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    Early-retired IT nerd; now self-employed dreamer, philosopher, writer and would-be trader
    United Kingdom
    Cycling, Walking, Swimming, Kayaking, Writing, Drawing
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    Forex, Crude, Gold
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    Early 2008, I stumbled around the currencies, oil and gold for a while, making plenty of mistakes along the way, as I learned how to use the spread betting platform I had chosen (quite a good one, as it happens).I learned a way to make it work in the state that the markets were then in, and made a few bob, but started over-trading, and decided to give it a rest for a while and get my trading head straight.

    Q4 2008, Got back into it, re-learning, trying different SB firms, and several different methods and styles. I've bought into a few "systems" (not the most expensive by any means), regarding it as a form of education. One thing that I have learned (and many here will tell you) is that it is not the system, but the person using it, that matters (or who matters).

    Q3 2009 - Still here, plugging away, still learning, after taking a few more short breaks away from trading. Gradually evolving into own style combining indicator-less TA (except for MAs) based on PASR/SRPA, some macroeconomics, and some gut instinct.

    p.s. My nickname is inspired by J's dog in "Three Men in a Boat, to say nothing of the Dog", by Jerome K. Jerome.

    My current avatar is my favourite character in "Peanuts" by Charles M. Schultz, who tends to reflect my naturally slobbish habits :-) (Pigpen, that is, not Mr Schultz, whom I am sure had exemplary habits!).
    About time for an update:
    Summary of 2010: In many ways, my most successful year as a trader (still spread-betting, mostly with Tradefair, though I have other accounts).

    It was a mixture of what I have come to call "Fuzzymentals" (a mixture of many things, including gut feeling), the same minimal TA that I had been using for some time, and perhaps a bit more experience.

    Took 5 month break from end-July, and am now back: as before, plus some new ideas (or revisited ideas); early days yet.
    Trading Experience
    3-5 Years
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    Day Trader, Swing Trader, Position Trader, Long Term Investor
    Preferred Trading Methodology
    Break Outs, Candlesticks, Chart Patterns, Contrarian, Fundamentals, Moving Averages, News, Price Action, Trend
    Preferred Market Regions
    US, UK, Europe, Asia-Pacific
    Preferred Markets
    Currencies, Indices, Energies, Metals
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    Preferred Forex Currencies
    Preferred Trading Software (A-O)
    Preferred Stockbrokers
    Preferred Forex Brokers
    CMC Markets
    Preferred Spreadbetting Brokers
    Capital Spreads, IG Index
    Favorite Trading Books
    "The Next Big Investment Boom" - Mark Shipman
    "Trend Following" - Michael Covel
    "High Probability Trading" - Marcel Link
    Not really trading, but anything by Nassim Taleb or Benoit Mandelbrot.
    "Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis" - Ashraf Laidi
    Favorite Trading Tip
    I don't have a crystal ball, and neither do you.
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    Still learning my trade.

    Just because it worked, it doesn't mean that it works.
    Think of losing trades as your training fees.


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