Risk Management in Volatile Markets

Lee Bohl - Lee Bohl talks through a systematic approach to trading that can be used to manage risk.

Why Don't We Keep Stops?

Vadym Graifer - Stops are great things, but only if they are used as part of making good trades.

An Alternative to Stop-Loss

Barjon - Seasoned trader John Barnard (Barjon) has broken the cardinal rule of not using a stop-loss and explains an alternative approach including example trades.

Maintaining Consistency in Risk

Sam Evans - Sam Evans explains for those new to trading, the importance of risk management and includes examples of what may happen if it is not adhered to.

Forex Trading New Rules Same Game

Sam Evans - Sam Evans explains the new rules set by the CFTC for forex trading and the implications for those trading currencies in the US.

Position Sizing as an Approach to Risk Management

Trader333 - This article discusses how position sizing can be used to optimize risk when trading. It includes a downloadable Excel spreadsheet as well as practical examples of how this can be used for different trading styles.

Avoid Stress when Managing Exits

David James Bennett - Traders spend most of their time researching setups for trade entries. However, if finding good entries is the most difficult thing, finding good exits is the most emotionally challenging part of the trading process!

Paper Trading and the Transition to Real Money Trading

Barry Lutz - Paper trading is widely discussed regarding its merits, and whether it is of value to a trader as they try to make the transition to real money trader.

Backtesting and Data Mining

Scott Percival - In this article we look at two related practices that are widely used called Backtesting and Data Mining. These are techniques that are powerful and valuable if we use them correctly, however traders often misuse them.

Risk of Ruin

John Ansbacher - You may have heard it talked about, but exactly what is the 'Risk of Ruin?' In this article we look at the mathematics behind it and how you can avoid it by using money manangement effectively.
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