Paper Trading and the Transition to Real Money Trading

Barry Lutz - Paper trading is widely discussed regarding its merits, and whether it is of value to a trader as they try to make the transition to real money trader.

Backtesting and Data Mining

Scott Percival - In this article we look at two related practices that are widely used called Backtesting and Data Mining. These are techniques that are powerful and valuable if we use them correctly, however traders often misuse them.

Risk of Ruin

John Ansbacher - You may have heard it talked about, but exactly what is the 'Risk of Ruin?' In this article we look at the mathematics behind it and how you can avoid it by using money manangement effectively.

Sun Tzu and Trading

Noble DraKoln - The book 'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu may seem to have little to do with trading on the face of it, however dig a little deeper and some striking parallels can be seen.

Defense Wins

Stuart McPhee - Why do people trade? For most, their primary motivation is to make money. Sure, there are secondary reasons however they all stem from the undeniable urge to make money.

Placing Better Stops in Forex Trading

Scott Percival - Does placing your stop just above resistance or below support sees you taken out of a trade more often than not? In this article we look at alternative methods for identifying stop positions.

Risk Management Notes

Fernando Gonzalez - Risk management isn't just about adhering to 'stop losses', so what else is it?

Advanced Trade Management

Giorgos Siligardos - In this article we take a more detailed look at more advanced money and trade management strategies.

The "Not So Simple" Rules of Trading

John Mauldin - What rules should you trade by if you want to be successful? The author looks at rules that seem simple, but are difficult to stay with.

Implementing Money Management Techniques

Bennett McDowell - Bennett discusses the principles of implementing sound money management techniques.
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