I need a Ninja Trader Programmer
  203. Easy scanning software
  204. 7 reasons why you should consider the Fortex Cloud Based Web MT4
  205. Day Trading and Journalling Software
  206. Survey about trading software
  207. metastock licensing information
  208. good result, you can try free
  209. thinkScript on thinkorswim
  210. Close all position tool required
  211. Sharescope / eSignal tools...
  212. Market System Analyzer MSA Fixed Fraction problem understanding
  213. GlobalServer: manually deleting symbol/data
  214. tester with robot and video instruction
  215. MT4 and MT5 Solutions
  216. Trade station 2000i and global server errors on windows 7
  217. Sharescope Gold forex prices issue
  218. How much do platforms cost to brokers ?
  219. Advanced order flow visualization
  220. Stock Scanner for chart patterns
  221. BEST Expert Advisor MT4
  222. Experience with SFTI FIX?
  223. Taking partial profit on IB TWS
  224. Best Automatic Trading Software ?
  225. dont display Profits Curve [ProRealTime]
  226. Stock scanner for breakouts for asia, europe, japan and US bourses
  227. Weekly and Monthly Performance of Drive Expert Advisors
  228. got wall street forex robot v 4.6
  229. Algotrader (for ninjatrader)
  230. Looking for a practice software (not demo account....)
  231. ATS Fisher
  232. Thinkscript for Slow Stochastics backtesting Strategies
  233. too many EAs to chose from
  234. MT4 help regarding android app please
  235. US Stocks One - New app for Real-Time US Markets
  236. I'm buying different EAs for MT4
  237. Probacktest Prorealtime All Time High
  238. How to trade with Triple Trend Oscillator (TTO)
  239. Thinkorswim Indicator
  240. Molanis EA Builder
  241. Looking for testers
  242. An excellent trading software
  243. Is worth tu buy a EA?
  244. looking for partner use my ea
  245. BetsOnFire - make a profit regardless of the outcome
  246. FxPro Quant Strategy Builder
  247. platforms and external software
  248. MetaTrader 4 (MT4) 'How do I ...' / Q & A Thread
  249. Backtesting Software
  250. Pinbar scanner for Prorealtime?