15 Minute Break-out Strategy

Phil Newton - In this streaming video, Phil takes us through a trading strategy he uses regularly.

Forex Stop Hunting - What is it?

Scott Percival - We've all heard bout the market makers hunting out stops, but how do they actually do it. In this article we look at what stop-hunting is and how it's achieved.

Measuring Correlation Between FX Pairs

Carley Garner - This article looks at different FX pairs and how their historical correlation can be measured.

Gamma and its Importance to the FX Trader

Kathy Lien - Understanding the impact of gamma on can help one know how the market will likely trade.

A Day in the Life of a FX Spot Desk Trader (Part 1)

GammaJammer - FX Spot Desk Trader "GammaJammer" talks through what life is like on a typical morning trading the currency markets in the first of this series of specialist articles.

The Woodchuck and the Possum

Rob Booker - A cautionary tale of why most people lose money in the forex market.

FX Market Participants

GammaJammer - A T2W member with 10 years experience as an institutional fx trader explains who does what in the world's biggest market.

Calendar Yen Trading Patterns

John Forman - The Japanese Yen and its crosses have tradable calendar patterns of behavior.

You Don't Have to be a Day Trader to be a Success - Part 2

Daniel Fahey - Daniel Fahey concludes the discussion on why day trading is not the only option to becoming a successful trader.

Forex Scams - How to Spot them a Mile Away

John Bekian - Today there are many scams involving forex and a great number of us will have seen emails or websites promising untold riches. So what are the main points to look for in spotting a scam?
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