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Markus Heitkoetter did his first trade in 1990, using hand-drawn point-and-figure charts from quotes published in the morning newspaper. In 1997 he started developing trading system using MetaStock and TradeStation. Markus joined Joe Ross Trading Educators in August 2002. Together with Joe Ross he traveled all over the world, teaching hundreds of aspiring traders how to trade profitably. In February 2005 he joined Rockwell Trading, a company that was founded by five active traders to teach interested investors how to make money in the markets with trading systems. Three of Rockwell Trading’s team members are active floor traders at the Chicago Board of Trade, having a combined trading experience of more than 100 years.Using this experience Markus supports aspiring traders every day through phone, email and live chat. He has been sharing his knowledge in several T2W posts.

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The 10 Power Principles of Successful Trading Systems

Markus presents a very straightforward method for evaluating trading systems.

29 Apr, 2005 in Trading Systems and Getting Started

A Simple Trading System

This article takes one through creating and evaluating a simple index trading system.

18 Jul, 2005 in Indices, Technical Analysis, and Swing & Position Trading

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