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Russ teaches investing classes on how to buy stock and options trading, among many others.  With extensive experience in trading, education, and business in general, Russ decided to make his lifelong passion, trading, his full-time occupation in 2003 and sought the highest-quality trading education he could find.

After taking trading education he began trading full time; and has been making his living from trading ever since.

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How to Invest in Oil for Long-term Investors

Russ Allen shows how position traders can add oil to their long term asset portfolio.

20 Jan, 2017 in Commodities and Swing & Position Trading

Bonds in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

Russ Allen explains the mechanics behind trading bonds and whether traders should consider them when interest rates are expected to rise.

21 Jul, 2017 in Options

The Virtues of Re-Balancing a Portfolio

Russ Allen explains the concept of the "balanced trading portfolio" and how to ensure that it remains in harmony for improved long term returns.

13 Oct, 2017 in Swing & Position Trading

Options: The Level One Blues

Russ Allen discusses the different options account trading "approval" levels and how to trade at a higher level than traders may be approved at.

09 Mar, 2018 in Options

The Rules for Exercising Options

Russ Allen explains why exercising options is rarely of benefit and suggests an approach for how best to trade them.

04 May, 2018 in Options

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