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Sam originally worked in radio as well as the record and film industry including the role of an Executive Producer. He then studied to become a Life Coach and has previously invested in a number of property projects. He is now a full time trader specialising in Stock Index Futures, Grains, Commodities and Forex and teaches this as well as giving presentations

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The Real Impact Of A Weaker Dollar

Sam Evans discusses why returns on investments can sometimes not give the "buying" power they may appear to on paper.

08 Apr, 2016 in Fundamental Analysis and Forex

Is There Still a Carry Trade in FX?

Sam Evans explains how "Carry" trades work and shows how there are still opportunities for this type of trade even though it is less popular than it once was.

10 Feb, 2017 in Forex

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Sam Evans discusses exit strategy in cases where the stoploss is not executed.

05 May, 2017 in Forex

Trading Forex with Options

Sam Evans shows an alternative and less risky way to trade forex

30 May, 2018 in Forex

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