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  1. The Financial Wave Theory -- Method developed by Ahmed Farghaly
  2. Technical analysis for consistency?
  3. Finding an entry
  4. FIBONACCHI PRICES S&R & The Hidden Markets Structure
  5. Bollinger Bands Secrets
  6. Harmonic Pattern Trading
  7. Thought for the Day
  8. Exploiting Large Options Expires.
  9. Automated rules
  10. Break even strategy
  11. High volume low value trading
  12. Renko trading
  13. US Market Movers
  14. Can I know how much Ichimoku kumo system useful in commodity future base metal
  15. Short term trend following system
  16. Can Anyone Explain Why This Happens When I Trade More Than 4 Times
  17. SPX500 + 45% in three days!
  18. Interactive Brokers Java API Example
  19. Holding Bag & Not Immediately Cutting Losses
  20. Simple Forex MACD scalp..
  21. Need help with Divergence trading.
  22. non-USD account hedge
  23. Please Help - Trade Less Or More
  24. Trust your Gut?
  25. Multitimframe trading strategy for MT4
  26. Trading using Excel
  27. Trend following not working on my 7,000 backtests !
  28. Ask for help to expert in Pascal language
  29. A hedging solution for timed trades.
  30. New Trader looking for advice on my system.
  31. Trading the Indices with Algorithms
  32. Free strategy code
  33. 1st day of new CL futures day/swing system
  34. is walk forward testing always required?
