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Barry Lutz has been trading, as well as teaching others to trade since 1997, through his firm Tactical Trading, LLC., He also writes a daily trading teaching lesson called the Trade Journal, which can be found, along with other resources on trading psychology and trading method at The Tactical Trader,

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Consecutive Losses and the Trading Psychology Spiral

You go long and the market immediately goes down - you go short and the market immediately goes up. That's 2 consecutive losses, and you are getting a little 'anxious' so you don't take the 'next' trade....

10 Mar, 2008 in Psychology

Paper Trading and the Transition to Real Money Trading

Paper trading is widely discussed regarding its merits, and whether it is of value to a trader as they try to make the transition to real money trader.

11 Feb, 2008 in Money Management and Getting Started

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