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Originally Posted by tomorton View Post
Seriously ?,,,,,
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This couldn’t be more true, people like to talk about not letting your emotions get the better of you when you lose. The same should be said about when things are going well. A lot of traders start to feel invincible thinking they have mastered the market after a few good trades. What they don’t realise is that anyone, even an novice trader can have a winning streak. However if you let euphoria and overconfidence get the better if you, there’s a high chance you I’ll be giving most of profits back to the market. The best traders are those who keep their emotions in check.
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There is thin line between confidence and overconfidence and we need to maintain the balance in between in order to survive in the Forex Market.
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Originally Posted by Peter Borren View Post
so many bad trading habits hamper comfortable trading life . overconfident is one of the. Overconfidence can still have our mistake in terms of loosening our trading or say that we might ignore or miss something that is significant. Still, too much in Forex will be bad and will not benefit a trader and these includes in both having too much confidence and lack of confidence.
Are you referring to gamblers fallacy ?
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