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Has anyone dealt with Sharegain?

I tried to contact by phone (because it was shown on their website and ending up getting through to someone at Jarvis Investment Management. I ask them to put me through to Sharegain and their reply was: 'Sharegain?'

Now my thoughts after his reply either no one told them about Sharegain or they couldn't be bothered to check their own website out.

So I said well I found the number on the website and all I wanted to ask is if they have a stop-loss order and if they do how long can it be monitored for.

In addition the websites states that there's annual change for ISA accounts, though there a monthly charge of £10. My question was does the £10 monthly charge apply to the ISA account. Needless to say the person on the other end couldn't answer any of my questions.

So what I want to know is the following:

Has anyone had any similar problems to what I have?

How did you manage to sort this problem out?

Plus do they have another phone number I can contact them on?

Also do they do stop-loss orders and how long is it mentioned for?

I'll be grateful if anyone from this forum can help.

I find it very inconvenient for a broker who puts a contact on the website only to find that my call is taken by someone at Jarvis who doesn't know anything about Sharegain.
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gut feeling would be to avoid them. If their employees don't even know what the company does for a living it would wave a seriously red flag to me.
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