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Re: Off topic & off forex thread

Originally Posted by fwloop View Post
As this is the Off Topic & Off Forex thread I thought that I would post this here as it is something that I have been introduced too and something that I have put some of my investment capital into!

Is it MLM, HYIP, pyramid, Ponzi? I don't know but I suspect not, you should make up your own mind.

Most will be sceptical I know, I was at first - and good luck to them if they miss out - but you have to speculate to accumulate and I have done just that. I have taken the initial risk and now I am reaping the rewards. My initial investment is growing daily as I get paid 2% and will grow further as I compound these profits.

There is a lot more to this program than meets the eye with the basic 2% per day, there are several other forms of money-making methods - some long term, some short. I have not studied these yet, but will do so in the near future I assure you.
I have made withdrawals without any problems. In fact one of the strategies they recommend is for you to get to the breakeven point where you have withdrawn your initial investment and then really go for it with the compounding.

If it is something that people here would be keen to explore further I can setup a new thread for this topic.

There is only one flaw I have spotted so far - their websites could do with the assistance of a graphic designer!! But it works even though it takes bit of getting used too but not too long!

They also have daily webinars and conference calls for people to find out more about the programme and how things work, there are also recorded ones on their site.

There are a lot of get rich quick scheme’s out there but so far this seems not to be one of them as it has been going since 2010.

After a short period of education and fact-finding I have placed $1000 into this. Am I worried? No. Am I making money? Yes and no - because not until I reach breakeven with the funds transferred back into my personal account will I make money. I am approaching this point daily as I withdraw a percentage of profits and re-invest (compound) the rest and based on how things are going so far I am looking at topping my initial investment up!

The link to their website is here JustBeenPaid - "You've Just Been Paid!".

You will need Personal Pro account at AlertPay if you want to fund your account. It’s pretty similar to PayPal, I funded my account direct from my bank account without any issues!

Any questions just let me know!

You should get a prize for even admitting that you've put money into something like this.... well done for posting...
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