  35. Improving an automated system
  36. WANTED: Stock Tickers to Back-Test a New Price Swing Indicator
  37. Help - Probability in the Context of Streaks Theory
  38. managing losing trades
  39. Is there a stable trading system for DAX?
  40. A Good Programmer needed to program a Maths based EA accurately
  41. ST patterns Strategy. Result for the last 7 days: + 71%
  42. Is there a stable trading system for DAX?
  43. Who knows some adaptive systems that can change strategy depending on the market phas
  44. Trading Fundamentals
  45. If somebody has an experience of copying losing strategy with reverse?
  46. looking for fast feed for DE30
  47. Hedge Expert Advisor 2017
  48. Football betting
  49. Finding successful forex strategy
  50. HDD for VPS to trade Latency Arbitrage
  51. Metastock Explorer Help!!
  52. Contrarian Retail sentiment trading
  53. Algo Options Trading Campaigns
  54. high probability trend trading
  55. Trading without stop loss using options
  56. An Optimal Trading Model
  57. Little help
  58. What is the best way to cut reduce short term whipsaw trades?
  59. Choosing a system
  60. Stop loss and averaging down
  61. Varying performance with different intraday datasets
  62. breakeven strategy
  63. Idea for EA excellent
  64. Best Thread: WD Gann follower teaches you implicit time rules in the market
  65. Cognitive computing investment systems
  66. Free data available?
  67. How successfully are automated systems used?
  68. 10 Most Profitable Trading Strategies
  69. Trading Big Shadow setups on H1 charts
  70. The former British colony: AUD, NZD, CAD
  71. Evaluating strategies
  72. How its done - Virtu
  73. More than $50,000 in a year
  74. Dst
  75. Darktone journal
  76. How is Calmar Ratio calculated?
  77. Trading the London session
  78. Combination Stochastic Oscillator-RSI Strategy
  79. MACD strategy
  80. want more information about this level 2 ea
  81. 5-Minute Forex Scalping Strategy
  82. hedge forex positions with no loss
  83. Proverbs 16:3 Trading Strategy
  84. Ats eod
  85. Which index/forex/commodities to use?
  86. S&P 500 Dog strategy
  87. Day trading full time
  88. 2% or not 2%
  89. Complexity simplified?
  90. Trading multiple accounts simultaneously?
  91. The most profitable trading system
  92. (Req) Indicator Pandora
  93. PIA First Trading Signal Service - Any good?
  94. Williams % R and MACD in Probacktest
  95. Basic Price Action Strategy Trading Off Weekly And Daily
  96. Is my system too simple?
  97. Digital Indicators of Adaptive Trend & Cycle Following Method
  98. Could anyone back test this code for me?
  99. New to Trading Systems, need help!
  100. Spreadbet automated trading from tick charts
  101. TidalWave
  102. Trend Overextended
  103. Advice on trading systems
  104. FXF Foundations
  105. GBM source code in C++ for generating time-series
  106. Hedged options selling systems sys14 and sys15 by botpro
  107. My Trading System
  108. Mathematical trading
  109. Where can i buy technical analisys
  110. Objective way to identify trend
  111. What do you think about this platform?¿
  112. Moneyworking.nz
  113. exiting trade after 48 hours - ProOrder
  114. Mean reversion based strategy
  115. Is this already created in excel or something I could use?
  116. Ninjatrader Strategy Advice - Gold mine or ignorance?
  117. Can someon tell where i can find some good trading systems
  118. Is the Holy Grail found in loss management?
  119. Trading For Busy Guys
  120. Free Systems Double Helix and Fib Cash Compass
  121. Fib Cash Compass
  122. Very Good EA ( But Demo) Please DLL file Full Version)
  123. history of SPX up/down since 1950
  124. Is 5.0 a Profit Factor Good Enough?
  125. Trading Group on What's App
  126. Newbie question on Trade Automation
  127. Market clocks and countdowns
  128. Acetrades.com Experience
  129. Simple moving average - too simple?
  130. MACD Fake Signal how to improve it
  131. Not so much a system as a confirmation
  132. Supertrend Trailing Stop Expert Advisor for Metatrader 5
  133. Tracer_GR the Final version
  134. Resident engine
  135. panicSell
  136. Seeking recommendation of forex system - trend following, intraday, rule-based
  137. Purchasing a Classic Trend-Following System to Auto-Trade?
  138. Free Candlestick Charts
  139. KDJ indicator
  140. Inside Outside Vertical Bars with Daily Pivots
  141. Momentum model
  142. Best software for backtesting a system
  143. bullbearRSI
  144. Forex Holy Grail Is Within
  145. Order Based Trading System
  146. AdjustedFX
  147. Finally I decided to buy a robot
  148. Сreate a robot of your strategy, С++
  149. Interactive Brokers APIs
  150. How to make the right decision - Emgx Europe
  151. Larry Williams Trend Indicator
  152. Mt 4 indicators
  153. Fix sfti
  154. Finding an Edge
  155. Diagonal Pivot System?
  156. Trend or Flat indicator which to choose?
  157. Quantpedia - the encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies
  158. Hedging Strategy
  159. what trading is this?
  160. Key turning points EA
  161. Is backtesting necessary before Walk Forward Analysis?
  162. Do trading systems stop working?
  163. MTFX Signals - Safe Trading With High Returns
  164. Differences between backtests done by several software
  165. Pyramiding
  166. Looking for business partner-Genuine opportunity in football betting
  167. best and good template
  168. ProbackTest Prorealtime All time high
  169. When close and reverse signals are generated intra-bar: how to trade them?
  170. Stretagy into an EA
  171. Ideas for a "conditional" hedge
  172. Looking for help perfecting EA that returns 300% non compounded per month
  173. Historical Trading System: AAPL, SPX, RUT, NDX
  174. How much 'heat' do peopel have?
  175. How aggressive are people in trying to get to breakeven on a trade?
  176. What kind of exit indicators do peope use to exit when trend following?
  177. Scalping FTSE/DAX spread betting
  178. (Video) Secrets of Trading News in Forex
  179. Magnetic Line Trading
  180. Quantina intelligence...anybody use this EA
  181. Bullion Trading
  182. High Frequency Trading
  183. How Can I Backtest Intraday Data?
  184. Which Futures Market Should I First Chart?
  185. another profitable trading system
  186. II_MAC trade system
  187. Anyone Here Doing Fully Automated Trading?
  188. Looking for Indicators That Suit Me
  189. Autotrading : TMA interpolated (+5 ind) & Pending Order Filter
  190. Looking for comments about a my trading strategy
  191. Trading via Heiken Ashi candles
  192. The Prometheus System
  193. Six steps to improve your currency trading - Step 1
  194. Trending vs. Chopping
  195. Steve Primo's Pet-D
  196. Remote Access Software
  197. Trying to Learn Some Systems for Daytrading
  198. Trading Strategy Research
  199. A simple way to detect market bull or bear
  200. Looking for a Day Trading Options Simulator
  201. Volume based trading - where?
  202. SPX Option Trading System
  203. Semiautomated Scapl System BUTTERFLY
  204. Service to setup IB API Excel template
  205. What are some good short selling systems? Books?
  206. question on signal copying trading
  207. Hod/lod
  208. VTL Client Script: Daily Scalp
  209. Amber Options
  210. DATFRA - Mt4 EA Builder & Walk Forward Analyser
  211. Software available for backtesting a system
  212. Volume as criteria
  213. Hurricane
  214. New Trader Searching for Auto Systems
  215. Trading system backing available
  216. EOD Strategies
  217. s&p fair value
  218. New Online Trading Strategy Engine
  219. Using your girlfriend as a trading signal
  220. chart software??
  221. My trading is going well and I let others copy my trades for free
  222. Ace Trades
  223. private discussions between bank traders
  224. The Best Trading System I've Come Across...
  225. Forex Holy Grail Golden Eagle Edition
  226. Price Action Strategy
  227. Question of where to find the best trading systems
  228. Why Consistency is a Sign of The Wrong Strategy
  229. VTL Client Script: CarlPlayer/KendoFX
  230. Any live trading room worth trying?
  231. Excel Spreadsheet of Professional Traders
  232. Testing the efficacy of candlestick patterns
  233. Momentum strategy backtest under capital constraints
  234. why not MACD with OB & OS ?
  235. Goodman - Stategy
  236. Trident - Strategy
  237. Fading
  238. Quantbars ?
  239. Does my very simple strategy make sense?
  240. MetaTrader ?
  241. Scalping 90% win/loss but how BIG is the loss?
  242. My current strategy - request for your thoughts
  243. Help with a UK newspaper article on the rise of “social trading” sites like eToro
  244. Buy a good Trading system?
  245. Iris Pair Trading Platform
  246. Darvas Box Calculation
  247. Binary options system?
  248. ES-Trader
  249. Leading Limit / Trailing Stop Advice Needed
  250. Do You Trade Holidays?