Introduction to Level 2

Andrew Collins - Most traders have heard of Direct Market Access, or Level 2, but many are unclear on what it actually is.

Interview with an Equities Analyst

Trader333 - An interview with an equities analyst giving a unique insight into the world of investment banking including market structure, hours worked, a typical day, seasonal influences and what is required to get into this industry.

Following the Clever Money

Dominic Connolly - Tracking the moves of big-money investors can dramatically help one's stock market returns.

Fibonacci Tell Few Lies

Gabe Velazquez - In this article we take a brief look at how Fibonacci retracement values can be used in respect of the current stockmarket.

Stock Picking - The Flaws of Technical Analysis

Russell Wayne - Russell Wayne discusses why he views technical analysis of stocks as a flawed approach to future price movement.

Anatomy of a Trade

Richard Joyson - A quiet market doesn't necessarily mean a quiet day's trading, as is illustrated by this post-Christmas trade.

The Return of The Bear - Part 1

Martin Pring - Are we at the start of the next great bear market? Or is the current downtrend a mere blip in the existing bull market? This is the first of a two part look at the current market trends.

Stage Analysis - finding the 'breakout' shares

Alan Saunders - A study by Alan Saunders of on the successful share selection techniques promulgated by Stan Weinstein in his best selling book “Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets”

Trading the Morning Gap

Sam Seiden - One of the lowest risk and highest reward trades each day is typically the opening gap entry. It can be a fantastic opportunity for the astute trader to profit quickly.

8 Types of Penny Stocks to Avoid

Peter Leeds - Learn about 8 types of penny stocks to avoid when making investment decisions.
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