15 Minute Break-out Strategy

Phil Newton - In this streaming video, Phil takes us through a trading strategy he uses regularly.

Trend Following: An Interview With Michael Covel

Michael Covel - An interview with the author of "Trend Following"

Predictive Indicators

John Ehlers - John Ehlers explains with examples why common technical indicators distort market interpretation and offers an alternative way to address this.

The Darvas Box:- A Timeless Classic

Michael Carr - Michael Carr discusses the Darvas Box approach to trading and why it is still relevant in the markets of today.

Basics of Trading: Part 1

Mark Williams - Long-standing member and site moderator Mark Williams (FTSE Beater) runs through the the main areas you will need to master to succeed at trading.

Trading with Fibonacci

Alan Rich - Alan explains how a twelfth century Italian mathematician could help you profit in the modern markets.

A Simple Trading System

Markus Heitkoetter - This article takes one through creating and evaluating a simple index trading system.

Introduction to using Market Profile

Martin Duncanson - Gain the edge by identifying the price levels traders see as significant.

The Stochastic Indicator: When it Works, When it Doesn’t & Why

Steve Palmquist - Steve Palmquist explains in detail the trading conditions when Stochastics will and won't work including examples of each

The Illusion of Traded Prices

John Forman - If you rely strictly on traded price for your analysis, you may be missing the real story.
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