Government Intervention and Market Price

Sam Seiden - Sam Seiden discusses why there are great trading opportunities to be had whenever governments make an attempt to manipulate a given market and he includes examples of trades taken when this has happened

Motion Into Mass: An Example Trade

Sam Seiden - Sam Seiden discusses how the forces of change, often studied in science, are as applicable to trading with an example of a trade based on these principles

Trend Setter Strategy - A Secret of Fund Managers

Mustapha Azeez - Mustapha Azeez explains how a "discretionary" trend based trading approach can yield profits for forex position traders including examples of trading performance

The Benefits of Trading in Samples

Gabriel Baryard - Gabriel Baryard reviews the psychological benefits of trading in samples and how this can help offset the emotions often felt when in an individual trade

5 Steps To Incorporate Price Action Into Your Method

Brendan Egan - Brendan Egan discusses how "Price Action" can be included into existing trading methodologies and why it is a good representative of how markets actually work

Learning How to Trade vs Trying to Get Rich Quick

Brendan Egan - Seasoned equities trader Brendan Egan discusses the issues often faced by new traders and why asking the right questions can help on the road to becoming successful

Deal or No Deal

Bill Provenzano - Bill Provenzano discusses why our tendency to be either averse to incurring a trading loss or to regret a trading decision can impinge trading success and what can be done to help change this

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Bill Provenzano - CME floor trader Bill Provenzano discusses why many traders exhibit the psychology of "Counter Factual" thinking leading to poor trading performance and how this can be addressed to give enhanced trading profits

Avoiding Potential Day-Trading Hazards

Trader333 - Failing to set a stop loss is not the only way in which major losses can be incurred when day-trading. Trader333 discusses a number of potential hazards and what can be done to ensure that the risk of these occurring is significantly reduced.

Checklist for Successful Trading

Don Dawson - Don Dawson discusses the importance of planning in trading and how this can be achieved using a structured approach including details of each step to be taken
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