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Alan Farley is a private trader and publisher of Hard Right Edge, a comprehensive resource for trader education, technical analysis, and short-term trading techniques. He is author of the McGraw-Hill best-seller "The Master Swing Trader", and popular columnist for The Alan has been on the market scene for well over a decade as a trader, advisor, and author. He is a powerful lecturer on swing trading, including the original strategies and tactics found at Hard Right Edge.Alan is a frequent contributor to CNBC. He has also been featured in Fidelity Outlook, Forbes, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, Barrons, Smart Money, Futures Magazine, Tech Week, Active Trader, MSN Money, Technical Investor, Bridge Trader, Online Investor, America-Invest, the Los Angeles Times, and Trading Markets. He consults regularly with industry leaders on the issues facing today's traders, and is a strong voice for the revolution changing our modern markets.

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How To Trade & Profit From Pattern Failures

Alan Farley discusses ways in which trades can be taken when technical analysis pattern failures occur.

16 Jan, 2015 in Technical Analysis

How Important Is Tape Reading In Modern Markets?

Alan Farley explains how tape reading has changed and offers advice on how to make best use of it when intra-day trading.

01 Mar, 2015 in Day Trading & Scalping

Are You a Trend Trader or a Swing Trader?

Alan Farley explains the difference between two of the most popular trading strategies and what differentiates one from the other.

14 Apr, 2017 in Day Trading & Scalping and Swing & Position Trading

The Elements of a Perfect Momentum Trade

Alan Farley covers the 5 key requirements for the successful momentum trading of stocks.

02 Jun, 2017 in Day Trading & Scalping and Equities

The Perfect Moving Averages (MA) for Day Trading

Alan Farley provides example trades and explains which moving averages are best suited to day trading.

11 Aug, 2017 in Day Trading & Scalping

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