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Gabe Velazquez is a professional trader with 14 years of experience. His focus is intra-day and swing trading the ER2 (Russell 2000 e-mini) using technical analysis as his primary tool. Gabe has managed both stocks and futures accounts as well as conducted educational seminars on technical analysis for the past ten years. He is a frequent guest on Biz radio, where he shares his market knowledge and utilization of technical indicators. Gabe also teaches the 5 day E-mini course for Online Trading Academy.

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If you can't spot it, don't trade it!

This week I will review one of the first skills that a new trader must learn before he can engage the markets which is the identification of low risk entries.

01 Jun, 2009 in Futures and Technical Analysis

Buy the Dips & Sell the Rips

Gabe Velazquez discusses a lower risk entry technique for trending markets where there is often uncertainty on where optimum entries can taken.

13 Dec, 2009 in Technical Analysis

What Traders Can Learn from Professional Poker Players

Gabe Velazquez talks though the attributes that professional poker players exhibit and how these are also key to success in trading.

04 Mar, 2011 in Psychology

Need Market Clues? Watch Bonds

Gabe Velazquez explores the relationship between bonds and stocks as a means to determining overall market direction.

18 Nov, 2011 in Fundamental Analysis

Rollover Redux

Gabe Velazquez explains the often misunderstood quarterly rollover occurrence for those wishing to trade futures contracts

28 Mar, 2014 in Futures

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