Member Profile: paszkman

paszkman - paszkman is the latest T2W member to give his trading journey and experience in our ongoing series of member profiles

Member Profile: Rhody Trader

John Forman - Author of T2W's Trading FAQs Book, John Forman gives us his trading journey and experience in our latest Member Profile.

Member Profile: tomorton

tomorton - T2W member tomorton gives his trading background and experience in the latest of our series of member profiles.

Member Profile: rathcoole_exile

rathcoole_exile - T2W member rathcoole_exile gives a candid run down of his trading background and experience.

Member Profile: 0007

0007 - T2W member 0007 shares his personal story, explaining in detail how he adopted a trading style to suit his personality.

Member Profile: Dinos

Dinos - T2W member Dinos discusses his trading journey and offers advice to others along the way

Member Profile: robster970

Robster970 - T2W member robster970 gives his trading background and experience in our latest member profile interview

Member Profile: NVP

NVP - T2W member NVP gives his insight and experience of trading and how he has progressed over the years of doing so

Member Profile: dentist007

dentist007 - T2W member dentist007 talks through his trading experience and passes along tips he has found useful for successful trading

Member Profile: VielGeld

VielGeld - VielGeld shares his personal journey in trading, talking about the need to persevere through painful mistakes and offering his top tips for aspiring traders.
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